The Innocent One Is Crucified

Open Your Bible

John 19:1-42, Psalm 22:1-8, 1 Peter 2:22-25

With unhurried detail, John gives us eyewitness access to Jesus’s physical suffering, from the crown of thorns pushed into His scalp to the nails driven through His feet. The resurrection is just beyond this chapter, but John forces us to linger over the imagery of crucifixion day. The details are cruel, unbearable even, but they present us with this challenge: don’t look away. 

Instead, the Gospel narrative invites us to pause, to sit with Jesus in His suffering. It gives us an opportunity to reflect on what that suffering means for us, for the world. 

The apostle’s account of Jesus’s crucifixion includes the events leading up to it. A beaten Jesus stands before Pilate, the religious leaders, and the crowd. Although he had previously ordered Jesus’s lashing, the Roman governor finds no reason to proceed with convicting Jesus.

“I find no grounds for charging him.” —John 19:6 

Pilate makes this statement twice, in verse 4 and again in verse 6, not realizing the spiritual truth in his words. Jesus’s innocence wasn’t tied to living as the model Jewish citizen or even to Pilate’s not-guilty verdict. No. Here was the sinless Son of God, ready to die for the sins of the ones who had brought Him to trial…ready to die for the sins of the world. 

No matter how much authority Pilate thought himself to have, Jesus’s crucifixion could only happen by God’s authority and power (John 19:11). Not Pilate’s, or the crowd’s, or the religious leaders’. They were carrying out God’s will and didn’t even realize it. Jesus’s suffering and death, foreshadowed in the Old Testament, were part of the divine plan of salvation (Psalm 22). With every word and every action, Scripture was being fulfilled. 

“I find no grounds for charging him.” Those become haunting words, knowing that Pilate proceeded with Jesus’s crucifixion in spite of His innocence. And if we keep reading, if we don’t look away, we get a clear depiction of the depth of sin. This is seen, not just in the torturous method of death inflicted upon Jesus, but also in the reality that only God Himself could satisfy the penalty of death—our penalty.  

It’s a solemn reading, seeing the Savior’s body abused over and over. Death by crucifixion was humiliating and agonizing. Slow. It’s an even weightier reading, knowing the pain-filled hours Jesus spent on the cross were for us, for our sin. But John 19 is not meant to leave us with an overwhelming emotion of guilt. The imagery of the crucifixion points to this: Jesus embraced the ultimate death so that we wouldn’t have to. It’s the imagery of redemption. 

We can never repay Jesus for His sacrifice, and He doesn’t ask us to. Instead, He calls us to respond. Our response is one of gratitude and joy, as we reject the sin that He died for and embrace the life He freely offers us (1Peter 2:22–24).

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53 thoughts on "The Innocent One Is Crucified"

  1. Fabiana Passoni says:

    Thank you so much lord! ❤️

  2. Desiree Harris says:


  3. Portia says:

    When I first became a Christian, I’d be so indignant when reading about the chief priests & Pharisees in The Gospels. How could they?! They were so wrong! Their Savior was right before their eyes & they missed Him! Now, I am convicted in realizing that I, too, am guilty of this very sin. The Power & Presence of Jesus is right before me, yet I’m so consumed with keeping the law & my own self-righteousness, that I neglect my Savior. When I recognize this sin in my life, God help me to (unlike the Pharisees), be quick to repent, & to ALWAYS bring in back to The Gospel, responding with gratitude & joy. Choosing to reject sin & embrace the life You’ve freely given me!

  4. Araluen Rapson says:


  5. Ali Adair says:

    Psalms 22 always leaves me with chills. This was God’s plan from the beginning. Jesus could have stopped it at any time, but did not, out of love for us. Thank you Lord! Thank you for saving us!

  6. Jamie T says:

    Oh my. How I love Jesus. Do you ever wonder what it would have been like to be one of the Marys. Not because I want to witness His pain and suffering but because he deserves our love, praise, and worship. To cry for Him at the cross near His death, to be with him, to tell him He is loved and His sacrifice will forever be remembered.

  7. Katie Jorgensen says:

    Hi ladies could you please pray for me. I have a college tour tomorrow and a meeting with an admission person. I am anxious for this so please pray I feel the Lord’s comfort and do not feel too nervous. Praying for you all! Reading the comments and being apart of the SRT community has brought me a lot of joy in my life!

  8. Claire B says:

    @Churchmouse Well said and thought provoking.

  9. Dorothy says:

    Something I never caught in the scripture, that I noticed today, in verse “25 Standing near the cross were Jesus’ mother, and his mother’s sister, Mary (the wife of Clopas), and Mary Magdalene.” was that the second Mary mentioned was Jesus’ mother sister or His aunt. I wonder if it was her blood sister or a sister-in-law. For it wo be her blood sister it would be strange to have two Mary’s in the same family. I think I will look further into this.
    This devotion really brought home some things to think about. Tameshia brings up some very good points. I’m SOOOO glad I DON”T have to repay Christ for dyeing for my sins and that I have eternal life to look forward to.
    Be blessed and remember your faith will carry you, sisters.

    1. Ali Adair says:

      Never Noticed that before. I do know that Mary comes from Mara or Bitter. I wonder the circumstances of each women’s birth for her parents to name her that.

  10. Gwineth52 says:

    The three Marys at the foot of the cross (John 19: v.25). Searing images. Grief & Intimacy. Son & Teacher. Unthinkable & unmerited violence. In the fulfillment of scripture. Unknowing, in the horrific moments, there will come the empty tomb. Christ Jesus, center me through constant praise & prayer & acts of faith so I might commemorate their vigil, planted & rooted at the foot of Your cross. Thanks be to God.

  11. Sky Hilton says:

    “Near the cross of Jesus stood his mother, his mother’s sister Mary, and Mary of Magdala.”

    I don’t know about you.. but in my life.. no matter how hard it gets..I want to remain in that small groups that still praises Jesus at the cross. I don’t want to abandoned him again or go away from Him. I am His and He is mine!

  12. Linda Branch says:

    Thank you LORD for removing our sins. It cost you everything. You endured our pain and paid our debt. May we forever praise You and bring honor to your Name.

  13. Mercy Rock says:

    We also have a zoom service every Sunday at 9 AM EST and Facebook live Saturdays at 5 eastern

  14. Mercy Rock says:

    My church, which I found during the pandemic, has a small group that meets online for a half our every Wednesday morning. There were two ladies online this morning and I shared about this app and amAzing group of ladies. If any of you would like to share your experience let me know. Check them out at

  15. Victoria E says:

    Last night I thought about his this chapter was coming up and I got sad. This morning I tried not to skim through the most awful parts as I sometimes do but to allow myself to feel the pain in them. I try to avoid violence in books and movies but like the devotional said, it’s important to sit with the pain that Jesus endured. I always cry in books and movies when someone sacrifices themselves for another person/ people, and here is the ultimate sacrifice for me. I used to feel guilty about this as a young child, but now I realize the better response is gratitude. Jesus, our Savior. Thank you.

  16. Penny Malley says:

    Thank you for sharing this. Beautiful song and video ❤️

  17. Cindy Hanna says:

    Don’t look away: So many images swirling in my head. Each one heart rendering. The beatings and jeering of the soldiers. The exhaustion of carrying the cross and the effort to breathe while slowly suffocating on that same cross. In the midst of suffering, he looks to the care of his mother. The fulfillment of scripture in the piercing of his side and the outpouring of blood and water. The tender treatment of his body by Joseph and Nicodemus. No words can describe the sorrow that I feel that my sins put him on that cross. Don’t look away…. but as Tamiesha reminds us…. embrace the life he freely offers us.

  18. Erin Carr says:

    Thank you Jesus! And thank you for your comments! Church mouse, yours especially have me reflecting.

  19. Cynthia Johnston says:

    To think that Jesus agreed to this plan before the foundation of the world is sobering. He loves us whom the Father has given to Him that He gave His life for us to make us daughters of God. Thank You, Jesus! Help me live for You! ♥️

  20. Allison Bentley says:

    “They we’re carrying out Gods will and didn’t even realize it”. This is a hard statement to swallow. If we chew on it we will see this hatred and fear was NOT from God but allowed- fast forward to 2022; the world is STILL full of hatred and fear. Father forgive us because we STILL cannot seem to get it right!! Thank you for Your Son, may we continue to seek you in ALL THINGS!!!

  21. Chris S says:

    Thank you LORD!! And thank you Churchmouse for your post. There is so much to do in our communities. Let’s all be the feet of Jesus.

  22. Lisa May says:

    Tameshia’s devotional is spot-on to point out that Pilate found no guilt in Him. Pilate actually says this three times if you look back to 18:38. John is intentionally pointing out the clear purpose of God. Three times in this chapter (verses 24,28, and 36) John tells us something has happened to fulfill the Scriptures. Ten times in the book of John the author clearly spells out what was done to fulfill the Scriptures, and many more times there is an Old Testament allusion without actually spelling it out. John could not make it any more clear that an innocent man is being crucified as a sacrifice by the definite plan and foreknowledge of God.

  23. Patricia Stewart says:

    I am not worthy yet He loved me enough. Jesus is truth Jesus is life. I love you Jesus because you are my heart and I know truth and life because of all you are. Thank you doesn’t seem enough.

  24. Mari V says:

    1Peter2:23 when he was insulted, he did not insult in return. Lord Jesus help me to do the same. I am nowhere near what Jesus suffered for us but I want to follow his example and not insult in return.

  25. Donna Wolcott says:

    There is a song “Still” on YouTube done by Hillsong with lyrics. The imagery of the cross is powerful. But in between are scripture verses and pictures of our savior and shepherd. It makes me sing along, weep and rejoice in His gift of redemption.

  26. Kathy says:

    I dislike watching or reading about violence. In movies or on TV I tend to avert my eyes and when I’m reading I just skim the more violent passages.
    I wanted to do the same today reading about Jesus’ crucifixion. I want to just skim it, but today I made myself slowly read every word. It was just as hard and horrific as I remembered, but today I want to really lean into what Jesus did on the cross for me and for every person on earth.
    Thank you, Jesus, for Your sacrifice. Those words seem so inadequate. I pray that I will walk worthy today of the sacrifice that you made.

  27. Angie says:

    Reading today’s scripture wrenches my heart and leaves me trembling. Like Peter in yesterday’s reading, if I had been there, if my heart and mind had understanding of what Jesus was about to face…while I am not a violent person, I think I would have picked up a sword. You see, I get confused sometimes about what, and where, the battle lies. In HRT, Byron Jackson reminds us that while we know “fighting” one way, Jesus knows how to fight back God’s way. It is the way of sacrifice, of redemption, the way to provide access and communion through the torn veil. It is not a fight in the temporary but for the eternal.
    I had not remembered that the sacrifice of my Savior happened during the Passover. Somehow, I missed that. How amazingly detailed our God is. The Lamb of God, Jesus; pure, holy, innocent, worthy, radiant, sacrificed Himself for my sin. His blood covers the doorpost of my life.
    The rereading of Your sacrifice, Jesus, is hard. Please don’t let me look away. Shape my heart, life, this journey of breath You have given in a way that says thank you. When I want to whine, bring me again to the foot of the cross. Thank you my LORD and God. Amen.

  28. Meagan Warlick says:

    what a heavy reading for me. I don’t think I’ve ever read the crucifixion and allowed the weight of all Jesus did for me to really sink in. It is a hauntingly beautiful passage. Thankful for his death for me and that today I can live in freedom and light and have life to the fullest. Thank you Jesus!

  29. anne jones says:

    Churchmouse your words are so convicting. Thank you

  30. Karin Bridle says:

    Thank you Jesus for taking my sin. I have done nothing to deserve your love and sacrifice. Yet here I am cleansed as white as snow so that I can spend eternity with you. I love you.


  31. Karin Bridle says:

    Thank you Jesus for taking my sin. I have done nothing to deserve your love and sacrifice.

  32. Karin Bridle says:

    Thank you Jesus for taking my sin

  33. Aimee D-R says:

    Thank You Jesus.

  34. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    To the hands of evil
    The Innocent bowed
    Afflicted and flogged
    His silence, their shouts
    Salvation poured forth
    With water and blood
    Mercy came streaming
    Final washing with flood
    Nothing makes sense
    To the ones who love Him
    The Lamb was slain
    Our hearts lament
    From Eden we came
    A garden of beauty
    To the garden of skulls
    Death by duty
    As we sit with truth
    Knowing Jesus is King
    Giving strength for the now
    Enduring winter for spring
    Cold hearts were killers
    And evil had to reign
    On the cross in Golgatha
    His love broke the chains.

  35. Churchmouse says:

    To whom have I become calloused?

    Pilate had no reason to sentence Jesus to death. He was just another itinerant Jewish teacher proclaiming he was the Messiah. Others had proclaimed the same. They came and they went, fading into obscurity, merely an annoyance. Pilate however could not overlook the blood lust of the crowd in front of him. Their unrest threatened his control. This rabble rousing would certainly become known by his superiors. Better to convict this one Jew than incur the wrath of Rome. Pilate’s heart had become calloused. He wasn’t concerned about the welfare of those he ruled over. He was concerned about keeping the peace that Rome demanded and he was concerned about keeping his reputation untarnished. And so Pilate washed his hands.

    Which begs the question:

    To whom have I become calloused? Is it the homeless who stand on the corner with their cardboard sign? Is it the Salvation Army bell ringer at the entrance of the grocery store? The local blood drive at the mall? The warming shelter across town? The monthly food drive at the church? The Go Fund Me pleas? The youth who need financial assistance to go on a mission trip? The teachers who need supplies? The list goes on.

    To whom have I become calloused? And what will I do about it today?

  36. Jenn Schuette says:

    I sit on the couch next to my two young sons while reading this today. I have intense heartache as I think about all of this from Mary’s viewpoint. Unimaginable. Thank you, Jesus.

  37. Taylor says:

    What a love! What a cost! I am so unworthy. But JESUS calls me worthy <3

  38. LeAnn Schmitt says:

    Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus . . . Thank you!

  39. Kenya Rafferty says:

    Humility. That’s what Jesus embodies here. He could have kicked and screamed and fought, but he only suffered as a fulfillment of what he knew to be true. He never gave up in trysting the plan of His father. We should never give up on it either, as terrible as it may seem.

  40. April Wilson says:

    He committed no sin, He Himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin, and live to righteousness❣️

  41. April Wilson says:

    He committed no sin, He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness❣️

  42. Erin Washburn says:

    Thank you Jesus for enduring such a torturous death to restore hope and prodigy of God again to your people and to everyone. Breaking chains and removing boundaries.

  43. Allison Mitchell says:

    Thank You Jesus for saving me. I still barely can believe it everyday that You died for us. We are so unworthy and yet You are so loving. Let me live in gratitude, in a way that glorifies You. I love you. Amen.

    Praying for everyone’s needs.

  44. RAINS3 says:


  45. Mary Ann Graves says:


  46. Searching says:

    The tears always flow when reading these verses – the willingness, the pain, the sacrifice, the fulfillment of Scripture. Thank you, Lord!

    Praying, MARI, for Tammie’s healing. Praising God for successful surgeries, TRICIA and ANGIE’s mom. Praying for requests as I read back through the comments.

  47. Rose says:

    All I could think of after reading the scripture was Thank You Jesus

  48. Kelly (NEO) says:

    “Jesus embraced the ultimate death so that we wouldn’t have to.”

    So unworthy am I. So merciful are You, Lord.

    MARI – praying for Tammie

  49. Blessed Beth says:

    Speechless, humble. Thank you Jesus

  50. Arina says:

    Than you Lord Jesus that You died for me. You suffered beyond imagination for my sins. You begin and finished my redemption. May my life be a life of gratitude. Fleeing from sin, may I glorify You in all I do.

  51. Jo says:

    No words, just…. Thank You Jesus