The Exodus

Open Your Bible

Exodus 12:29-51, Exodus 13:1-22, Genesis 50:24-25, Psalm 106:6-12, Hebrews 11:22, Hebrews 11:27-28

God’s people had been living as slaves in Egypt for 430 years to the day on the very night Pharoah burst into Moses’ and Aaron’s presence, urging them to leave.

“Get out,” Pharoah said. “Go”

After living as captives in Egypt in a place that was not their true home, the children of Israel grew complacent in their lifestyle of faith. Would they trust God to suddenly, urgently lead them away from a life that was known and comfortable even though it wasn’t where they were designed to live? Would that urgency of fleeing on foot in a great mob under the leadership of Moses, the one who faced the anger of Pharaoh in a house full of death, be enough to send them out into the unknown, away from safety, security, comfort? 

God is a God of rescue. We may wait years for deliverance from areas we are captive: fear, hard relationships, difficult living situations, physical or spiritual poverty. Deliverance testifies to His power. “He saved them for his name’s sake, to make his power known” (Psalm 106:8). 

There will be a moment where we too sense Him saying to us, “Now. Go. Get up.” There will be an opportunity to depart what has been comfortable, to exodus into a place unknown and frightening and exciting all at once.

Will we speak that truth? Help that friend? Reach out to that lonely person? Move to the new neighborhood? Stay in the current neighborhood with a renewed purpose to be the one that reflects the God that longs to be worshiped?

As Christians who have been comfortable in our setting, our surroundings, our language, are we willing to be led out into an emerging new landscape? What does this look like in all that has been familiar—our friendships, our family relationships? How will God’s urgent, insistent call to rise change how we speak in difficult conversations?

God will lead if we will go. He promises as you go, He will lead you to take courage as you walk away from what has been familiar. Out of comfort. Into the wilderness. Only there will you come to know Him and depend on Him like never before. 

You were not meant to stay in captivity. You were meant to rise up and go out, in the middle of the darkness, in the middle of the chaos, into a new place of relationship with Him. Rise. Go! 

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47 thoughts on "The Exodus"

  1. Allison Bentley says:

    Exodus 12:32 “…and also bless me.” I am sitting on this today. Pharaoh obviously believed but why did he ask for a blessing? Was it out of selfish ambition? Or true fear of the Lord? How often do I do this??? What are my motives??

  2. Heidi V says:

    Brenda, you have me picturing the Israelites playing the “telephone game“, lol! Perhaps that’s why God chose to be a pillar of cloud and fire at the front of the group. Everyone just basically followed the person in front of them and you get the idea that they could all see the cloud. Scary and exciting at the same time!

  3. Kathy says:

    My husband and I have reached that stage in life where retirement is looming before us. I will confess that I find it just a little terrifying. So, the words Vina shared spoke so strongly this morning. I pray every year before school starts that God will let me know when it’s time to go. My prayer now will be: Lord, keep my heart soft and my ears attentive so that when you say, “Now. Go. Get up” I will hear You and respond in obedience. Help me to trust you enough to depart what is “comfortable, to exodus into a place unknown and frightening and exciting all at once.”
    He can be trusted to lead us in the way we need to go.
    I have a prayer request. I am having a routine colonoscopy on Thursday. It’s just a screening, but there’s always that little voice in the back of your head that says, “what if something’s wrong.” Pray for peace. And, pray for strength and fortitude as I drink that really yucky stuff!!!
    Be blessed and a blessing today, sisters!

  4. Kristen says:

    I saw a clip yesterday that talked about Psalm 121. The man explained that this Psalm needs to be read within the context of Exodus. He said God Himself was the helper and protector of His people. He was their shade by day (cloud) and protection at night (pillar of fire). He protected them from the deadly sun by day and from the lethal snakes and scorpions by night.
    He goes on to say that what Yahweh did for the people is a shadow of what Jesus would do for us. Jesus on the cross endured the full extent of sin and death and overcame death through death. Jesus on the cross provides the shade of grace that is both protection and provision for His people today. I never thought of this Scripture n that way.
    He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through Him! Praise God for His grace and mercy that we may be saved!

  5. Heidi says:

    A question I was taught to ask myself years ago when in The face of a difficult or uncertain decision is “what hangs in the balance of my response?” If I say no to the thing He’s asking me to do, or yes to the comfortable, reoccurring sin I’ve kept in my back pocket for years- what impacts, influences, future lives hang in that balance? Who will never come to know Jesus because of my refusal, or- who will find Him and spread His word like wildfire because of my Yes? What 2nd and 3rd and 12th and 34th generations will be sharing His love and truth in unknown places because of my Yes?? I mean come on- what if Moses stuck to his No?? I believe God would have still reduced His ppl, no doubt- but Moses would have missed the opportunity and adventure of a lifetime. I don’t want to miss anything.
    In an act of obedience (and a story too long for right now but may post sometime..), I have followed God’s lead to apply to Dallas theological seminary and just found out I was accepted. It’s been an interesting process so far, seeing Him hands-on, literally direct all of it. Y’all I didn’t even know what degree to go for because He’s yet to lay out the full plan in front of me of why He is asking me to do all of this. But? He knows His plans for me and for the parts He’s holding back on sharing right now, He is working out all details on my behalf. It’s still an enormous journey and with a small practice to run, 3 young children, and other areas of commitment, I’m quite curious to see how He plans to pull it off. But I’m saying yes. My husband is saying yes (as his support and acceptance of new roles in our family is going to be a must). And I know that above all He will give me the desires of my heart, so really I can trust Him.
    A request of prayer- we have some VERY close friends who are not believers. Our children are close, we all vacation together often… of the parents, one is Hindu the other grew up with a “religious” mother who believes in Jesus but portrayed it poorly and he is now not just “not a Christian”, but against Christianity- thinks it is ridiculous. The fact the 4 of us have become such amazing friends is a testimony to God because somehow they overlook our “flaw” of being Christians. ;) I’m going to have to tell them about school and my plans and it’s going to be difficult. Heck- I STILL DON’T KNOW THE FULL PLAN YET!! They have very logical, “engineer” minds and they won’t get it.
    PRAYER: 1. that God would spark curiosity in their hearts over this weird thing their friends are doing in the obedience to their God. 2. that He will help them to keep open minds and acceptance of us as friends through all of it. Who knows- maybe (hopefully??) this can be a testimony and witness to them of how trustworthy our God really is…

  6. Lucille Richardson says:

    Imagine also how long it must have taken the 2 million plus livestock to cross the Jordan. I had never thought about that before always imagining them going across the Jordan in an hour or so. But that Red Sea must have opened up for a long time. How amazing our God is!

  7. Rhonda J. says:

    How overwhelming His love for His people! It makes me want to lean in even closer and ponder today’s reading, realizing just how big its message is for us today! The world has forgotten His truth and power, but He will not be diminished or dismissed, the wrath will come. But God, for those who love Him we will be delivered from evil. Thank you Lord Jesus for giving us this promise. We are yours forever.

  8. Angie Mills says:

    When God sent the plagues on Egypt, He showed His power & authority over nature, wild & tame animals & vegetation, illnesses & diseases, weather, economies, governments & nations, people groups, time & space, life, people’s hearts, those who are His people, those who are not His covenant people, our idols & false gods, and satan & his demons. Thinking about this list reminds me of Jesus’ miracles and how He showed His divine power & authority over the same things. God has power & authority over everything because He is Lord above all lords & King over every king.