The Creation

Open Your Bible

Genesis 1:1-31, Genesis 2:1-24, 2 Corinthians 4:6, Hebrews 11:3

There was a time when I was afraid to write. The act of etching my thoughts in ink onto a blank page felt like one of the riskiest things I could do—to declare who I am, reveal what’s inside of me, and then slide it across the table for the rest of the world to see. Even now as I type these words on my laptop in the comfort of home, I am prone to second guess every sentence, every word choice.

Sure, I like new beginnings in theory, but in practice they paralyze me. It might be a new calendar, an empty room, a first day, or a clean white sheet of paper staring back at me. Like a rookie film actor stumbling onto set, I’m certain I’ll flub the first take.

But Genesis is another story. It is the story—our story. The beginning of all beginnings, the book of Genesis is the true history of who we are and where we came from. The first book of the Bible, it is our first glimpse of God’s character in Scripture, of His creation and compassion and His covenant with mankind. And though, yes, we humans dove headlong into sin from the first, our faithful, holy, and steadfast Creator remains true. God is the author and star of this story, and He is the one who invites us in to make it our story as well.

The book of Genesis presents hard truths about human nature and the fallen world we live in, but it is ultimately a book of hope. God created us—each one of us—to bear His image, and He has not changed His mind (Genesis 1:27). Fear and fallenness plague us here on earth, but God will one day bring us home to the perfect peace of His presence. Until then, we are called to “be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, and subdue it,” to extend God’s plan for Eden throughout the whole earth (v.28).

One day, we will know and experience our Creator’s presence face to face—in perfect peace, whole, and unashamed—just as Adam and Eve once did long ago (Genesis 1:25; Revelation 22:4). That is the life we were created for, the intimate relationship we were always meant to enjoy with Him. One day, even death itself will die, and we will get the fresh start we’ve always longed for—the perfect new beginning, free from fear.

Genesis lays the foundation for everything else we read in Scripture. Our prayer is that this reading plan serves to draw you further into God’s Word, that it would bring you to a deeper knowledge of the God who made you and a deeper longing for His presence. He alone knows the end from the beginning, and we can rest in Him.

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214 thoughts on "The Creation"

  1. Tania Pangia says:

    Glad to be working on my relationship with God and can’t wait to see where He takes me in this year

  2. Thias Griffin says:

    I’ve been studying Genesis for a year now in both my church bible studies I attend and I am still learning new things every time! ❤️

  3. Rebekah Hatcher says:

    So happy to be here!

  4. Zoe Hillyer says:

    God has kept my heart on Genesis for awhile. I’ve been trying to figure out why or what part I’m supposed to focus on in this book of the Bible but even after reading just the first day I feel like this is the right direction for my study of Genesis!❤️

  5. Crystal Cooper says:

    So excited to be here! Looking forward to studying God’s word with you all ❤️

  6. Tami Cutler says:

    Hi. I’m new to SRT. Excited to be here!

  7. Erin Maine says:

    So excited to get started with this community and maybe even find some accountability as I dive in! I thought the beginning would be a great place to start! So excited for this study through Genesis.

  8. Mikayla Horsburgh says:

    Welcome Erin! I know this is a year later. I pray that your walk with God is still strong. “
    “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again Rejoice!” Philippians 4:4

  9. Mikayla Horsburgh says:

    Welcome Erin! I know this is a year late. I pray that your walk with God is still strong. “Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again Rejoice!”

  10. Lauren Riojas says:

    Ready to dive deeper into the creation story!

  11. Evelyn Foster says:

    I’m so excited to do this study. I can’t wait to fill the Bible with my notes!!!

  12. Kasey Deschaine says:

    Congratulations Tracey! Welcome to the SRT community! I think if you start somewhere like the book of John in the New Testament it might be helpful to see the signs and wonders of Jesus! I am currently reading this book (Genesis) but plan to read the Bible chronologically (in order of events) so that it makes more sense to me too! I hope these readings helps you find the understanding you seek. Also, prayer is important, and it is just a simple, yet intimate conversation between you and Jesus. Ask for Him to help you understand His word.

  13. Courtney Boivin says:

    Good to know and remember we were created in God’s image.

  14. Kathy Barlow says:

    Hi….what has helped me the most with understanding is praying before I start reading and ask for the Holy Spirit to give me understanding and revaluation into what I personally need to know for that day through that particular reading. Jesus is so awesome to give us the Holy Spirit and when we ask He will reveal it.

  15. Tracey Hutcheon says:

    Hi, I have just discovered these reading plans. I’m a new to Christianity and still learning about God . I am reading my bible but feel I’m not understanding it. Hopefully these reading plans will help me.

  16. Terri Smith says:

    Back to the beginning…beginnings always cause me to reflect on my past and how far I’ve come and also to look forward for all the new blessings ahead for me.

  17. Terri Smith says:

    I agree! Beginnings are always scary, but it’s also a new opportunity to experience more of God.

  18. Rena Griffin says:

    I so love the creation story. New beginnings…We all have our own story, our “Genesis.”

  19. Whitney Morgan says:


  20. Maggie Blanks says:


  21. Heather Oldham says:

    How can I get to the next day? Can you read ahead?

  22. Katie Oliver says:


  23. Kay Ley says:

    Hoping this ends up being good for my walk

  24. Michelle Foiles says:

    Hey friends! I’m new here! Happy to be here! Love Genesis and can’t wait to really dive in!

  25. Rlei De says:

    Excited to delve deeper into Genesis!

  26. Marie Long says:

    I wondered this as well— after reading again, it seems to me that chapter one is a “summary” of the first 7 days of existence. Then I’m chapter 2, it appears to backtrack to give more in depth detail of how God created man and woman. Just my observation from study.

  27. Marie Long says:

    I wondered this as well— after reading again, to me it seems like chapter one is a summary of the 1st 7 days of existence. Then I’m chapter 2, it backtracks to give a more in depth look at the details of how God created man and woman. Just my observation from study.

  28. Kelly King says:

    Can someone please explain this to me:
    In Genesis 1:27 it says that on the sixth day God made male and female. But then in the Eden story it says that women came from the ribs of man (I’m paraphrasing). I was always of the assumption that the Eden story happened some time after the initial 7 days of creation. Am I wrong in this assumption? Is the Eden story just kind of jumping back and elaborating on the events of the sixth day? Or is there something else I have missed??

    Grateful for any insights! :) xx

  29. Karabo M says:

    Excited for this plan

  30. Maddie Johnson says:

    I’ve been in a rut of what to study in the Word next, so I decided that going back to the beginning was the best place for me. And WOW I can already feel the Lord’s spirit in the first chapter. He reminds me that we are created so perfectly in His image and that He will love us so ferociously no matter what we may go through. Praise God!

  31. Nicole Felten says:

    WOW so excited for you! This is my first She Reads Truth devotion! If you feel comfortable sharing, would you mine telling about how you learned about Christ? Just curious!

  32. Erin Jarboe says:

    I’m new to Christianity and religion, and I’m so in awe of God and his purpose for us. We were created to live in His image. That’s all the purpose I need. I continue to study the Word and absorb God’s love because it’s a guide for how I should live.

  33. Erin Jarboe says:

    I’m new to Christianity and this is my first Bible study! I can’t wait to get started.

  34. Valerie De La Puente says:

    When Eve took from the tree – the illustration can also be applied to doctrine, ideas or a theology. One that opposes moral value but obviously doesn’t seem that way when it’s presented to you. The scripture says the tree looked like it was good for food. In real life the words can seem harmless and shared knowledge may seem good to take in. The tree and its fruit were nice to look at meaning the appearance of the one presenting those ideas seems pleasant, unalarming and harmless. The impression it gave off was anything but negative to Eve. To her, the tree and the fruit posed alot of good that outweighed the warnings of God. It became desirable for her to take in that fruit.

    Take Away: deception is part of our down fall. We really do know better but for some reason we don’t revert back to the first lessons we were taught. Somehow we think deciding for ourselves is best but really we’re just fooling ourselves. And that’s how the enemy wins.

  35. Jennifer Jasso says:

    This is definitely what I needed…a reset. I needed to start from the very beginning and just get a real feel of Genesis word by word. Today, I’m studying and praying for the world in these times of uncertainty and asking God to hear all our prayers. He is the creator, He is our Father, and because of Him we have life. Let us remember that we are created by Him. We are all His children.

  36. Katrina Dowdy says:

    What a time to read this study. With everything going on in the world it is imperative to see and understand that God created each one of us with the same breath and the same dust; we are all God’s beloved creation and we all sin and make mistakes, as Adam and Eve did. We should always remember this, but I think right now is one of the most important moments for us all to realize that we are of one race: the Human Race created by God.

  37. Rachel Yeats says:

    Today I’m starting this study to come back to the One who’s breathes the breath of life. Asking God to breathe on His church and our world that we would have humble hearts for reconciliation and repentance. He is a God of justice and freedom from oppression and I’m praying that would be true of my life!

  38. Lauren McDonald says:

    I am starting this study to keep me consistent with reading the word daily. (:

  39. Helen MacKenzie says:

    Completely agree! During this time it’s good to remember how much control God has and how he ultimately wants the best for his beautiful creation!

  40. Anna says:

    I am so excited to dive into Genesis as I have never studied it closely. It has been a while since I have read the story of creation, but what a wonderful reminder of the beauty and peace of the beginning. This passage shows the Lord’s power- speaking every good thing into existence- and the Lord’s intimacy with all that is in the earth. It is easy to go about day to day life and forget that we are His; everything exists by and for Him.

  41. Roxanne Kollar says:

    I’m just starting this study with my daughter and I’m excited. I also am afraid to write something for fear others will judge it. But I’m taking a plunge. When he says in verse that he made a lesser light and a greater light. I always struggled with that. The moon does not provide its own light. It’s not an independent light source. But today something different struck me. The moon “reflects” the light from the sun providing the evening light. The way should be reflecting God’s light if we are Christians! Wow! Maybe I’m off base but…..thoughts?

    1. Katy Jumper says:

      Love this!

    2. Gwendolyn Vincent says:

      Great analogy❤

  42. Marji Robinson says:

    I am loving this study so far. I need to feed the hunger of knowledge of God in these difficult times.

  43. Sarah Martin says:

    During this strange time in our world, I am resetting and leaning to God for peace.

    1. Aleah Rosier says:

      I am trying to do the same and I KNOW that God is going to take care of us.

  44. Kierra says:

    We are His image-bearers! It is impossible for us to lead an insignificant life !

  45. Brandi Salazar says:


  46. Monica Menschner says:


  47. Leanne Pope says:

    I’m excited for this study. The breakdown of the first book is an important starting point. :)

  48. Fiona O'Rourke says:

    Dear God please watch over me in this difficult time. Thank you God for protecting my family.

    Amen x

  49. Margarita Muniz says:

    Love it brings peace to me

  50. Auretha Williams says:

    Thank you. It is always a plus to be able to go back to the start. The Glory of the beginning or even new beginnings is upon us.

  51. Serah Sundi says:


  52. Amanda Gurski says:

    Love that this starts in the very beginning. Right where I need to be! Thank you!

  53. Grace Leffew says:

    My church is doing a study through Genesis this year and I am so excited to read about this first book of the Bible in both places!

  54. Ashley Schmid says:


  55. Ada Anderson says:

    Thank you!

  56. Jay Karter says:


  57. Cassidy Best says:

    Thankful that a God big enough to create the entire world wants me in his presence.

  58. Cassandra Morrison says:

    Just the reminder I needed. This is the time for God to renew my heart and lead me back to Him.

  59. Mackenzie Rivers says:

    I love that the author after the Bible reading pointed that even though we chose sin and are continued to be plagued by it God never leaves us and alway stays faithful and steadfast in his character and in his loving chase to bring up back to his flock

  60. Susan Crosby says:

    Wow truths from Genesis 1… In the beginning God not some Big Bang created the heavens and the earth…in vs 26 we see the Trinity as in Let us make man in our image…and in vs 27 God created them male and female…

  61. Brittney Boucher says:

    This is a perfect scripture as we start the new year! Not only is it important that we start new beginnings but how we approach our progressions through new beginnings as God leads the way.

  62. Jessica Mejia says:

    this feeling like a new beginning for me

  63. Jessica Mejia says:

    i feel like this is a new beginning for me

  64. Lakyn Holt says:

    What a way to start this journey. Things I didn’t know I needed to hear tonight!

  65. Camille English Davis says:

    Grateful for new beginnings. My journey this year is one of committed fellowship through bible study and prayer. Thank you all for being with me!

  66. Melanie Rastrelli says:


  67. Allene Mayfield says:

    This is a good start to the new year.

  68. Jennifer O says:

    Looking forward to this study! Catching up today after a visit from the flu. Thankful for God’s provision and healing.

  69. Kezia says:

    In the beginning, GOD.

  70. Brielle James says:

    Praying for you during this difficult season

  71. Bre White says:

    “God saw that it was good” kept standing out to me…. it’s a great reminder that everything that God make is good and even better that includes us!

    Learning that things take time to put together to be good is a reminder to wait patiently as well.

    So when in doubt remember that all things work together for the good of those who love the lord. Be blessed!

  72. Reina Martinez says:

    Sometimes I find it hard to keep my my faith, but then I read the first chapter of Genesis and I’m reminded of how God is in control and that he created everything for a reason and that he has it all figured out even when I can’t see it. ❤️

  73. Christelle Celine says:

  74. Allison Schulte says:

    Looking forward to getting back into the habit of daily Bible study.

  75. Elisabeth Glunk says:


  76. Samantha Scholtz says:

    Excited to start the year this way!

    1. Heidi Neibert says:

      Me, too!

    2. Sofia O'Sullivan says:


  77. Shannon Clash says:

    Knowing that God alone knows the end from the beginning brings me peace. Forever I have always needed to know the plan and every detail. Growth in my relationship with God continues to bring peace because I know, even when I have distanced from God, he has NEVER forsaken me. Amen! Excited to continue to expand with this community

  78. Heather Hull says:


  79. DeJana Parker says:

    Dear God,
    Thank You for creating such a beautiful world and deciding to share it with us. I’ll never know what made You decide to create humans and share Your beautiful world with us but I’m so glad You did. I pray as we read through Genesis, we’ll learn more about You and just how wonderful it is to be loved by You and created in Your image.

  80. Megan Messer says:

    Love starting the year off in Genesis. I never thought about looking into the beginning, where it all started, and getting to the character of God! Ah! Good stuff!

    1. Laura Posten says:

      Yes!! It feels so nice to start the year off this way!

  81. Elise Cooper says:

    Grateful for new beginnings & Genesis does an excellent job for setting the stage

  82. Danielle Merriweather says:

    God is a God of abundance. He made sure that mankind had everything we needed here on earth.

  83. Neish Kins says:

    God is active. He speaks, He calls, He creates. Genesis 1 is a beautiful reminder of an active, victorious God who is not afraid of chaos, darkness, or a blank canvas.

  84. Dee Wilcox says:

    I really like that the first thing God did was create Light. It says so much about His nature and His character.

  85. Sylvia Tomlinson says:

    Good morning! I opened my study this morning to the pages on The Order of Creation. I loved this section …. ‘What God formed He filled’ …. a refreshing reminder to me! I went to Psalms 139 and read verses 13 thru 18. He formed me in my mother’s womb …. fill me to overflowing, Lord. I’m new at posting.
    I pray He will refresh all of us with His Word. May the peace of Christ fill each of us today. Thank you all for your comments …. have a great day!

  86. Susan Noonan says:

    Thank you for bringing us back to the basics. His Word is the foundation of ALL.

  87. Jianellie Manalastas says:

    Love this. God has order in this world of chaos.

  88. Amanda Mitchell says:


  89. E Redmond says:

    How beautiful it is to have this community of women to read and grow with!! Thank you for being faithful, She Reads Truth!!

  90. Melissa Sadler says:

    Back to the Beginning!!

  91. Deja Gibson says:

    I haven’t been dedicated to reading God’s word. This year I will focus on reading God’s word, learning His character, and understanding why He created me and who He says I am. Sometimes I feel a little a hopeless, so I’m excited that Genesis is the first book we’re reading. A book to remind me about hope.

    1. Amelia Mack says:

      That’s awesome! I just attended Passion 2020 and Sadie Robertson’s talk that day was a helpful reminder about the importance of our time in Gods word. I highly recommend watching it on YouTube!

  92. Mandi Mouser says:

    It’s awesome to think of all the things God chose to create. And he decided this world needed you and me.

  93. Lea Ament says:

    Imaging God speaking the world into existence is such beautiful picture.

  94. Annie Bartley says:

    Beginning this today is helping me cope with the loss of my precious Mom four months ago.

    1. Brielle James says:

      Praying for you during this difficult season. ❤️

  95. Rachel Whited says:

    I’m glad to be sharing in this journey with you all. Hope you all had a lovely day!

  96. Jamie Countryman says:

    Being able to visit the beginning is very refreshing. Just to be humbled in his creation which has led to us being here today brings a great sense of peace.

  97. Meredith Lengel says:

    My study Bible makes a note that by God taking from the rib of Adam to create the woman that it implies equality and mutual respect. If God wanted man or woman to rule over the other he could have taken a bone from the foot for example. I love the thought of this because men in my life being controlling (not over me but others I know) is something I constantly struggle with and to know it’s not the way things were/are meant to be is comforting.

    1. Kristina Vanderleest says:

      I love this! May I ask which study Bible you have!?

  98. Theresa says:

    That is beautifully said. Hoping you are well and praying for your country!

  99. Megan VqnSickle says:

    I really enjoyed the corresponding verse from Corinthians. It really aids in understanding that much like God is a light unto us, we are to take that light and shine it on those around us.

  100. Sara Moore says:

    I love beginnings and love writing all of my great plans for the year is a fresh planner. However the follow through is where I lack and all my plans get lost in my busyness and laziness. I’m so grateful for a God who keeps his promises and follows through with his plan to send a savior for us.

    1. Rachel Whited says:

      Nothing better than a fresh planner :) I can relate to you – I get so caught up in life at times. I actually took some time off from work recent to “reset” so I could be the best me possible.

  101. Yolanda Harbon says:

    Yes, this is a book of hard truths, but yes we must remember it’s a book of hope! Thank you Amanda for this! I’m Australian and reading this part struck me – “6But mist would come up from the earth and water all the ground. 5no shrub of the field had yet grown on the land, and no plant of the field had yet sprouted, for the Lord God had not made it rain on the land, and there was no man to work the ground.” – the God made man and woman. Us in His image. We can work and restore the land in Australia that has been ravaged by the bushfires. We can be God’s hands and feet and bring beauty back to where it belongs!

    1. Emily Sproul says:

      What a beautiful insight. Thank you for sharing and I hope you are doing alright!

      1. Yolanda Harbon says:

        Thank you Emily ❤️

    2. Rachel Whited says:

      Praying for all of those affected. I pray you are safe and out of harms way.

      1. Yolanda Harbon says:

        Thank you Rachel ❤️

  102. Diana Rigdon says:

    Yes! We sure do need it now more than ever! Almost all of the important doctrines and teachings of the Bible have their foundation in the book of Genesis. It is because people have abandoned the truth of Genesis that this earth & its people are in such a mess!
    I love starting out the new Year in Genesis because I know God is there! ❤️

  103. Shirley Nuñez says:

    I feel for most, beginnings are the hardest. You begin something uncertain of the results. I know from experience, my fear comes from failing. However, I’m reminded that only He knows the end from the beginning. I can rest in Him knowing that His plan for my life, my beginnings, have already been laid out. And that brings me great hope.

    1. Rachel Whited says:

      I think that is a beautiful way to look at it. The beginning can be the most challenging but also the most rewarding!

  104. Diana Rigdon says:

    It’s amazing what all is covered in the Book of Genesis!
    It seems, if it’s important in our lives, we will find it in this Book!

  105. Jackie Mars says:

    I pray that this new year, this new beginning, be filled with more faith and trust in the Lord’s plan for my life and that my life glorifies Him.

    1. Britnee White says:

      Amen! Personally, I know I need to rest more in Him and I hope this year I can focus more on Him and His plan for me.

  106. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I love that we are going to be reading through Genesis in this new year! It is a great reminder that God is in control, and puts my worries and little problems in perspective. Since God made everything , I can trust him with my problems.

    1. Kailee Betler says:


    2. Robyn Serbin says:

      Yes! I always tell myself I can trust Him, but then find myself trying to pick things back up after I’ve laid them at his feet. Thank you for the reminder that sine He made everything, we can trust Him with EVERYTHING!

  107. Jennifer Anapol says:


  108. Andrea Abi-Saab says:

    Took the leap and started reading along today! ❤️

  109. Kaslynn Wilson says:

    I wonder if since chapter 2 is a zoom in of day 6 of creation if maybe the entire bible is a very long day 6 God at work with man and day 7 would come when all is restored to perfection and then God rests.

    1. Nolvia ❤️ says:

      Loving this!!

  110. K D says:

    “He alone knows the end from the beginning and we can find rest in Him.” Oh my…that brings such great comfort on this day.

  111. Kim Tavaglione says:

    Thank you for pointing that out!!

  112. Kim Tavaglione says:

    Thank You, Father, for the book of Genesis and for the She Reads Truth ministry. Please bless us with Holy Spirit wisdom, discernment and revelation as You reveal Your truth to us. Amen

    1. Keli Smith says:


  113. Clarice Paterson says:

    I really like the creation days add on in the Genesis study guide on page 21, I’ve never looked at it that way before. What god formed on day 1,2&3 he filled on day 4,5&6.

    1. Lara Prachar says:

      I loved that too!

    2. Rachel Whited says:

      I found that to be most interesting as well. Never seen it from that perspective before.

  114. Brooke Parker says:


  115. Erika Estrada says:

    Starting this once again being a little older I have a better understanding of how mighty Hod really is. Him creating the earth and mankind and animals just amazes me on how little I really am. And only trusting in him is what I can do. My petty little problems will eventually fix themselves and go away and new ones will arise but God will remain the same today, and always. I love him so much! Thank you Lord for your word and being able to read it freely!

  116. Mari V says:

    Good morning ladies! I got a late start this morning. School resumes tomorrow. I am blessed to work year-round including the Christmas break with the exception of Christmas Eve,Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. Grateful I was able to have days off. I decided to take today off to spend it with my daughter and my son who will soon go back to college! I’m really excited about this new study. New beginnings. New beginnings with all of you my beautiful sisters. 2020 here we come.
    Isaiah 43:19 “For I am about to do something new.”

  117. Monique Altamirano says:

    2020 – growing closer to the king of kings

  118. Diana Fleenor says:

    I can relate to the struggle to begin writing and sometimes in trying to pray for a conflict or crisis situation that provokes strong emotions, beginning seems to be a barrier for me as well. But God is not like us and in this we can find help in our weakness! So glad for this truth and promise that we have a God who is everlasting and created the whole universe with just his word. Wow! I’m grateful to be reminded today with all of you that our God is so much more than we can even understand. Yet, he wants a relationship with us even showing his special attention by forming us with his own hands and breathing his Spirit into us. “O Lord, what is man that you are mindful of him?” Praying for each of us at SRT to be brought into a more intimate relationship with the one who one day will take away all of our pain and tears and fears and suffering forever in the new heavens and earth!

    1. Sabrina Knuth says:

      Well said. Thank you.

  119. Kristi Kanas says:

    Read this in another devotional by Charles Stanley on Gen. 1 and it is fitting. “Our intimacy with God is His highest priority and purpose for our lives. Which is why the depth of our relationship with him will always determine the impact of our lives.” Praying we’re all drawn closer in intimacy with Him this new year!

  120. Cynthia Johnston says:

    I am here. I am reading with you all. I pray for you when you ask. I sit in my home wishing we could meet in person. I remember that one day we will be together and I am looking forward to that time. ♥️

    1. Traci Gendron says:

      Isn’t it a joy to be able to study with all these women. I have a son, Tanner with a fatal illness. He has outlived his expectancy. Praise God! I ask that Hod will continue to show him Grace. To heal his muscle weakness. To protect him and that Tanner will know that God is why he still walks the earth.

  121. Dee Dee Walker says:

    What a great fresh reading of passages I have read many times. In Genesis 1, the word God – Elohiym – is used 32 times. Creation was ALL GOD!

    In Genesis 2, Elohiym is joined by Lord – Yehovah – the proper name for God. Once man shows up, God is recognized as Lord.

    In the New Testament passages, God created everything by His words. He created, provided, redeemed and revealed…everything. We do not exist, we do not thrive, we are not free, and we are not fulfilled without Him.

    Thank you She Reads Truth for providing resources and guidance for God- and Jesus- followers at all stages. I look forward to this journey!

  122. Rachel Strand says:

    What a perfect place to start. My New Years resolution was to find a community I could study with as I have had no luck finding a church I belong with, so I found this, a new beginning for me, seems so fitting to start with genesis.

    1. Cristina Higgins says:

      Rachel, keep looking for that group of believers who you can lean on all the time. I love this group at SRT where I can go each morning to start off my day with joy and thanksgiving, along with new ways of seeing scripture through another’s eyes..It keeps me thinking and researching throughout the day. But, my sisters in Christ that I see every Sunday, and at times during the week, are the hugs and laughter God has gifted me with right here. I know I can talk to these women about anything……..anything, and they will not judge me. I hope I have blessed them in the same way. There have been times I have held a sister while she sobbed in my arms and other times when we have had to hold each other up we are laughing so hard. I wish this kind of love and closeness for all my sisters in Christ. I guess what I’m trying to say in my own rambling way is………keep looking. That group of believers is out there for you too. You are on my prayer list.

  123. Angi Morrison says:

    Thankul God loves us in spite of our sin. He had a plan all along and continues to have a plan for us.

  124. Kerry Rowley says:

    I would appreciate your prayers. A dear friend lost her oldest son on Jan 1. He was 25 same age as my oldest. Friends in school. Please pray for her and her 3 remaining children. Her husband died a few years back of a brain tumor. This new beginning this year isn’t a happy exciting one for her.

    1. Chrisann Goad says:

      Praying for this family right now.

  125. Yvonne says:

    Yes! I agree wholeheartedly.

  126. Deborah Stein says:

    “I love new beginnings, here we are in 2020 .“ I love learning who God is through His line of formation on earth and in heaven. The order of creation and what was sanctified as holy . A day set a part to worship and rest. A day fully devoted to Him. In the beginning God created not man. Man was given the job to name, to care for, a steward maybe a caretaker of God’s creation. Then a blessing to a day of rest of honoring and praising God. The Sabbath was created the seventh day.

    1. Traci Gendron says:

      Thank you Deborah for a beautiful view of creation. Man as God’s steward. And honoring the 7th day of rest. Helped me to see this passage as more.

  127. Andrea Lopez says:

    I was confused as well LT about the same thing so thank you Jennifer Norwood for the explanation. I have never been so excited to wake up as I was today – ready to jump into God’s word! So encouraged!!

  128. Carly Newberg says:

    I’ve always believed in God’s ask of us to “be fruitful, multiply, fill the earth, and subdue it.” Yet, I wonder how God feels about what is becoming of our Earth. Many people are arguing climate change isn’t so much our issue, but overpopulation is; We have too many people on the Earth and not enough resources. So, I wonder, how do we prevent adding to this problem while also obeying God and his vision for human flourishing?

  129. Gema says:

    Callee we all struggle with trusting that God will do what he says he would. But that’s why as Christians we are called to have faith, to believe on the things we cannot see. Callee press on, we serve an amazing God. Once you see him work in your life the first time, you will be able to use it as a reminder of what he will continue to do in your life.

  130. Amber Dickson says:

    Thank you Jesus for your kindness towards us. For creating us knowing how we would hurt you and the sacrifices you would make, but ultimately choosing to love us and bring us under your mercies. I love you and your Word.

  131. Claudia L says:

    I am in a season of waiting. I spent the weekend praying for God to help me find my God abiding husband. For me , selfishly, the part of today’s reading that impacted me the most was , “Then the Lord said, ‘it is not good for man to be alone.’” Today, I declare that by God’s blessing, grace, and infinite kindness, I will not be alone anymore! Amén!

  132. Jenna Strang says:

    This is my first deep dive into Genesis. I have always had a fear of the unknown, and Genesis would kick up anxiety in me so I tended to steer clear. But the closer I get to God the less I fear, and I am excited to jump with nothing but faith in our all-powerful Creator!

  133. Callee Moran says:

    If I can believe that God spoke the world into existence – how miraculous is that??? – and that Jesus died for my sins and then was resurrected – yet again, how miraculous is that???? – then I can believe the rest of the Bible and I can believe that God is Who He says He is. I can trust His plans and His promises. I can…but I struggle with trusting Him.

  134. Anslie Creech says:

    Genesis 1 reminds me that even God started with a blank slate. He formed what He wanted and saw it was good! I find it so encouraging in my new beginnings. That the same God that created the smallest mouse and separated the sky and sea has a home in my heart giving me strength through my blank slate endeavors.

  135. Kayla Williams says:


  136. Sarah K says:

    I thought it was interesting that “after it’s own kind” was repeated so much. God is a God of order. We are made in His image, after His own kind, and that is good.

  137. Grace Dawson Beatty says:

    Lord, take all this hurt, all this pain, all this heaviness out of my chest and my heart. Lord God, thank you for everything you have done. Thank you for saving me. Thank you for protecting me. Thank you for continuing to clear the path to get me out of a bad situation. Even though I’m hurting, I know you love me. Even though I dig myself in this hole and coming out of it hurts, you did it and you plucked me out and you saved me. I didn’t want to believe the negative. I didn’t want to heed the warnings. And I could have saved myself from a lot of heartbreak and depression, but I didn’t. Take away this guilt. Take away this heartbreak. Take away the pain. I hand it over to you God. Thank you for my amazing family. Thank you for zippy, billy and mums. I pray protection, safety, prosperity – everything good and in the name of Jesus over them and myself, and the Hood family (Mr / Mrs. Hood, Angela, Jason). I pray for the anxiety and depression on Angela to be cast out in the name of Jesus. I pray for Jason to be healed in the name of Jesus. I pray the family begins to take care of the dog Finn and that he is walked regularly. I pray for a happy and healthy life over all of them. I pray for supernatural blessing and openings that only you can do Lord God. I thank you for the community God. I thank you that even though I’ve had a hard time finding a bible study in person, that She Reads Truth is with me wherever I go. I thank you for openings the doors in 2020 to create the new path to a hot body I’ve always wanted, a new job that I love and that is a promotional step above, that I’m able to continue to pay off my debt in a supernatural way, and that I’m healed from all that is bad. I love you, Lord. There is none like you. You lay your life down for your sheep. Your word does not return void. You are the alpha and the omega – the beginning and the end. You multiply many out of few. Your harvest is plentiful and I am one of the few. I love you lord. I love you Jesus. Holy Spirit I welcome you into my house and my home and into my life and my day. Heavenly angels, I ask you come down in the name of Jesus and surround me. Thank you, Jesus. J Jesus name I pray all of this. Amen. Grace.

  138. Rachel from Texas says:

    Hey Heather – I’m no scholar on the subject and there are probably different interpretations of these passages but one thought it that chapter one was like the 5,000 foot view of the story and then chapter 2 zooms in to get more specifics of the story. Notice it mentions God making more (possibly the same) animals too. Or maybe those other female(s) were not in the garden with Adam and too far away so he was alone. You’d have to do some digging into some more commentaries to see what some experts think!

  139. Doris says:

    If only we would be more mindful of the beginning. God started it all and God will finish it all. Everything just perfect from the beginning and we have the hope of it once again being perfect. How we long for that. (Romans 8) I love the seventeenth chapter of Acts , where Paul on Mars Hill gives us another truth of God and that He made the world and all things therein. May we ever seek to know Him.

    1. Jennie Pakula says:

      Really good application- that’s like what I was thinking too. In our attitude to all of creation – to everything and everyone within it – we should remember who made it, its purpose and what its destiny is. It is all here for God’s glory and it is all under His sovereign control. I am

  140. Churchmouse says:

    “In the beginning GOD…”

    How vital it is to settle that in our hearts and minds from the very start. God is sovereign. His story is about Him, all that He is and all that He does. As we open the Bible, the only book written by God, may we come to know Him better, more fully. May we experience Him so intimately that we never question His character, no matter our circumstances.

  141. Tracie Nall says:

    Genesis, the beginning, Creation, a start, New Year, a fresh page, Born Again, a new life in Christ! I so appreciate that this New Year 2020, we turn a fresh page on a new year and a new decade, and an opportunity to study Genesis is a beautiful reminder that what God started He is Faithful to complete not only in His Word but also in us!
    And as we turn each page of the calendar this year through Christ we are met with fresh mercy to rejoice in the day God has made knowing that our God alone knows our creation to our completion and has numbered each day in between! My prayer for this year and this study is that I make the most of every opportunity knowing the Master is coming to make ALL things new again!

  142. Ashley Graves says:

    I am looking towards 2020 with more excitement and anticipation than I have looked at a new year ever. It’s a very hopeful anticipation of how the Lord will move. What a perfect fit than we start back at Genesis!

    Also many of you are stating that you are fairly new to the Word. Congratulations for stepping out & pouring into it!!!! It’s an incredible journey that will change your life!

    1. Traci Gendron says:


  143. Lynn Ondrovic says:

    Bible begins and ends in light Rev 21:22-23 And the city has no need of sun or moon, for the glory of God illuminates the city, and the Lamb is its light. The nations will walk in its light, and the kings of the world will enter the city in all their glory

  144. PattyS says:

    LT…regarding your question about differences in Genesis 1 and 2…think of Genesis 1 as an “overview” of creation and Genesis 2 as the specifics of the creation of man. My go-to Bible commentator is David Guzik. He and his commentaries can be found easily with an online search. I just looked up his commentaries on the first two chapters of Genesis and they are long but informative reads. He adds his own thoughts to the writings of well-known and well-respected Bible scholars. His Genesis 1 commentary is especially useful as it addresses even how to approach the creation scriptures.

  145. Laura Hewitson says:

    I noticed for the first time that the first job of the heavenly lights was not to mark the passage of time, but to mark opportunities for us to stop and remember the God who created us. As I sit here in Melbourne trying not to choke on the smoke that is blanketing our sky, I praise God for the love He shows us in His creation, and look forward to the day when all will be made new.

    1. Cristina Higgins says:

      Your comment had me going back and rereading that part. Thank you for that vision of the sky. I’m praying for you and all those who are enveloped in the smoke down there.

  146. Robyn Jacobs says:

    I think some times we forget that from the beginning God called for us to subdue the Earth. He gave us dominion from the beginning. This means He gave us dominion over fear, anxiety, shame, guilt, and all the lies the enemy throws at us. It certainly can change your thought process when you begin to get swallowed up in what this world can do. The creator of the universe gave us power to rule over and cancel all the lies that Satan tried to keep up controlled with.

  147. Heather Crumpler says:

    I’m kind of confused why Genesis 5:1-2 talks about God creating male and female but later in chapter 1 he mentions Adam was alone and then created Eve. I’m new to bible study. Can anyone offer insight why Gen mentions male AND female at first then mentions Adam was alone?

    1. Sara Horn says:

      Chapter One is an overview of the creation and then in Chapter Two it goes into a bit more detail with man and woman. It used to confuse me too!

  148. Marlyne says:

    I thank God for the reading of the word. I’m greatful to just be able to read the word. It’s been a while since I’ve opened my bible to read the word but these scripures were right on time for me. I’ve been discouraged for quite some time but knowing that in the beginning how God created this world and every creature in it including man and woman displayes his power and might. I for one sometimes let the problems I face invade my mind to the point that I serve a God that can do anything nothing is to great for God. God is greatness. God gave man dominion over all the creatures on earth.Then created woman and we became frutful and multiplied. This encourged me to know how great my God is. Thank you lord for creating me, creating nature, help me not to look at my problems but to see your creation, your love, your greatness in my life. Amen.

  149. Hannah MargaretWikle says:

    True History of who we are and who God is

  150. Amanda Hayes says:

    “God created us in His image..and He has not changed His mind.” Oh how I needed that reminder this morning. No matter how far I’ve gone… He hasn’t changed his mind about me. He hasn’t decided I’m not good enough and given up. He hasn’t changed His mind and I am going to rest in that truth today. ❤️

  151. Rachel Johnson says:

    “Fear and falseness plague us here on earth, but one day God will bring us home…”

    Reading about the beauty of God’s creation and His care for our earth is a reminder of how He will one day restore ALL things to be how He intended. Thank God! As I read about the wildfires devastating Australia and the drought depleting food sources in Zambia, I am reminded this morning to cry out to God to restore His creation to His original intention, to save us, to bring us home.

  152. LT says:

    Question- in chapter 1: 11-13 it talks about God creating land & having the land produce vegetation, trees and plants, etc., on day 3 & then He creates man on day 6 (v. 26-27). But then in chapter 2: 5-9, it says no plant had yet appeared or sprung up because there was no man to work the ground, so then He created man & then God made things grow. I’ve always been a bit confused by the differences in these 2 chapters. Thoughts?

    1. Jennifer Norwood says:

      LT, chapter 1 is sort of a summary of the 7 days of creation. Chapter 2 goes into the specific details of day 6 & God’s creation of man & woman, God’s beautiful provision for them and the commands concerning the tree. Hope that helps.

    2. Tambra Stuber says:

      I have the same question. The two accounts seem to be in a different order.

    3. Ally Watkins says:

      Yes I think the first chapter is an overview and then it goes back to give more detail. Also I think it is possible God could have created plants and they not be growing everywhere. But I have had the same questions before!

    4. Amanda Ozment says:

      This is simply my own conjecture, but maybe the seeds were created and planted, but until God created man, the garden, and the fresh water source, it was not cultivated to grow. Most plants do not grow to full size in a matter of days, so perhaps the “seed came before the plant?”

    5. Nicole Vidal says:

      I also think there is a slight difference. In chapter one he talks about trees that grew with fruit and vegetation and in chapter two he says no bush plants, so he may have created the trees and some vegetation but then other plants hadn’t sprung from the ground because there had been no rain and no man to work the ground?

  153. Sarah Smith says:

    I am glad you mentioned fear in this reading. I am battling crippling fear and anxiety. It has caused me much pain and insomnia lately. I long for the day when my fear is gone and I can live in perfect peace. Until then, I battle on.

    1. Morgan Dunbar says:

      Praying Sarah. That is a terrible place to be.

    2. Ally S says:

      It’s such a dark place to be, Sarah. I pray that God will cover you with the peace that only He can provide and relieve your insomnia and sooth your anxiety.

    3. Makenzie N says:

      Sarah, I have been exactly where you are. Living each day striving just to survive it. Friend, it is rough to be in that place. I pray for you and that you find that perfect peace. Some days I still struggle, but after seeing a Christian Psychologist, I’ve learned how to manage my physical body and spiritually the things I struggled with too. Keep believing, praying, and don’t be afraid to find you someone that can help with that. I did and it was one of the biggest blessings. Lord, i pray over Sarah and this anxiety and fear she feels. You know what causes this for her and I pray complete healing over her mind, body, and her spirit. I pray you bring her total peace. That you just continue to tug at her heart and show her who You are Father. We love you, and we thank you Jesus. In Your Mighty name we pray, Amen. ♥️

    4. tanya b says:

      My sister Sarah it is not Fathers will that you live in fear or anxiety of any sort these scripture as tremendously 2Timothy 1:7 Father God wants us to to live out of the spirit of love and power it is his perfect will for us and when I feel the spirit of anxiety trying to oppress me I lean into the scripture Philippians 4:6-7. Reading these scripture daily out loud has and continue to help me walk in victory. Sarah I pray this helps you too. I will keep you in my prayers also. Peace and Blessings Tanya

    5. Anja Etwal-Nielsen says:

      I too, battle fear and anxiety, Sarah. Sorry to hear that you do too. I find it crippling as well. Its so, so painful. I have health anxiety but worry a lot in generel. I really long too for living in peace. Know that you are not alone❤️

    6. Makenzie Benish says:

      Psalm 23 is a great passage to memorize/recite for me when I’m feeling anxious or afraid. “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me. Your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” Praying for you Sarah!

  154. Angie says:

    I love the new beginnings that come with being a teacher.
    Every year, mid/late August a new set of expectant, wonder-filled children entered the classroom. As I’ve gotten older I appreciate even more the parents and families of those precious children. I remember what it is like from when my boys were young. I’ve been there.
    Every January, after our Christmas break, we start fresh again. This start is a little different in that we know each other. Yet, I consider it a fresh, new beginning. This is the time of year when routines have been established, we have a trust-filled relationship, and deeper learning can begin.
    Thank you Lord for creating the lives of each child and family I am blessed to work with. Thank you for my co-workers. Thank you that You desire for each one to know You as Lord and Savior, child or adult. Thank you for the opportunity to live intentionally for you. May I help each one You have given me to be “fruitful, multiply, filling” their minds with the good things of You… Give me wisdom to know when to allow them to spread their wings and fly and when to “subdue them” and bring them back on track. Lord, You took absolutely nothing and made everything, because You are God. Thank you for trusting me, for this short time, with the lives of these children and families that You hold precious. This work is Your call to my life and I thank You for it. Only in Your power and strength Father God will I be able to intentionally live Your love to them. For as long as this is Your call, thank you Lord. I am only the vessel – You do all that is good. To God my Father, the Lord Jesus Christ – His Son and my Savior, and to the Holy Spirit that dwells within…thank you, thank you…to God be all the glory. Amen.

    1. Nancy Waldner says:

      Thank you for posting this. I am also a teacher and I have been struggling with going back to work after the Christmas break. I needed this reminder that I am not just a teacher but that I am called by God to love my students.

      1. Julie Murray says:

        I too am a teacher and find it hard going back sometimes! This time I am home awaiting kidney surgery to remove cancer! This is even more worrisome than heading back to school! I need to remember that in all seasons God has a plan for me! He made us because he loves us and wants a relationship with us! May I ever be grateful for my teaching position that I know God has provided!

      2. Mari V says:

        Praying for you Nancy. Praying the surgery will be successful and you will be in your classroom with the children.

    2. Traci Gendron says:

      Angie those children are blessed to have a teacher like you.

  155. Bessie H says:

    I love the phrase, “In the beginning”. God has been forever, but our world had a beginning. God was intentional in forming us. I heard an astronaut interviewed one time. He said that he was not a believer in God, but when he looked out of the window of the spacecraft at the earth his first thought was that whoever created that must love us very much.
    The more we learn scientifically, the more we confirm that this explanation in Genesis works. There has not been another explanation that does. Scientists struggle to find “the beginning’. There had to be a beginning. We know the beginning. The Bible tells us so.
    What a wondrous God we serve!

  156. Chelsea Mitchell says:

    As I read this morning I feel as if the creation of the Earth and all new beginning can be in relation to this new year 2020…I feel in my heat that I’ve been given a new beginning to do and go about life differently, maybe a 35th chance. But maybe this time I don’t want to go about it all on my plans but on Gods. Allow him to create a new me. A plan for me. A 7 day start ahead. I look forward to these readings each day starting today and pray that I am fulfilled with understanding and wisdom to fulfill Gods plans he has for me, so that I can be fruitful multiply and subdue the Earth as I was told todo upon birth.

  157. Lynn Ondrovic says:

    Gen 1:3a And God said, “Let there be light” 2 Cor 4:6For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

  158. Lynn Ondrovic says:

    Genesis 1:3- 4a And God said “let there be light,” and there was light. And God saw that the light was good. 2 Corinthians 4:6For God, who said, “Let light shine out of darkness,” has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

  159. Kaila Edwards says:

    I thank God for the wonders of his Creation. Truly awesome.

  160. Jaimie Mason says:

    What better way to start the New Year than from the beginning . ❤️

  161. Marissa Beindorf says:

    To realize that God knew sin was coming, that imperfection was imminent, yet he still did not hesitate to create or falter to begin.

    So often I allow the fear of imperfection- both on my part and others- to cause me to doubt making bold steps for Christ. But He is not afraid of what is to come, and asks us to simply be faithful, not figure out what will happen when we are.

    1. Chelsea Mitchell says:

      Oh Marissa, I’m right there with with you. I sometimes fear my imprecations would cause me to not be enough for Christ or cause me to repeat the same failures again. But now i see in the midst of any decisions before and after I pray and talk to the Lord that no matter what everything I do He is right there with me going thru it as well.

  162. Tina says:

    You, Amanda Bible… seriously, afraid to write.. I chuckle my friend, I chuckle!!

    Absolutely thankful, that God changed that.. I love you friend!

    Looking forward to the reminder and acknowledgement of who God is (we can never fully know God, always learning more, I love that!!) and studying close with you beauties made in his absolute image..

    Happy Monday with love and hugs from across the pond.. ❤

  163. Tiffany Lashmet says:

    I love the reference to “we” and “us” when talking about the creation of Adam. A great reminder of the trinity.

    1. Colleen Maciag says:

      I never made that connection! Lovely

  164. Ashlie King says:

    “One day, even death will die.”

    I love that.

    One day we will look the Lord and Christ in their beautiful, glorious faces and be at peace because we will be home. He is our Father calling us home to Him.

    I’m excited to go through who God is and see what this plan has for us.

  165. Cynthia Ramain says:

    I love that I learn something new in every reading! I had no idea “woman” was formed from Adam’s ribs. So interesting! In the beginning God knew we would fail miserably…and he created us and loved us unconditionally anyway. What greater gift is there than that?! Happy New Year sisters❤️