Day 45

The Anointing at Bethany

from the Ezekiel: Come to Life (Lent 2022) reading plan

Matthew 26:14-16, Mark 14:3-11, Luke 22:3-6

BY Jakell Farmer

In October of my first semester in college, I repented and gave my life to Christ. As a young believer I wanted to know everything I could about Jesus. I remember being in my dorm room, joyful tears streaming down my face as I learned how to study my Bible for the first time. The deep satisfaction of knowing my faith was real kept my fervor for the Lord strong. During Christmas break, my boyfriend from high school proposed. Though we were young, my family liked him and saw him as a good option for marriage. Though many transitions were happening fast, I was joyful for the season.

Shortly after giving my life to Christ, I had joined a women’s discipleship group. We shared our joys and struggles and helped one another walk in truth. One afternoon, I met with my group leader, and she challenged me to lay my relationship with my fiance before the Lord. 

I had prayed many times before about my engagement. Though we both professed faith in Christ, my fervor and excitement for the Lord was starting to become a point of tension. After much prayer, I made that very difficult decision to call off the engagement and ultimately end our relationship. He was quite angry and hurt. My family thought I was taking my relationship with God too seriously. It was truly a difficult season of feeling misunderstood, seen as bizarre and over the top. But that one decision greatly changed the trajectory of my life from that moment on.

In our reading today, we met a woman who makes quite a scene showing her great faith in Christ. In this account, we don’t have a description of who she is or how long she has been following Jesus. We don’t even get her name in this version of the story. Her anointing of Jesus was bold, beautiful, very costly, and she was ridiculed for it. But whatever fears or apprehension she may have had prior to this moment did not keep her from publicly worshiping the Messiah. Her actions tell us she understood who Jesus was and acted upon this knowledge regardless of the cost, financially or socially. 

Following Christ will inevitably put us in some awkward situations. Many will question the decisions we make. Many will lack understanding, believing we are wasting our time, money, and resources on the things of God. Many will wonder why we chose to live in certain neighborhoods or question the company we keep. But we can take heart in knowing that when we walk by faith, we can rest assured our heavenly Father sees our good deeds and we will not be scoffed at by the Most High. May we find His presence an embrace worthy of such devotion.

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  1. Sonja Cox says:

    So interesting the two different people in this passage! The woman gave all to Jesus and was given back more than she could have ever imagined, LIFE! Judas took and lost his life to eternal destruction!

  2. Gwineth52 says:

    So many lovely comments today from Kenya & other Shes … contrasting Mary who anointed our Lord, with Judas who betrayed Him. May we trumpet HER selfless piety, courage, and generosity … over the ages & annals of our faith … ever MORE LOUDLY!! I see her “ceremonial offering” like the “sacred communion” we celebrate on Sundays “in remembrance” of His sacrifice in body & blood. Thanks be to God.

  3. Traci Gendron says:

    I’m also doing a Bible study called Women in the Easter Story. This spoke volumes to me. Especially after losing my only son.

    Easter is a reminder that our present suffering cannot be compared to the glory that is to come (Romans 8:18). Those three days were the worst days of Mary’s life … and the best days in the history of all mankind!

  4. Jennifer Anapol says:

    It’s interesting that both of the stories we read today mention money. One person was willing to give a year’s wages to Jesus and another was willing to betray him for thirty pieces of silver.

  5. Jennifer Anapol says:

    Liana Delacorte, I will be praying you continue with your search to find the truth. I pray you would be comforted and strengthened by God’s Holy Spirit, when people don’t understand you.

  6. Brooke P says:

    I read through and prayed for you all in the comments and those not here that usually are, and those who aren’t commenting I prayed for you too. You all are so loved. God is near to you all. LIANA D. Keep after it, no matter what, your dedication to learning the word of God just MAY bring your husband around by your example (1 Peter 3:1-2)! I am so glad you’re here! :: I wanted to thank you all for your continued prayers for me, my husband and our sweet baby boy! I am 21 weeks today & I have an appointment with a high risk specialist for another scan on April 21st. If y’all would be praying that all would be healthy & our baby would be doing well I would be so appreciative. And also any other good thoughts in your prayers for our pregnancy I covet!! Thank you sisters! ❤️

  7. Terri Baldwin says:

    She was so brave to put herself in the presence of Jesus to anoint Him with precious oils. Such a noble gesture …..I need some of her courage.

  8. Dorothy says:

    Another woman in the Bible remember even in several accounts they don’t mention her name. According to my Study Bible the account in the Book of John mentions her by name, Mary, sister of Martha and Lazarus. This month of the woman let us also remember the women of the Bible that made a difference. Not just the Old Testament but the New Testament — the three Marys. Jesus mother, Mary, if she hadn’t gone along with God’s plan. Mary of Bethany, who’s brother Jesus brother rose from the dead and who listened so intently to Jesus stories. Lastly but not least, Mary Magdalene, who Christ saved from being stoned and taught everyone a valuable lesson. Then there are many women after the resurrection. With this story let us celebrate all these beautiful, God-fearing, loving, wonderful women of God’s Word.
    Sisters be blessed and remember a God-fearing, wonderful in your life today and always — mine today is my mom.

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