Day 5

Remembering God’s Presence

from the The Presence of God reading plan

Deuteronomy 4:29-31, 1 Chronicles 16:7-36, Psalm 73:28, Colossians 3:14-17

BY Kara Gause

As we focus our hearts and minds on Him, we become more aware of our ever-present God.

Someone once asked me to picture my ideal eternity: with everyone I love present and accounted for, healthy and satisfied and fulfilled, with all my favorite treats and ways to while away the hours (if such a time constraint exists in heaven). If I could have everything I’ve ever wanted or imagined wanting, but God was not there, would I still be happy? Was my idea of heaven still “heaven” if God was not there?


Now, I knew what the “right” answer was—boy, did I—but if I’m really honest, the right answer brought me no comfort or peace and, while I’m ashamed to admit it, no honest-to-goodness joy. The truth is that, when I imagined actually being in the presence of God, in the same room with Him, so to speak, well, I felt a lot more comfortable with one of us being on the other side of the door. You know, we’re aware the other is there, and we’re “good”: I recognized my need for Him, and He went to the cross for me so that we could actually be in the same room together.


Needless to say, that one question took me on a journey of really beginning to look for God, to seek out His person, to really know Him. Because if He laid out His life for me, for the joy of having me with Him for eternity (Hebrews 12:2), and yet I somehow still felt the need for separation and physical distance from Him, then that was a problem. I had a sense that He went to the cross for more than just the effort of making us “good” with one another.

I realized that to “seek His face” I would have to seek Him out intimately (1Chronicles 16:11). And when I searched for Him, when I sought Him out with all my heart and all my soul (Deuteronomy 4:29), He showed Himself to be anything but indifferent toward me. Through His Word and by His Spirit and the testimony of His Church (Colossians 3:14–16), He led me to really see the passion that led Him to the cross to die for me: so we could be in the presence of one another unencumbered by my sin, because “the LORD [our] God is a compassionate God” (Deuteronomy 4:31). The reality is that He is always with me because He wants to be. That truth leaves me utterly awestruck, yet somehow, I’m still prone to forget.

So, are you like me: have you continued to allow your shame to close your heart off from true relationship with Him? Have you believed the lie that the one who died a vicious and humiliating death to save you is somehow indifferent toward you? Take Him at His Word: seek Him, and He’ll remind you of what is true.

If you have been brought back into God’s presence through the blood of Jesus, then His presence and holiness aren’t meant to cause trembling from a place of fear, but of excitement and anticipation that one day, not so long from now, we won’t have to search for Him because we will get to see Him face to face (1Corinthians 13:12). Until that day, we don’t have to settle for just being “okay” with God—we get to have relationship with Him. We can seek Him out because He wants to be found.

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  1. Christine Orbaczewski says:

    I also am like you. There is a blockage a separation in my heart. I search and read and sing, I am Thankful, all to be in the Presence of God. Then when I go to Pray, nothing. Half the time I don’t even know what to say to God. My heart feels broken and far away from Him. I have been trying a new thing when I Pray. I sit with the Lord in silence for a little bit, to be still and know He is God and I am not. I go to him with an open and humble heart. Well at least as open as I can get my heart to be. Is some of it shame, yes. Not feeling loved, yes. I protect my heart way too much. It helped me so much today to read that He is always with me because He wants to be with me!! My problem is that too many times, I bring God down to my level. That is part of the silence first. To meditate on who God really is. I am dirty rags in His sight, until Jesus!! I am still not fit to tie His sandals, but that humble place is a good place to be. I feel like today I will be able to open my heart to our compassionate God. I will empty it yet again and ask Him, the Holy Spirit to fill it up with His Love. Thanks for posting. God Bless you.

  2. Stacy Jowers says:

    Seek His presence continually. He wants to be found. These are such encouraging reminders. I’m not seeking someone who is hiding, I’m seeking someone who wants to be found.

  3. Laura Smail says:

    I babysat for a two-year-old boy the other day. He had never met me before. In fact, he had never had an alternate babysitter before. I offered him all the things I could think of to make him happy, but he kept repeating, “I just want my mom and dad.” After 20 minutes of this, I found a children’s Bible and began reading it to him. He instantly calmed down.

    I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the things we need most in our lives are the presence of God and His holy Word. This little boy knew that intrinsically. It seems like we forget this truth the older we get. We become easily distracted by lessee things. This devo was a good reminder that all I really need is my DAD and His Words.

    1. Tara Kays says:

      Love this!!

    2. Annika Johnson says:

      So cool! It seems as though God is ever-present when we need him most❤️

  4. Caylie Evans says:

    About 15 minutes ago I was in the drive through for Starbucks and a man knocked on my window asking me to give him a ride home. I told him I would get him from that spot after I get my coffee. I went through the line praying for my own safety as well as that man’s heart. As a woman, it’s probably a bad idea to give a strange man a ride home, but I just thought of that verse about how what we do to the least of His people we do to Jesus himself. I finished getting my drink and looped around to pick up the man and he wasn’t there. I saw him a ways further into the parking lot, where it would be inconvenient to get my car. I decided that I had upheld my end of the bargain. He wasn’t where he he was supposed to be, so I didn’t take him the rest of the way. As I was driving home I just felt this guilt and I realized that that’s how I treat Jesus too. If he’s not where I expect him to be in the moment I go to him, I move on, feeling accomplished for reading his word, but not really having spent time with him. Then I came home and read this. God doesn’t do that to us. He doesn’t reach out for us once and only help us when we are exactly where we are meant to be. He waits on us. He goes out of the way to be with us. He loves us and wants to be with us. I am anxious in the presence of God so often, afraid that when I search too deeply I’ll find a spiteful God or a God who is disappointed in me. I keep that door between us because if I never see Him, I never have to see who He truly is. I don’t know how to open that door or how to get rid of that fear, but I’m trying to give it up to God. I don’t know which answers I need to find in order to be joyful in his presence again. I do know, though, that he will still be there when I figure it out. He will keep putting wise people in my life. He will keep pushing me on towards him. He will keep pursuing me.

    1. Sue D says:

      Caylie, I wonder if God placed that man there for you to learn that lesson about God. Because I do think it would have not been a good idea to take him home.

    2. Aixa Rivera says:

      WOW! This is so good!
      You’ve put into words the season I am in.
      This is refreshing but also makes me feel less alone in this journey.

      Thank you!

  5. Connie Williams says:

    This devotion is really helping me as I deal with the aftermath of Hurricane Laura

    1. Elizabeth Claire says:

      My fiancé lives in Lake Charles. I know how hard things are right now for y’all. Praying ❤️

    2. Courtney Chavez says:

      What a beautiful heart you have that amidst devastation, you devote yourself to him daily! Praying for you and those that are dealing with the path this hurricane took!

  6. Tessa Nicole says:

    Needed to read this today

  7. Tricia Kennedy says:

    God is always around even when it doesn’t feel add though he’s not

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