Remember His Provision

Open Your Bible

Exodus 16:1-36, Exodus 34:21, Nehemiah 13:15-22, Matthew 6:19-34

Start each day by reading the Scripture. During this reading plan, we’ll then use the summary provided here to guide our discussion around the daily reading.

Resting in Christ means that we can trust Him for ultimate provision, even when He calls us to cease from our physical work. He has all we need.

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66 thoughts on "Remember His Provision"

  1. Chelsea W. says:

    I think my anxiety comes from not knowing if I’m doing the right thing, am I following his instructions and why do I feel like I can’t hear him. Reading the scriptures are starting to reveal a little to me though.

  2. Rachel says:

    I’ve been called out by God – my complaints have been endless, and I have only been focusing on the negative parts of my life, just sitting and wallowing in my anxiety and distress. But these complaints are against the Lord, and they show my lack of trust in Him and His provision and His ability to provide.

    I am guilty of throwing aside the Sabbath because of my prioritization of other things or other things that I deem as needing more of my time, but He has truly designed the the world so that we get rest. He will provide, so that we can get rest.

    Exodus 34:21 – you must even rest during plowing and harvesting times

    Nehemiah sets such an excellent example of keeping the Sabbath holy. He protects the Sabbath at all costs, demonstrating how much we should be doing the same. He follows this command that he is willing to use force and do everything in his power to keep it holy. The Sabbath is not optional – it’s a command.

    I have been guilty of serving both God and money. My worries about securing a summer job cannot co-exist with a praise and trust in God. The cure of anxiety section in Matthew has straight up CALLED ME OUT. Every day I find a new thing to worry about and yet I still do not bring these things to God, the one who provides ultimate peace. Our Heavenly Father KNOWS that we need these things, and if I truly believe that He is the provider, then I should live it out. He knows, He cares, and He listens.

    Needed this devo! <3

  3. Kelsey Hasse says:

    He has ALL that I need. Press they into our hearts Lord!

  4. Sarah Milbert says:

    Why is it so hard to just Him to provide. It’s a huge struggle for me to not be anxious about life.

  5. Ada McCloud says:

    We have what we need

  6. Tiffany Taylor says:

    Resting is active faith!

  7. v7thal Cristelle says:

    He is the best Father

  8. Amy Fokkens says:

    He will always provide, Jehovah Jireh! ❤️