Day 1

Remember God’s Promises

from the People of Remembrance reading plan

Genesis 17:1-19, Genesis 26:23-25, Genesis 35:9-15, 1 Chronicles 16:14-18, Galatians 3:29, Romans 4:20-21

BY Lindsey Jacobi

I remember vividly the season of transition after I made a right-but-hard decision to leave a familiar place with familiar people doing familiar work. I was left in the lurch of the in-between, not yet having the “next thing.” What I did have was plenty of questions, “opportunity,” time to (over)think, doubt about God’s faithfulness to provide, concerns about finances, and worry about how much of a burden I was to the people who had chosen to catch me. 

Looking forward was overwhelming. And so unclear. But when I had shoved all my belongings into a storage unit for an undetermined period of time, I made sure to grab the last few years’ worth of prayer journals. I would just read and reread them, scouring them for all the evidence I could find that this wasn’t going to be the time that God left me out to dry. Because almost on a daily basis, that lie would creep in. What if this is the time He doesn’t come through? What if I made the wrong choice? What if I just flounder, never really finding the future God has for me?

Thankfully, several people in the Bible, just like Abraham, also faced this seemingly universal reality of uncertain futures. They too needed kind and consistent reminders from the past. We see in their stories how remembrance brings the past reality of who God is and what He has done to bear in the present. To let it inform how we respond, live, repent, and walk with God. Reading those old journals and remembering the Scripture that had been so pivotal in earlier seasons became part of the way I could cling to past promises that were still true. I needed to recall the specific ways I had seen God’s character play out in my life. I needed to remember so I would not forget. 

Difficult seasons have a way of tempting us to forget the truth—to forget that God’s promises are still true. We question God’s loyalty when we can only see the brokenness in front of us or the uncertainty of what is to come. And it’s in those moments we need reminders like Abraham, that God has been faithful to His promises, and that will still be true in our most uncertain of days. 

So, may the Lord bring to your mind what has been and remains true of Him: the universal and unique ways you have seen Him remain true to His character. And may you be reminded of this truth: He has never forgotten us.

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  1. Diana says:

    Twice God gives us one of his names! El Shaddai, God Almighty. Faithful, all powerful and everlasting!

  2. Mercy says:

    I just loved this devotional so much, thank you so much LINDSEY. There is something that is so familiar and comforting through Lindsey’s words. I love keeping journals about prayers, God’s conversations, dreams and visions. The habit of re-reading is something very beautiful. To recognize the path now I am on has been prophesied before in my old journals a few years back is such a gift. Remembering the goodness of God does require some work to document, which I like to think of as “me-and-Jesus time” when I sit down and write. Sometimes it is difficult to re-live, but then, the victory… as I re-read and see tremendous victory, with the outburst of tears of joy and thanksgiving to God. I need to re-visit more of my old journals and be encouraged through the living epistles that God has blessed me with.

    @KELLY (NEO): thank you for your prayers, I was thinking of my friend D too and was about to check on her, and you did too! How sweet.❤️
    @EVERS: new job opportunities to open soon for your husband and good work relationships.
    @LYNN FROM AL: prayers for you and Jack, more strength and grace.
    @GRAMSIESUE: may healing come quickly for Steve, and some help as you take on more chores.
    @ARLENE: grace, rescue and strength for the difficult season you are in now.
    @RHONDA J: healing for your friend’s liver issues.
    @LINDA IN NC: successful surgery for your SIL and strong recovery.
    @JASMINE H: job interview and job offer for your husband.
    @JULIA C: amen, great to see you ❤️
    Thinking of DOROTHY today, and I am lifting prayers for her son ANDREW and dil DANI, little baby GEORGE. May God cover them in strength, good health, abundance of peace, kindness, love and provision for all they may need.
    Be blessed dear sisters.❤️

  3. Tricia C says:

    RHONDA thank you for sharing that song. I remember that and was happy to sing it along with probably many others here as we read it.

    When I read Galatians 3:29, the commentary in my NLT Bible pointed me back to Genesis 12:3. And then Genesis 12:3 led me to Galatians 3:8. Both of them, reiterate what God said to Abraham- “All nations will be blessed through you.” And Abraham chose to trust God and believe in that promise. Because of the blessing to Abraham, we are heirs. We are children of the Most High King! Woohoo! We will live forever with our Lord and Savior!

    I am reading through your requests and praying today sisters. As someone mentioned, it is wonderful to be able to say that you are my sisters because of the promise given to Abraham.


  4. Cheryl Blow says:

    What Lindsay wrote is so true. We have to remind ourselves of all that God has done when we are going through times that are difficult or transitional.

    I did this when I retired and it was amazing how God used that time to get me ready for a new chapter in my life. God is always faithful to his promises and to His children.

    Just sit down and start writing down all God has done for you, big and small. Just remember, we are here on purpose for a purpose.

  5. Lisa z says:

    “Lord. I believe; help my unbelief.” Mk 9:24b
    Offering this as a prayer for all you lovely she’s!
    The father knew Jesus could heal his child, just as we know He is faithful and we can always lean on Him. So comforting to know we don’t have to believe (or behave!) perfectly. Whew! Help me surrender my burdens to you, dear Father.

  6. Mari V says:

    Good morning beautiful She’s and Happy Monday! I’m OFF today and took-my-time reading through the scriptures. Loving looking out the window on a very cold BUT sunny beautiful morning. I’m already loving the start of our Lent devotional. Two things stood out to me that Lindsey mentions: “I needed to remember so I would not forget.” and “He never has forgotten us.” SO true to life. Never, ever did I feel abandoned or forgotten during my dark season of the unknown in my verbally and emotionally abusive marriage. BUT GOD, our Faithful loving GOD was with me every step of the way even when I didn’t know what my next step was going to be. Even when I was sitting at my usual spot during those early mornings for my quiet time and crying out to Jesus, “how long”. I know that I know HE was with me. AND it got ugly and scary towards the end, but I knew MY JESUS was with me. I am forever GRATEFUL and ALL the GLORY to MY Jesus seeing me through that difficult season. I became strong! And its ALL because of My JESUS! Today, my own kids have written about it! GOD gets ALL the glory. I still get emotional when I think about it or write like l am right now, BUT I’m grateful that I am safe, I am loved, and I am and will be OK.

  7. Amy Stockwell says:

    I read these passages a few weeks ago and the thing that struck me most was that even when Abraham and Sarah decided to “Help God” by having the servant give birth to a child, God didn’t turn his back on them, he still went forth with his plan and blessed Ishmael as well.
    How many times have I tried to help God with his plan. What mess that’s made. Even today I find myself digging out of messes with God’s help. I’m not trying to fix things on my own. I have to remember this as I move forward. I know there are some rough times ahead because of my life circumstances however, when I will succeed if I keep my eyes on God’s plan. All that said, it’s my fears that often creep in and help me make poor decisions so I’m trying to keep scriptures in my mind that combat the fear and remind me God is always with me.

  8. Katya says:

    I’m in this season where I think God is about to ask me to give something up. And I’m panicking. Had a small anxiety battle this morning before work. I haven’t logged in here to read in a while. But! These verses today (which I used to read so passively) spoke so much truth to me today. And the reminder that God has always sent “KIND and consistent reminders” (always so kind!). I have no idea what’s coming ahead, because, even if it’s all good blessings, I know I’m not skilled enough to properly steward them, and I think I panic about my own weakness. But God knows and He will be the one doing all the work. I just need to rest in His truth and stay diligent in my pursuit of Him.

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