Day 25

Rehoboam Abandons God’s Law

2 Chronicles 10:1-19, 2 Chronicles 11:1-23, 2 Chronicles 12:1-16, Proverbs 10:17

BY Quina Aragon

We love a good rags-to-riches story, don’t we? Maybe it’s the American dream ingrained in our social imagination. Or perhaps it’s just natural for us to aspire to greater influence. Power isn’t an inherent evil, after all. But when power isn’t continually surrendered to the One with ultimate power, what results is something like the reign of Rehoboam. 

Rehoboam, son of Solomon, could hardly say he had ever experienced a life of “rags” before his “riches.” His father was one of the wealthiest and most influential kings in history! But Rehoboam did experience a shift in his access to power when he became king over all of Israel, then king over the southern kingdom of Judah. But, unfortunately, “When Rehoboam had established his sovereignty and royal power, he abandoned the law of the LORD—he and all Israel with him” (2Chronicles 12:1).

When Solomon took the throne, he was granted wisdom because he humbly sought and asked God for it. But when Rehoboam took the throne, he immediately fell short of his father’s legendary governing wisdom—leading to the split of the kingdom of Israel. Though he did manage to fortify cities in Judah, Rehoboam lost sight of the foremost factor in faithful leadership: consistent worship of the One, true God. 

The Chronicler describes Rehoboam’s departure from the law of God as unfaithfulness to the Lord. He and the people of Judah had betrayed their covenant relationship with God, who had been faithful to them for centuries. So in order to remind His people that His leadership is far better than the ways of the world, God allowed King Shishak of Egypt to battle and oppress Judah, leading to the loss of cities and much of the royal and temple treasures. 

In the face of such great turmoil, “the leaders of Israel and the king humbled themselves and said, ‘The LORD is righteous’” (v.6). Mercifully, God’s discipline didn’t equal their destruction. And, praise the Lord, it doesn’t equal ours. 

No matter who you are, there is someone who looks up to you or depends on you. That is power. But we so easily forget that our access to power, sphere of influence, and lives are meant to be surrendered to God day by day. Our tongues speak ill of others, our eyes linger on pornographic images or words, and our feet rush into decisions without sincere prayer. We find ourselves wondering, “How in the world did I let myself do that? And, how in the world will God accept me back?” 

Rehoboam reminds us that repentance is the doorway to deliverance. We can confess to God how we’ve turned away from His Word. We can experience His cleansing kindness. We can remember how Jesus, the greater Son of David, laid down His power for our sake. 

We can trust that, even now, He rules in righteousness, helping us wisely wield power by yielding it to Him first.

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42 thoughts on "Rehoboam Abandons God’s Law"

  1. Alexis Adams says:

    Lord help us parents surrender the position of power and authority you’ve given us over our children to you daily. Help us to not go on power trips out of annoyance but rather be patient servant leaders like you!

  2. Donna Wolcott says:

    I ask the Holy Spirit everyday for wisdom and discernment. How many times am I not listening to the response.

  3. Kimberly Z says:

    But I tend to be very short and I know in my heart I am not being Christ like. This coworker has had a hard time fitting in and I feel I could do better to make it easier for her. Yet in the midst of being frustrated I don’t always put my best foot forward and I tend to be very quiet. My other coworker said I’m being too hard on myself but I don’t feel like that! @Ash praying for your husband! @Rhonda J even in your trials you’re still so positive! Praying for the darn foot to heal quickly. @Mari V. Praying for your court date and for your son! Everything he is navigating with dating is so hard and I completely feel for him. @Lynne from Alabama praying for Jack! I can’t imagine what you’re going through but I know you’re both so strong. Praying for all other prayer requests I didn’t mention happy Thursday!

  4. Kimberly Z says:

    I have felt this guilt this week about how I have not been the kindest to a coworker. If I get frustrated I don’t like to say anything because people all do work differently

  5. Lehua K. says:

    Wow – I’m so grateful for the context behind the reading today, and the chance to dive deeper into God’s Word! I read 1 Kings 11:29–39 after reading the first part of scripture in order to understand the prophecy behind Jeroboam and the kingdom being split the way it was.

    Other lessons and takeaways:
    -Who are we going to listen to? We are fighting a spiritual battle. If we are soldiers in God’s army, then He is the commander. Why would we take advice and counsel from the enemy? The devil is sneaky and has shown to use little things to pull believers away from God. Look at Adam and Eve, David and Bathsheba, Solomon and the daughter of Pharoah which led to a thousand wives and turning to their gods. And that’s why it’s so important to abide in God, grow in relationship with Him everyday – so we know Him and can discern His truth from the lies of the world and the enemy. How can we know this if we’re not consistently rooted in Truth? (Key word: consistently)
    -We all have influence and we need to remember to represent Him well. Even behind closed doors, what happens in the dark will eventually come to light someday, in some way.
    -God is so gracious in that He spared Rehoboam’s servants when they repented – instead of destroying them outright, they became servants of King Shishak

    Have a blessed day ladies ❤️❤️

  6. Annie says:

    2 Chronicles 12:14 states that Rehoboam did not determine in his heart to seek the Lord. That is his greatest mistake.

    Lord, may I determine in my heart to seek You always. And when I waver, to always come running back. Thank You, Father, for Your mercy.

    Have a blessed day fellow She’s! Love to all and lifting you all up in prayer.

  7. Heidi says:

    Intentional placement of the heart. I used a bible software I have to figure out more on that word “determine” (or “set’ in some versions) from Chron. 12:14 –
    “Rehoboam did what was evil, because he did not DETERMINE in his heart to seek the Lord.”
    The word used in the Hebrew means “to prepare and be intent on”… I can often do something and later ask myself “WHY? did I DO THAT??”, but the answer is right there. I do what is evil because I do not first prepare my heart for what is right (spending time in His word, prayer, worship..) and then walk away from that prep-session FIRMLY intent on carrying out what I have taken in through His Spirit. We all know that when we meal-prep/plan, we are significantly more successful in our eating throughout the week – not to mention, we don’t have the daily stress of “Oh – what’s for dinner/what do I need to prep/what ingredients do I have..??” No- we just go into our week planned and ready and when lunch/dinner/etc comes up, we know exactly what we’re doing and that we have the tools necessary to pull it off.
    Reading a lot of what we read today, it just kind of hurt my heart. I’m just as guilty of it as these men here, but it felt more personal. And I love love love that the answers are right in front of us! God tells us – hey, you feel far from me? yes, because you left me so my support and protection have left you. Want it back? Cool because I WANT to give it back – reverse your heart. Turn it to me – I’ll take care of the rest.
    Prayerfully I hope that I – WE – can remember that our hearts are like hyper little ignorant puppies, willing to chase a butterfly then a squirrel then the wind, then… It will run off into ANY and all directions, so let’s PREPARE it to keep true to our loving God who has nothing but salvation, righteousness and kindness towards us.

    1. Amy Graham says:

      So awesome! Thank you so much for sharing!

    2. Michelle Avins says:

      This is so good. I needed this! Thank you.

  8. Rhonda J. says:

    I love you all so much!! Your names and wisdom are balm to my soul! The realness, the struggles, the praises- what a special group of women! I have been with SRT for 9 or so years now daily. It is such a life changer- being in the word daily. The studies help to dig in, clarify, and KNOW God’s instructions to us! The stories from the beginning of time, that affect us now, in our crazy lives, NOW.

    I am “stuck” on my crutches, trying not to fall over and hurt myself more, and not able to go and do as normal. It is frustrating. Yet, I have been here before. I know I am not the best patient. I get mad that I can not be independent, I am stubborn. Lord, keep working on my heart and soul, let your Spirit guide me, and not my flesh. This should grow my husband and I together, not apart in silly struggles of words and needs. I find so much joy in all the things I do and am a part of Lord, why am I held back from that? Time will tell. I give up my will to yours Lord.

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