Day 1

Raechel’s Favorite Reading from 2019

Luke 7:1-50, 1 Kings 17:17-24, Psalm 23:1-6

BY Rebecca Faires

For Day 1 of our 2019 Wrapped plan, we asked our Founder and CEO, Raechel Myers, to pick her favorite reading from the year. It comes from our first plan of 2019—Luke: The Good News. This reading and devotional, titled “Much Forgiveness, Much Love” tells the story from the Gospel of Luke of the woman who anointed Jesus’s feet with her perfume. 

Luke: The Good News Day 9 | Much Forgiveness, Much Love

This year, as part of our celebratory Christmas decorations, we set up a fantastic black-and-cream toy train under the tree. Once a day, I would let the kids play with it for a few minutes. They would sit on their tiny knees, leaning forward and exclaiming while the train made its allotted brave journey around the tree several times. Then I’d remind them to turn it off and move on with their day.

One of my best friends laughed at me for this, saying, “You’re limiting their Christmas magic so you don’t have to spend money on replacement batteries?!” Yeah, I guess I do tend to be a little parsimonious when it comes to… well, everything. Some of us are miserly with our resources. Maybe you are a bit freer with your spending; we’re all different. But if I had an alabaster jar filled with perfume I would reluctantly parse it out over many years, and I’d be hard-pressed to slop it all out in one afternoon over a stranger.

Whether you are free or tight with resources, it’s important to know when it’s time to set aside your personal inclinations. Otherwise, we are like the Pharisee who invited Jesus to his house but held back on the hospitality. If the Pharisee had realized Who was sitting at his table, and what debt of gratitude he owed Him, would he have been so close-fisted in his actions? And centuries later, knowing Jesus’s purpose and intent, would we have washed His feet and offered Him a kiss? Unless we are aware of our great debt of love, it’s hard to remember who we are and what we are called to do.

When we realize how much we have received—how much we have been forgiven—then everything comes into perspective. We too often hold back pieces of our lives for ourselves, because we fail to see how greatly we have been forgiven. If we were to comprehend the full abundance of God’s forgiveness, how could we hold back anything from Him? In Him we have received all things, beyond what we could ask or imagine.

Like the woman in Luke 7, we who have been forgiven much can appreciate the depth of Christ’s love. The more we see our need of Him, the more opportunity we have for gratefulness and love for His deep forgiveness. He doesn’t speak of the woman’s shame, only of her love.

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  1. Whitney Hornbuckle says:

    This was beautiful and such a timely reminder. Amidst the new normal of quarantine for the past few months, Ive gotten lost in a fog of sorts. Too much time to myself and too much focus on self has left me with such a closed off perspective. Routines of morning Bible study out the window. Feeling aimless and ungrounded in my “groundhog day-like” days. But this. This reading from Luke made me stop and think. About the power of faith, forgiveness, and love of Jesus. My sins are gone. My debt is paid. Why am I not dancing with joy every day because of this crazy, indescribable, undeserved truth?! Today is a turning point. A day to realign my heart and put my attention on Him who gave it all for me. Thank you Jesus!

  2. Jessica Jennings says:

    I have been a part of Bible studies, but I keep coming back to She Reads Truth. I can’t find any other Bible studies like this, ones that dive into the Word of God, and not just pick verses here and there. I would like to study even further. Do any of you have advice or tips on how you study, when using the app? Do you write out your thoughts? Copy verses? Art journal?

  3. Kennedy Robinson says:

    Amazing!!!! Never looked at holding back on things from that perspective.

  4. Emily Stettler says:

    It’s incredible to think that wether our debt is 50 or 500,000 it is paid off and we are forgiven. The debt of sin is so much more, therefore our great fullness is never ending. Just like Gods love for us.

  5. Allison Murray says:

    Jesus knows us so well and yet He still chooses to love us.

  6. Katy OConnor says:

    Thank you

  7. Seena Wilkins says:


  8. Gretta Salinas says:

    I just happened to remember about how there’s people that look down at the ones whose sins are greater, but they don’t realize that God treats us all the same. Even if a person who has done horrible things can be forgiven for we should not be compare to one another but to Christ who was the only one that never sinned.

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