Praise God Alone

Open Your Bible

Psalm 66:1-20, Psalm 67:1-7, Psalm 68:1-35

Book II
The collection of psalms in Book II express lament and distress about present circumstances and conditions while looking to the faithfulness of God. 

In the climax of the classic children’s book, Horton Hears a Who!, the people of Whoville, who are so small their entire world is built on a speck, make their voices heard to the wider world by singing together. In the movie version (which my kids love), everyone in Whoville begins singing just as the citizens of the Jungle of Nool start boiling a batch of Beezle-nut oil to drown them in. They didn’t believe there was a city on the speck. Their very idea seemed dangerously silly to them. 

So, the citizens of Whoville banged on every pot. They blew every horn. They stomped every foot. And they declared, “We are here! We are here! We are here!” until their enemies could no longer ignore them. Their unified voices pierced through the fog of unbelief. Whoville was saved. 

As followers of Jesus, we’re not citizens of Whoville, but we do call an invisible city home (Philippians 1:27). Since it’s a place we can’t see yet, there are plenty who dismiss it as a foolish fairy tale. Like the skeptics of Nool, they conclude that since they cannot hear God with human ears, see God with human eyes, and touch God with human hands, He must be a figment of our overactive imaginations. 

But He isn’t. Like Horton who had ears to hear the tiny people of Whoville, we know God is real. We have heard His voice speak to us through His Word and His Spirit. We have seen Him do things that cannot be explained by human effort. We have felt Him move in our hearts, in our homes, in our churches. What can we do to convince a world headed straight for the pot of Beezle-nut oil that He is worthy of their lives? 

We can praise. 

Today’s psalms are a call to celebrate God together (Psalm 66:1, 67:5, 68:32). 

Our singular praise joins the chorus that has been singing since before the earth began. The rocks of the earth worship Him (Luke 19:40). The mountains are shouting His praise (Isaiah 55:12). The trees of the forest are singing for joy (1Chronicles 16:33). 

Though seemingly insignificant, our praise draws the lost toward their King. It declares to a dying world that abundant life is available through Jesus Christ. As we worship Jesus, “foolish fairy tales” become sight. Our unified voices declare there is another realm worth living for. 

Sisters, let us bang every pot, stomp every foot, raise every hand, and engage every vocal cord. Ours is not the chorus of Whoville. Our goal is not to draw attention to ourselves. Instead through unified praise, may we declare:

He is real!
He is real!
He is real! 

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69 thoughts on "Praise God Alone"

  1. Grayson Chatfield says:


  2. Cubanita Prosper says:

    Amen! To God be the Glory!

  3. Candy says:

    Dear dear Churchmouse, SO glad you are back. I too have recently returned and in years past your insights and wisdom has so touched me in a positive way. Thru you I feel like i get a better grasp of the scriptures and what the lessons are teaching. Praying for your and your families continued health improvement.

  4. Dorothy says:

    HE IS REAL!!!! Yes HE IS!!!
    Lord, help me to show others just how REAL YOU and YOUR SON ARE!!! Allow me and help me and remind me that You are the One True God who made everything and to let others know this. I praise You and sing how awesome You are each and every day. Amen.
    Sisters, be blessed and SHOUT of HIS AWESOMENESS today.

  5. Lexi B says:

    I love Dr. Suess! Thank you for todays devotion.

    Michelle P- Praying for your friend! I used to work in psych too, and yes, saw many staff making fun of patients for their faith. It was heartbreaking. We were even discouraged from sharing our faith or allowing patients to share theirs. I had one patient, who noticed my cross necklace and shared that he was a Christian too, but was fearing that God didn’t love him anymore becasue he had depression and had attempted suicide. I got to minister to him by sneaking bible verses to encourage him. I never got caught thankfully. Praying that your friend stays encouraged and that she continues to be a light in a place of darkness.

    Also, praying for your sister and your relationship with her.

  6. Victoria E says:

    So good! Blessed be the Lord,
    who daily bears us up;
    God is our salvation. – Psalms 68:19. I love this. Daily. Daily! I love the analogy to Horton hears a Who, I just read this book to my little one not long ago. God is real and not far from any one of us as It says in Acts. Mari V hello sister I’ve missed you! Praying for your program. God will bear this for you daily. Praise Him !

  7. Rhonda J. says:

    Good Morning She’s!! AMEN to all the wonderful comments, I wrote SO many of them down!! The verses today make me think of one of my current worship songs “Same God!” Also, you fans of praise music like myself, you MUST youtube a NEW version of the song “Me On Your Mind” WITH Ann Wilson! Man, can she belt a tune! It is beautiful! I just love stretching every morning to my favorite worship songs!

    So happy to see you back Churchmouse, you are always missed when we don’t see you here!! I pray your health continues to be better! We take for granted our health so easily! I certainly have dealt with chronic pain for 18 years which makes my body and movement feel about 25 years older than I am. I exercise and stretch every day thank goodness to keep me going! And praising God of course! He is good! I had a friend pass of ALS, and she praised God in the midst of it all, what a blessing she was. I can’t remember which SHE had lots of pain and in bed, do you She’s remember? I still pray for her and haven’t seen her here lately! Sorry I am rambling.

    Have a great day She’s!! Praying for all requests! We had a safe trip and will spend 2 1/2 weeks here at our old home seeing family and friends! Dear Heavenly Father, Let your light shine through me!!

  8. A.B. Modzel says:

    “Shout for joy to God, all the earth; sing the glory of his name…”

    I love the picture here of all the earth shouting for joy to God. I love to picture praises rising to Him from even the trees and the rocks. And I also love knowing that at any given moment when I sing praises to God, my voice is joining a chorus of others around the world in praise to Him at the same time. He is worthy. May I seek to be part of that chorus more often.