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Acts of the Apostles

42 days
Plan Overview

The birth of the early church is our story. This is where we came from, and it’s where we are going. It’s the story of how we are called to reach out, and how we are called to come together. In this 6-week study, we’ll read through the entire book of Acts and discover God’s big plan for His church. Join us.

Daily Readings

Day 1


Day 2

The Coming of the Holy Spirit

Day 3

Christ Gives Peter Power to Heal

Day 4

No Other Name

Day 5

The Effects of the Gospel

Day 6

Grace Day

Day 7

Weekly Truth

Day 8

The Apostles Preach the Gospel

Day 9

Evidence of the Spirit’s Work

Day 10

Stephen’s Sermon

Day 11

The Early Church Grows

Day 12

The Road to Damascus

Day 13

Grace Day

Day 14

Weekly Truth

Day 15

Peter Heals in Christ’s Name

Day 16

Good News for the Gentiles

Day 17

Salvation Is for Everyone

Day 18

Peter Rescued by an Angel

Day 19

Paul’s First Missionary Journey

Day 20

Grace Day

Day 21

Weekly Truth

Day 22

Growth and Persecution in Iconium

Day 23

Is Christ Enough?

Day 24

Start of the Second Missionary Journey

Day 25

Conversion of the Philippian Jailer

Day 26

Paul Preaches at the Areopagus

Day 27

Grace Day

Day 28

Weekly Truth

Day 29

Paul’s Second Missionary Journey Ends

Day 30

Paul’s Third Missionary Journey

Day 31

Paul Says Goodbye to the Ephesians

Day 32

Paul Goes to Jerusalem

Day 33

Paul Preaches to Jews in Jerusalem

Day 34

Grace Day

Day 35

Weekly Truth

Day 36

The Plot to Kill Paul

Day 37

Journey to Rome

Day 38

Paul Appeals to Caesar

Day 39

Paul Taken to Rome

Day 40

Paul in Rome

Day 41

Grace Day

Day 42

Weekly Truth