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Open Your Bible

Hebrews 9:1-28, Leviticus 16:6-19, 1 Timothy 2:5-6

A few doors down from us lives a Muslim family with kids similar in age to our son. They are devout—they practice Ramadan, fasting, and have rhythms of learning the Koran with their kids. 

Their family seems to mirror how our family is devout in our faith—we pray together, attend church, and recite the truths of Scripture with our family.  

We are both sincere in our beliefs and catechizing our kids. Which of us is following a true God? This is not meant to be an apologetic devotional, only to ask the question, and remind ourselves—Why do we follow Jesus? 

Is it because He had principles for how life can go well for us? Is it because culturally we enjoy going to church and being part of a community? Is it because we think obedience will lead to a better life? 

Or is it because He died and rose again as our Great High Priest?

The book of Hebrews is a gold mine of biblical doctrine. The early Church knew that what we believe matters, and we should too. What does the theology of Jesus being our sacrificial lamb and High Priest mean for us practically?

First, we can trust in the purifying blood of Jesus today (Hebrews 9:13–14). The Israelites had the Levite priests as mediators between God and man. The tabernacle and sacrificial system served as a physical representation of the bloody and violent nature of sin and what is required for redemption. Let your senses wander to the sights, smells, and noises of the priests sacrificing an animal. Atoning for sin is not tame. Jesus dying and resurrecting covered our sin once and for all. 

Second, we have obtained eternal redemption (v.15). Jesus’s death and resurrection fulfilled the sacrificial law. If you ever wonder why we don’t sacrifice animals anymore, this is why. As the God-man, His sacrifice atoned for the wages of sin, and forgiveness has been extended to us as believers—forever (v.26).

Finally, we can rest in the promise that He will come back for us (v.28). We are weary, aren’t we? Raising a family is demanding. A full-time desk job feels futile. Our broken bodies groan. We feel as though we can’t take one more devastating news story. 

Our Jesus is coming back for us. Let us keep our hearts ever resting in His finished work on the cross, as the “good things that have come” (v.11) as we also look forward to the good things to come.

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44 thoughts on "New Covenant Ministry"

  1. Cardiff says:

    He Reads Truth today. Must read!

  2. Sarah Ritchie says:

    LOVED THIS Jennifer. And especially how you added the world has not gotten worse. It has always been heartbreaking. Blessings to you.

  3. L Maddox says:

    Jesus is coming back for me. I had never thought of it this way or heard it put that way, but WOW that feels so intimate and direct for me. This week I feel like the enemy is taking advantage of the little lies I tell myself about not being enough which feels like I’m carrying an unnecessary weight of shame. I’m reminding myself this week that when I feel that burden or hear those lies, remember that Christ has already saved me for eternity and I have the solid and beautiful HOPE of eternity with God. I will also remember this hope, “Jesus is coming back for you,” in those moments. Jesus is in pursuit of me, he hasn’t forgotten me, and he will ultimately rescue me from the lies and shame that so subtly creep in during life on this earth.

  4. Michelle Patire says:

    The concept of Jesus returning for His people is one I lay my hope in. Last night, I reminded myself that “this is not the end of my story” and imagined being in eternity with Jesus and my family – in unity, before His throne. There is no sin in His presence. We are reconciled and unified, by His blood and bodily sacrifice unto death.

    I am in a waiting season, too, Tina. It’s funny, I was telling a friend decently that I have always identified with that word. When I was in school, I remember wanting to put “waiting” as my online screenname. We wait on You, Jesus. We are incomplete until we are with You in glory. My heart rejoices knowing that this is not the end. That You are waiting, too.

  5. Kelsea Terry says:

    Oops it accidentally posted before I could finish writing! I meant to say I am also weary and long for Jesus to deliver the eternal rest we all desire!

  6. Kelsea Terry says:

    Oops it hit send before I could finish writing. I meant to say this really spoke to me. I am also very weary and long for Jesus to bring all of the everlasting rest!

  7. Rebecca says:

    What faith you have, Tina! In all the waiting you didn’t give up on Him, and we know He never gave up on you! What a sweet day it will be when He comes to bring us home. The waiting will be replaced with His presence and peace! Can’t wait!!

  8. Sarah D. says:

    @Taylor, thank you friend!! My bachelors was in Wildlife Biology with a minor in Psychology. And yes that’s right, I’ve changed directions so I’m pursuing a masters in elementary ed.
    Also, are you on the Facebook She Reads Truth group by chance? We could try connecting through there or message on FB if you’re okay with that (I’m always hesitant to give out my info online but may be easier to chat). No worries if not though! :)