Day 23


Exodus 2:1-8, Exodus 14:1-31, Exodus 15:19-21, Isaiah 12:2

BY Erin Davis

We assume Miriam was simply the sister who watched her barely weaned brother float helplessly down the river, then witnessed his miraculous rescue by the hands of Pharaoh’s daughter. But there is so much more to her.

It was Miriam who boldly offered to retrieve a nurse for the princess and then ran to her mother to reunite her with her boy. (What a girl!)

Miriam saw her people spared from the twelve plagues that struck all of Egypt. She then fled with her people when Pharoah miraculously let them go.

With dry sand of the Red Sea between her toes, Miriam watched towers of water stand at attention for her people’s passing.

It was Miriam who busted out her tambourine and led the people of God in a holy conga line to celebrate Israel’s deliverance: “Sing to the LORD, for he is highly exalted; he has thrown the horse and its rider into the sea” (Exodus 15:21).

This is a woman of conviction.
This is a woman of faith.
This is a woman of praise.

But she is not (and neither are we) a woman without need for a Savior.

Numbers 12 feels out of place in the snapshots of Miriam’s life. It reads more like a scene from one of our family vacations. The siblings are at each other’s throats. What about exactly? The Lord’s favor. Who deserves it? Who doesn’t? Who has more than their share?

Turns out even prophetesses are prone to spiritual envy.

With rebellion in their hearts, Miriam and Aaron grumbled. “They said, ‘Does the LORD speak only through Moses? Does he not also speak through us?’ And the Lord heard it” (v.2). The Lord responded in anger, striking Miriam with temporary leprosy. Why? Because here’s the truth about spiritual envy: it uncovers our lack of faith.

When we resent and covet the blessings God has given others…
When we worry someone else’s adequacy is a commentary on our inadequacy…
When we look at someone else’s piece-of-the-kingdom pie and worry we will get the crumbs left over…
When we want to trade in our gifts for something more “flashy”…

Spiritual envy reveals little pockets in our hearts that are still absent of faith, corners not yet convinced that God is faithful and good. We doubt even when we’ve been delivered, after we’ve seen Him make a way where there seemed to be no way. This means we cannot rest on yesterday’s praise, because we will never stop needing Him. Life will never stop giving us opportunities to choose to trust that He will come through.

Yes, Miriam is a woman who lived her life for God’s glory. But He is glorified in her weakness, as is He is in her faith. Her dramatic delivery from slavery points to a more important need. She needed to be rescued from her sinful heart. She needed to be set free from her shame. So do I. So do you. Because Jesus is faithful to do it, let us bust out our tambourines in praise.

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27 thoughts on "Miriam"

  1. Cristy Harris says:

    The sin of comparison is a pitfall every time.

  2. Bailey Braden says:

    Lord, help me turn away from spiritual envy and be satisfied and grateful for my own “piece of the Kingdom pie.” Amen ♡

  3. Sharyn Beodeker says:

    God doesn’t deliver the Israelites from Egypt without struggle or fear of the enemy behind them. He hardens pharaoh’s heart to come after them time and time again and yet with faith He delivers them. He says to Moses “why do you cry out to me?” Because He knows they have nothing to worry about. I wonder how often we give up on something the lord has placed in front of us because we feel/see obstacle after obstacle face us and we become weary and burdened instead of steadfast in faith and deliverance. If only we had faith strong enough and big enough to trust and be patient.

  4. Nicole C says:

    “The Lord will fight for you; you only have to keep still” exodus 14:14. What a needed and powerful statement to let go and let God today.

  5. Bessie says:

    I’ve always wished I could be a singer. To be able to open your mouth and have beautiful music come out must be incredible. Many years ago I was musing aloud that I wondered why God hadn’t given me that gift. My little son said simply, as only a child can do, I guess God didn’t want you to be a singer.
    I’ve thought about that many times. If God had wanted me to be a singer He would have given me that gift. It has come back to me many times in my life when I begin to envy another’s gifts. I am just who He wants me to be, where He wants me to be. Otherwise He would have created me differently!

    1. Jennifer Anapol says:

      Thank you so much for sharing Bessie! I too have coveted other’s talents. I would love to create beautiful the art the way some people do. I am reminded that sometimes it is in our weaknesses that we not only remember our need for a savior, but our need for each other.

  6. Janice says:

    What a great explanation of “Spiritual envy”. This is something I catch myself doing. I am glad God has made me aware of my weakness in this and the reminder to trust in Him.

  7. Rachiel Soliz says:

    Exodus 14:4 Why does God harden Pharaoh’s heart? I know it is to show His glory, but verses such as these confuse me when it comes to free will.

    Exodus 14:12 The Israelites faith was based on circumstances and feelings. Is mine? I am currently going through an issue that I keep seeking the Lord. Lately I have noticed that God keeps showing me verses of praise and to stay strong in Him. I think He is giving me a hint. LOL

    1. Janee Chanet says:

      When we praise we exalt him and he becomes bigger than our circumstances are problems

    2. Janee Chanet says:

      When we praise God in our struggles we exalt him and he becomes bigger than our problems. God can and does save us. God does give us free will. But God also forknows us and our tendencies uses it for glory. But we are not “set up” for failure. God is for his people, he was for his people then and he is for us now.

    3. Sharyn Beodeker says:

      When He is hardening Pharoah’s heart I think it just as means to show the Israelites that without Him they could not achieve freedom. If it has been an easy road and Pharoah just let them go they would have probably attributed it to Moses saving them or them being well enough on their own to bring their own freedom. I don’t think it alters their free will in choosing Him as a savior but plays a role in influencing, if you will. It’s very similar to Gideon’s battle in judges. The lord dwindles down his army time and again to ensure their victory but also to make it so that it’s clear that the Lord delivered them in the battle.

      Hope that makes some sense!

  8. Mari V says:

    I absolutely loved today’s devotion. Thank you Erin for the reminder not to rest on yesterday’s praise because I will never stop needing HIM! Life never stop giving us opportunities I choose to trust that HE will come through. I loved this!!!

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