Day 5

Miracles of Land and Sea

from the The Miracles of Jesus reading plan

Luke 8:22-25, Mark 6:47-52, Matthew 17:24-27, Mark 11:12-14, Mark 11:20-25

BY Guest Writer

Scripture Reading: Luke 8:22-25, Mark 6:47-52, Matthew 17:24-27, Mark 11:12-14, Mark 11:20-25

It’s scary to ask the Lord for specific and even tangible things.

Recently, our pastor encouraged the congregation to pray more specific prayers. I confess that the moment he invited us into this journey, I began to doubt that God would actually hear my prayers. I usually like to manage my expectations and qualify my prayers with something like, “If it’s Your will, Lord, then…” But our pastor was calling us to more. He was calling us to faith. Since that encouragement, I’ve sought to ask Jesus to do miracles in my own my life. But I fear my faith is lacking.

I relate to the fear the disciples so often display in the Gospels. They were normal people, after all, just like you and me. Although they walked with Jesus, they still struggled with unbelief (Luke 8:25). And like the disciples, when the storms rage and the winds blow and everything seems unsure in my own life, peace feels far off and unimaginable.

The unknown can be scary, but Jesus calls us to something greater than our fear. He calls us to faith. The miracles of Jesus remind us that no matter our circumstances, He proves His faithfulness over and over again. He doesn’t just offer peace—He is Peace. He doesn’t exercise His power over nature—He is Power.

Jesus’ miracles over land and sea are examples of the power and authority He has over the world He created (John 1:1-3). Scripture tells us that Jesus defied gravity by walking on water (Mark 6:49), and that the winds and the waves obeyed Him with a word (Luke 8:24-27). But despite all they had witnessed throughout their time with Jesus, even the disciples didn’t understand. They lacked faith and their hearts grew hard (Mark 6:52). While Jesus didn’t have to reveal His power in this way, through miracles, He did so out of His mercy for them.

Just as He did with the disciples, Jesus calls us to trust Him in the middle of the storms we face. He asks us, “Where is your faith?” because what’s going on in our doubtful, troubled hearts is important to Him. He gently instructs us to “Have courage!” and reminds us that it’s because of who He is that we don’t have to be afraid (Mark 6:50). The rules of nature don’t apply to Him. The One who spoke creation into existence can also calm it with a word (Mark 4:35-41).

Jesus invites us to trust Him, and I long for the faith to do so. His miracles are for us, too, so that we might see and know that He is Lord. The wind may be howling, the waves may be crashing, but our God is faithful in the midst of it all. By His grace, may we have the courage to trust Him in any circumstance. May we have the faith to call out to Him, to take Him at His word, and to believe.



Trillia Newbell is the author of Enjoy: Finding the Freedom to Delight Daily in God’s Good Gifts, Fear and Faith: Finding the Peace Your Heart Craves, and United: Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity. Trillia is married to her best friend, Thern. Together, they reside with their two children near Nashville, Tennessee. You can find her find her on Twitter at @trillianewbell.

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  1. Kallie says:

    Trusting in the time of trouble is not my strong suit. I’ve been relying on worldly things and finding confidence and hope in other things than God. This hits home with me. Stop trusting my husband’s job will come through and his credit will come up so we can get our own home, but trusting in God knowing He always provides and knows what’s best for us.

  2. It is so cool how God works. I was recently called into a fast to receive healing for my sight, and this study hit the nail on the head. I’ve been struggling with believing God’s goodness and how far He can go, and He met me here tonight in this scripture. I can trust in His goodness, His faithfulness, and His sovereignty. Jesus wants to heal my eyes, and that will happen by me seeking His face. This fast isn’t all about healing, it’s also about encountering His presence.

  3. Michelle says:

    I pray I would expectantly go to my Father in prayer with my needs, requests, desires – always knowing that He ultimately knows best and is for my good. I want to trust him with my desires, but trust his will more. I believe this is how I will grow deeper and deeper in intimacy with Christ.

  4. Mia says:

    This study has been amazing. I’m a couple days behind, but have really become aware of how little I have faith sometimes and how easy it is to doubt and fear. I’ve realized I put more faith in myself or the people around me to get things done, or pull myself through something, when I should recognize that Jesus is there. He wants to bring me through the mess of whatever I’m going through. This study has revealed that I struggle with trusting what I can’t see. And let’s be honest, that’s what faith is. I’m so thankful for the revelation this study has stirred up inside me. God is good, and always present. Whom shall I fear? Those words have been resonating with me. He is peace, and He is power. Because of who He is we don’t have to be afraid. Let us all rest and dwell in that today!

  5. Shelley says:

    I am enjoying this study so much. Over the past few months I have been challenged to dig deeper and put my faith to work, shall we say. I’ve always been the one to lend a hand and pray for others and I have had a hard time asking for that same help from others. Fear is an overwhelming thing and if you let it, it will consume you. One phrase that has come back to me time and again is, God’s love is bigger than my fear. He hears, He answers, He loves-ALWAYS! Trust is hard when you have to put it into use. Peace is there for the asking.

    ” Peace, peace, marvelous peace
    Coming down from the Father above.
    Sweep over my spirit forever, I pray
    In fathomless billows of love.”

    Just like in a storm His love billows over us and consumes chasing out our fear and what He leaves behind is incredible, life-giving peace.

  6. Pam Smith says:

    I love this study , because it re-trains my mind and soul. He is !! Why do we fear? Let’s all trust Him today ! All that came to Him and asked for healing were healed …. Wow !!

  7. Melissa says:

    This scripture and writing really spoke to me today. I am at a crossroads in my life, trying to understand God’s divine direction. Do I stay, do I go? I have lifted these questions in prayer over the past several weeks and, rather than believing and having faith in God, I keep trying to take matters into my own hands. It’s not about me and what I want. It’s about God and His will. Praise you Lord for speaking to me through this study. For holding my hand even when I want to let go and run away. I pray for the strength to trust and believe that these circumstances I find myself in are Your will, Lord, and that You are writing my story. Lord I pray for patience and for a heart that beats for You. Amen.

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