Day 10

Making Room for Children

Psalm 139:13-16, Proverbs 17:6, Matthew 18:1-6, Matthew 19:14, Matthew 21:14-16, Mark 10:13-16, Ephesians 6:1-4

BY Kaitlin Wernet

“Mama, I feel like I’m upside down in a cornfield!”

Maybe this is something commonly heard in motherhood, but since I’ve yet to become a mother, I wouldn’t know. Hopefully, you’re just as confused as I was when I woke up to this statement in the middle of the night. I rubbed my eyes in confusion, as it took a minute to regain my bearings and remember exactly where I was—at the beach, with one of my best friends and her three children.

It was their annual beach vacation, and I’d said yes last-minute to hopping in the minivan for a few days of saltwater and sunshine before the rest of the family arrived. I didn’t have to be a mother to know that a seven-hour road trip with three kids is some kind of miracle. Ours was completed with only one short episode of crying and one small snack-spilling incident. Victorious, we’d tossed aside our sandals and rolled up our jeans at the first sight of ocean. We splashed around in the dark until we could barely keep our eyes open.

Our cozy hotel room was filled with baby snuggles and loud giggles. It was a world away from my quiet apartment at home, and I loved making room for every sweet moment. I was letting the little children come to me and received cuteness and cuddles—a serious benefit—in return. But upon waking up in the middle of the night, the scene was a little different.

A flipped lightswitch signaled that the “upside down in a cornfield” child was awake and not dreaming. Her tiny whimper and the worried look on her mama’s face confirmed the girl’s sudden sickness and strange hallucination. Their hurried footsteps headed for the bathroom, where baby brother’s travel crib was still blocking the toilet. That’s when I remembered that I’d been sharing a water bottle with the sweet, sickly child all day long, which meant I was probably halfway to a “cornfield” myself.

Small things sometimes turn out to be the most significant and, well, contagious—especially when they have hearts that beat like yours and mine. Making room for children is hard because we never stop being children ourselves. We never stop needing our Father. We struggle to make room even for ourselves, only to see that He already has, again and again.

This is why it’s important to make room for the children tugging on our shirts and hanging on our legs even—especially—if they aren’t living in our homes. The parent-child relationship is one of the most prevalent themes in Scripture. Shouldn’t it be one of the most prevalent themes in our lives? We should care for these little ones Jesus loves so dearly. Even when it means getting messy. Even when it means waking up in the middle of the night. Even when it means being upside down in a cornfield.

Isn’t that what He does for us? God knew us when we were formless (Psalm 139:16). He prepared praise from our mouths as infants (Matthew 21:16). He asks us simply to come to Him (Matthew 19:14). May we do the same for others, especially when they are small, for they are not small to Him. Amen.

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  1. Maura says:

    Praying God’s protection and expediency of help for your student Cassie. I am sure you have reported this abuse, so she can get help. Jesus gave you eyes to see her, He is watching out for our children and calling us to love them. I am so thankful for all those who offered me encouragement and told me about the Lord with patience as a child. Love this study. The Lord has been speaking to me about worship through Michael Todd’s series 24Ever, and if God is on the throne of our hearts and we can truly worship Him in our life and with our life then He will open all these doors and our lives will be full of room for others. Praise our King who loves all of His children. May we have eyes to see and arms to hold and hug and songs of praise to sing to our worthy God.

  2. Concerned N says:

    (Cassie, I’m sure I’m not reinventing the wheel here but, where I live, a mother does not NEED “to believe” a child’s report of abuse. I too work with kids as my profession and always struggle with how to report it so that it can be investigated without causing the child additional harm. We also foster children and have certainly known a case where Mom chose boyfriend over son.
    I’m praying for her and YOU!)

  3. Cassie says:

    I have no biological kids of my own, but as a teacher I have a bunch. Please pray for one of my students. She is being abused at home by her soon to be step-father, and mom won’t believe her. I feel sick to my stomach when I see her get ready to leave school every day.

    1. Mari V says:

      Praying Cassie

    2. Heather Bronson says:

      Praying praying praying

    3. J C says:

      Cassie… you need to report this to CPS, DSS, the police… someone. As a teacher, you are a mandated reporter. I will be praying for you and this student.

    4. Jennifer Yarbrough says:

      Please do your duty as a mandated reporter and report this. This will have that damage for life. I am a mental health therapist so please report this.

    5. Laura Theobald says:

      I am praying for you in this difficult time- I’ve seen friends be in the situation of being mandated reporters and really being stressed out and worried about fulfilling their responsibilities. All did repot, but it’s an emotional process. I pray for wisdom for you in your support of this little girl and I pray that this little girl receives the help she so desperately needs.

    6. Roman Yimer says:

      Cassie I am praying!!!!

    7. Candi Salenieks says:

      Praying!! Please report it.

    8. Megan CowartGaddis says:

      Praying. I dealt with something similar as a camp counselor. I reported it and while my initial report got her in more trouble at home and her father continued to allow his friends to “use” her, she has since told me that my report gave her confidence to leave eventually and she now helps others escape sexual Abuse. It’s not easy to watch and I know it must be terrifying to walk through.

    9. Casey Guidry says:

      School counselor here: you’re a mandated reporter! Please call!

  4. Terri says:

    “Shouldn’t it be one of the most prevelant themes of our lives?” NO!
    Love your neighbor as your self should be the second most prevelant theme of our lives. There are only two. Love God and love your neighbor. Children may not be the MOST prevelant theme of the life God has given you.

    1. Dessa Redman says:

      In serving God first above all, most times as a mother of four that calls for me to lay down my study time to care for seemingly small needs. I think the first and second commandments are so intwined it becomes difficult to see where loving God starts and loving others ends.

      1. Mork NMindy says:

        That what I was thinking…the two are very much intertwined! I know there can be problems with making kids into idols…but we can do that with trying to please others too! ❤️

    2. Melissa Riley says:

      In my daily life the neighbors I see most often are my children. For me the guest two commandments are most tangibly lived out with my children. Modeling loving God with my whole being and even on the hardest days loving my children as myself. I do not see a contradiction between making it a priority to love children well (our own and others’) and the first two commandments, I think it is the natural result of both.

    3. Cady R says:

      I think this passage is simply driving home the point that young people are part of the Kingdom too. Unfortunately, society has a tendency to overlook and undervalue children, poor, sick, and widowed. Our God is an equalizer. We are all Gods Children.
      We should love our young neighbors equally as much as we love our adult neighbors

  5. anne jones says:

    Thank you Jesus for reminding us who is important…how we are to care for ALL of your children. Thank you for your word and examples, help me not to miss opportunities you give me everyday to give your love. Forgive me when I think I am too busy or bothered….you never are. Thank you !

  6. Angie says:

    ALL praise to the Lord for His gift of children. Amazing grace.

    Working with children is my passion, my calling. Where God calls, He equips. That has been true in my life. Over and over again I am able to pinpoint specific circumstances He has put into place. I believe the students, in my classroom, are chosen by God. The year I am given with them is a gift. It may not be easy, but always, they are worth it.

    While I enjoy my teaching, being a mom to 2 sons is my favorite thing. Loving them as little boys, playing and growing together – so amazing. Seeing them as young men, husbands, and fathers – priceless. Certainly the Proverbs 17:6 verse speaks of blessing in our lives.

    My own children and now grand children fill my heart. When my first grandchild was born, as an infant he would awake and look around making beautiful noises. I loved that part of his day. I used to say, and believe, he was talking to the angels. His brother is my cuddiler – quick tempered, deeply loving. And then on Mother’s Day, a baby girl was born into our family. Baby sister, the boys call her, and they are wonderful about checking on her and loving her. And, this Mika (my name from the boys) thinks she is beautiful.

    I have 4 more grandchildren, and while I have not met them, not a day goes by that I do not carry them in my heart to the Father in prayer. Three little boys were to be adopted, until my son and his wife discovered the attorney was misleading both the extremely poor father and them. Our hearts and prayers had been poured out to those little boys for over 2 years, and now lay broken. But God doesn’t waste anything. Those 3 little boys, are now enrolled in a Christian boarding school, where education will offer them a way out of poverty and the message of Jesus Christ will offer them salvation. Their father has had the love of Jesus modeled in a very painful, real way. Hopefully, one day, the result will be 4 men who learn to know Jesus as Lord and Savior and bring others to Christ in an area where most do not know Him. My oldest grandchild came into the family almost 6 months ago. Her life has been difficult. I look forward to the time when I will be able to meet her face to face. I offer her my heart and prayers, filled with Jesus love. I understand that no one can love her better than Jesus, and that prayer is not the least thing I can do for her, it is the best I have to offer.

    Making room for children…absolutely the most wonderful, blessed moments of my life.

  7. Churchmouse says:

    Her name is Alice. She’s never been married and she is now over 60. Probably closer to 70 (I haven’t asked). She has faithfully served in the two year old room every Sunday that I can remember (our oldest daughter is 32 and she was taught by Alice when she was two). Alice is a saint who has made room for so many children even though she has never given birth to one physically. She gets out that flannel board (yes she prefers that old school teaching method) and introduces those squirmy little ones to Jesus. She teaches them “Jesus loves me” and you can hear their voices down the hall as they sing with gusto. Every child leaves Alice’s room with a hug. Yes, Alice makes room. She gives spiritual birth every Sunday. She loves much in His name. And Alice inspires all of us to do the same.

    1. Sarah Ableson says:

      What an amazing memory! This reminded me of my Great Grandmother, who just like Alice taught the 2 years on felt boards. One day in the 70’s there was a missing teacher and my Great Grandmother “made room” and she continued to teacher for 40 years. She touched the lives of many!

  8. Tina says:

    As I stood in the doorway chatting to the lady welcoming the guests to the mothers and toddlers group, from around the corner csme loud shrills of giggles and laughter with shouts of Tina, Tina…2 little people literally begsn this run, to get to me.. i couldnt wait so i ran towards them… scooping them up we hugged. And hugged. And hugged.
    Putting them down and asking how they were, and receiving the quick response of fine.. I hear a little voice saying “look mummy there’s my very best friend…” Looking up I see ‘my best friend’ Bethany she begins towards me with excitement in her steps..more hugs and a how are you, and off she goes..
    Like ‘Mr Chips’, i have been making room for
    From my own children’s friends, our door was always open.. some had keys to our house because they lived too far away to go home for a break, then return to school..

    As I’ve gotten older, the ‘making room’for them is paying off.. they still come visit not because they are told to but because someone showed an interest in them once, a long time ago…

    Loving each and every one of the children that have come my way, has been an hounour, whatever their challenges, because before my relationship with my heavenly Father, my earthly father loved me unconditionally, he made room for me daily.. speaking wisdom, showing Grace in my stupidity, providing me with the tools for my future..

    But God…

    When we began our journey.. nothing changed, and yet… everything changed…
    When you know you are loved, and loved for you..shall I say that again ..LOVED FOR YOU, you can give and show and be love, because you look beyond the outer..
    I was a child once, hard to believe.. lol. We all were.. but no matter the journey of childhood, we all wanted to belong, am I wrong? To be loved?
    I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.. I was blessed with a childhood that was good..

    But God..

    In my adulthood showed me love to the umpteenth, overflowing love.. why keep it to myself when sharing it, showing it, being it, is a lot more fun , rewarding and absolutely gives God the GLORY..
    Making room for children… AWESOME..

    Thank you Lord God for the gift of children to us whether they be ours, nieces nephews, kids in the park, playgroup wherever Lord thank you for them.. whatever their journey Lord God, help us to make the journey easier for them by making room for them..
    Praise you God for all you are and do in our lives.. thank you Lord God, thank you..


    After all that waffling, I just realised a truth.. We are all children.. Children of God.. let’s make room for each other..

    Blessings dear hearts..wrapped in love, always… xxx

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