Day 31

Joseph, Husband of Mary

from the The Genealogy of Jesus reading plan

Matthew 1:18-25, Matthew 2:1-23, Luke 2:41-50, Matthew 13:53-58

BY She Reads Truth

Start each day by reading the passages listed above. Then use the summary and reflection provided here to guide discussion around the daily reading.

Joseph was the husband of Mary and the adoptive earthly father of Jesus. Joseph appears mostly in the narratives surrounding Jesus’s birth and adolescence; the Gospels also tell us that he was the father of several other children through Mary and was a carpenter by trade.

In what ways do you connect or resonate with Joseph’s story? 

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  1. Mari V says:

    GOOD morning ☀️ and Happy mid week!! I’m a little tired this morning as I normally do not stay up as late as I did last night. Actually, I have not been sleeping well so yesterday since I had it off, I took three power naps because I was that tired and today I have to start over again and get up early. My trip is coming up and we leave early Friday morning so I really need to get some rest and sleep. OK…. now back to the most important part our devotion for today. I pondered the question a little bit, And sometimes I second-guess myself, so I go on to read the comments, and my answer was just fine. Sometimes we have to do things that we don’t understand knowing that it’s in God‘s will and we have to trust Him, even when it doesn’t make sense or understand. But I always trust in my Jesus, my God does, and he knows what’s best for us.

  2. Kristen says:

    Thank you SHES for your insights! Joseph’s actions made me smile. He obeyed and was faithful! The fulfillment of prophecies stood out. I may have mentioned this article called: Silver Dollars all Over Texas It says that there were over 300 prophecies about Jesus’s first coming and the chances of even 8 being fulfilled have odds that are virtually incomprehensible! Then, they give an illustration of the entire State of Texas being filled with 100 trillion silver dollars. That would make the entire state about two feet deep in coins. Then mark only one coin. Then, they shake all of the coins and blindfold one person and give them 1 chance to find the coin! Of course, that would seem like an impossible task! Of course, not just 8, but all the prophecies were fulfilled! I don’t think we can put links, so you can search for the whole article! They hold/ held conferences to show the accuracy of the Bible. Gods Word is truth! He’s plans can’t be stopped! What a Mighty God and Savior! Praying for the requests and you all!

  3. Cindy Hanna says:

    I’ve always loved and wished I knew more about Joseph. His integrity and care of Mary proved him to be a man of character. I’m guessing he loved God and was attuned to his will because of his quick responses of faith to God’s instructions. I’m pretty sure if it were me, I would hesitate to act on the strength of a having a dream. Definitely a man chosen by God.

  4. Kerry Rowley says:

    Praying Donna

  5. Jeanie Mclellan says:


  6. Susan Joiner says:

    There are 5 Old Testament prophecies in our reading today. Joseph’s obedience helped them all to be fulfilled.

  7. Nads says:

    I agree that we don’t sing Joseph’s praise nearly enough…he didn’t do what he had “the right” to do (expose Mary’s “unfaithfulness”) but what was right / good to do!!

    I actually don’t agree that “Gospels also tell us that he was the father of several other children THROUGH MARY”. There are historical documents that point to him having been an older man, a widower with children (the brothers / sisters of Christ) — his betrothal to Mary (i.e. being entrusted to him) was to care for and protect her (a child who had lived in the temple, consecrated to God but now was at the age of menstruation). Jesus being Mary’s only Child, then entrusted her to John the Beloved on the cross.

    Whichever beliefs are true of the Holy Family, (and if Mary is truly the “Ever-virgin” or had kids after Jesus) I don’t think it affects my faith one way or the other…I know my Saviour in whom I put my trust and I know that the two people who raised Him are indescribably excellent examples of a life lived for God — amazingly at a time when God had been “silent” for so long…they both completely amaze me!!


    My uncle was a painter and my very favourite piece he did was of Mary in the background with Joseph in the foreground teaching Jesus carpentry; I’ve only seen it a few times but it’s etched in my brain…it’s absolutely beautiful!!

  8. Michelle says:

    I learned several key points towards Joseph that I wanted to share. He was a direct descendant of King David. Joseph would have been a carpenter of mostly stone (because of the lack of trees in Israel). From a very young age, Joseph had been trained in the law of the synagogue and that he had a profound understanding of the scriptures because of his faithful, yet merciful way of obeying the law. The Angel told Joseph to name the baby Jesus, by naming the child, according to Jewish tradition, Joseph would formerly adopt Jesus as his own. The love and compassion that Joseph showed Mary and his unborn son is absolutely remarkable. He disregarded all cultural consequences by marrying Mary, they forgo the massive wedding feast and took in the young innocent savior of the world as his own. God could not have chosen a better man to raise His own son, than Joseph the humble carpenter. As followers of Christ, we can learn much from Joseph the carpenter. Though there are no recorded words or written testimony from Joseph his actions of obedience, mercy, kindness, and love speak volumes about the character of this most remarkable man and his testimony of the savior! Have a blessed day everyone.

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