Day 8

Jesus Forgives

from the Matthew reading plan

Matthew 9:1-38, Numbers 19:11-21, Hosea 2:19-20

BY Kaitlin Wernet

Scripture Reading: Matthew 9:1-38, Numbers 19:11-21, Hosea 2:19-20

I committed an embarrassing crime in my favorite pair of boots. With double-knotted laces and heels worn from hopscotch, those shoes supported me during some of my best moments, from resting on foot pedals during piano recitals to walking across the stage to accept awards for reading and attendance. They were impressive shoes for an equally impressive first grader, or so I thought.

And then one day, I stepped off the school bus and sat at the kitchen table to begin my homework. From here, the details get a little foggy. All I know is that a light-hearted family conversation escalated to a hearty quarrel when I stood up, angrily seeking my next victim. Without my brain’s permission, my foot swung backward to gain momentum and forward to meet a target. I kicked a hole in my parents’ couch—not a small one, either.

While my parents were certainly less than pleased, they soon realized this deed came with a built-in punishment. After the couch had to be moved down the stairs, out the door, and across town to be repaired, I would have to explain to any guests why we temporarily had no place for them to sit.

“Oh, the couch? I broke it.”

When I remember this story, I sometimes wonder if we’re all walking around with our own versions of kicked-in couches, whatever they may be, always aware of our brokenness.

My family? We’re struggling.
My job? It’s difficult.
My body? It’s hurting.
My heart? It’s suffering.
My circumstances? They’re unfair.

In Matthew 9, we find person after person in physical suffering, and yet, Jesus’ response to each one is very similar.

“Have courage, your sins are forgiven” (v. 2).
“Get up and walk” (v. 6).
“Have courage, your faith has saved you” (v. 22).
“Let it be done according to your faith” (v. 29).

Here, Jesus isn’t telling us to brush ourselves off from the hurt; He is showing us what it means to be whole again. It’s more than the healing of our bodies, our families, or any other shattered piece we may be holding. True healing can only be found through forgiveness, and ultimately, through Jesus’ broken body and shed blood. He knew that “it is not those who are well who need a doctor, but those who are sick… For [He] didn’t come to call the righteous, but sinners (Matthew 9:12-13).

Jesus calls out a truth that maybe we’re too afraid or wrapped up in our circumstances to admit: Broken lives require faith. We may not know what to do with broken pieces and messy circumstances, but He certainly knows what to do with the bold faith of His children. Jesus uses the broken pieces to draw us to His wholeness.


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82 thoughts on "Jesus Forgives"

  1. Alice Swearingen says:

    May I surrender my broken places to You in faith. Trusting You as my Healer, Comforter, Peace, Strength, Provider. May my eyes be opened to brokenness around me. Send me where You want me, Lord!

  2. Kiesha Cross says:

    Thank you to those who explained the connections between Hosea and Numbers. I was also struggling to see why those were added to the study.

  3. Charlotte says:

    When struggle I sometimes think I have done this and this so God wont help me until I fix my sin but that’s not the truth all we need is faith

  4. Carol Collins says:

    You are a great writer!

  5. Lindsey Bailey says:

    It’s so true. Our brokenness. The gaps in our lives that make us not quite enough or worse yet, the holes we have inflicted upon others, all add up to one thing. Our need for Jesus is always multiplying. . At the end of the day, His mercy is more than enough. We are broken. We are messed up. We can’t walk. We can’t see. We can’t be in the midst of others and not mess something up eventually. So, we need mercy. Jesus’ supernatural healing to touch the inward condition of our hearts. Jesus, I give you authority over this day over my life. Jesus, I need your mercy.

  6. Jinny says:

    Jesus you will save us from our sins. You will save my children from this broken world. I put my trust in you.

  7. Marian Jones says:

    I won’t go into details, but the Lord has answered my written questions so specifically and lovingly through these texts today. Serious questions about the future. And I came away, just so full of joy at the freedom and security of being in His hands. Utter joy .

  8. Tiffany says:

    So so good today!!! I came to know Jesus at the most broken place in my life!

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