Day 3

Jesus Displays His Glory

from the John reading plan

John 2:1-25, Psalm 104:14-15, Jeremiah 31:12-14

BY Lindsey Jacobi

The word “glory” usually conjures up for me images that are high and lofty. I think of halos and shining lights; crowns and pageantry; pomp and circumstance. I think of champions receiving their medals and legends earning lifetime achievements. 

Yet, in the person of Jesus—the very Son of God made flesh—everything was different. His glory was displayed in ways that were counterintuitive to our understanding of fame and glory. He received a crown, but it was made of thorns. He had the praises of the people, but they quickly turned to reproach. He chose the most unlikely places and circumstances to put His glory on display. 

It was in the midst of a rather ordinary wedding celebration that Jesus first displayed His glory in a public miracle. It was His mother who gave Him the nudge to do what only He could do. The wedding hosts had run out of wine. Mary probably didn’t want them to be embarrassed by this, so she went straight to the One who had unlimited resources. He didn’t gather the crowds. He simply told the servants to start filling jars with water. 

Sometimes I go looking for God’s glory in high and lofty places. I wait for that experience in a church service that gives me goose bumps or some particularly holy moment. Yet I am reminded in this scene that even something as simple as water can testify to His glory, and any moment can be made holy in the hands of Jesus Christ. 

Those in closest proximity to Him got to witness it. It was the servants, carrying that first glass of water-becoming-wine, who got the first glimpse of the miracle. Jesus didn’t stand up in the temple and perform. His glory was let loose right in the middle of a dinner party. Stone jars became holy vessels and servants got the front row seat. None of it was the fanfare of royalty. In fact, most of the partygoers didn’t even know Jesus performed a miracle. 

Of course, He was doing far more than making new wine. While the party guests and disciples certainly celebrated with glad hearts (Psalm 104:15), Jesus would soon reveal the ways that He had come to make all things new (Jeremiah 31:12–14). 

Let’s not forget, however, that His miracles are never just for the sake of putting on a show. When God’s glory is revealed—either in grand and glorious ways, or in the unassuming ways that are often His habit—it’s always to call people to believe and trust in Him. And that is exactly what the disciples did.

He revealed his glory, and his disciples believed in him. —John 2:11

May this miracle foster in our hearts a posture of belief as we behold His glory revealed to us. After all, we await the even greater wedding feast when we will behold His glory in full (Revelation 19:6–9).

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  1. Leaha Hicks says:

    I love that Jesus’ first miracle was seen only by his disciples and servants of the wedding. How just like God to choose the “lowly” to see the first. ❤️

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