Jesus Displays His Glory

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John 2:1-25, Psalm 104:14-15, Jeremiah 31:12-14

The word “glory” usually conjures up for me images that are high and lofty. I think of halos and shining lights; crowns and pageantry; pomp and circumstance. I think of champions receiving their medals and legends earning lifetime achievements. 

Yet, in the person of Jesus—the very Son of God made flesh—everything was different. His glory was displayed in ways that were counterintuitive to our understanding of fame and glory. He received a crown, but it was made of thorns. He had the praises of the people, but they quickly turned to reproach. He chose the most unlikely places and circumstances to put His glory on display. 

It was in the midst of a rather ordinary wedding celebration that Jesus first displayed His glory in a public miracle. It was His mother who gave Him the nudge to do what only He could do. The wedding hosts had run out of wine. Mary probably didn’t want them to be embarrassed by this, so she went straight to the One who had unlimited resources. He didn’t gather the crowds. He simply told the servants to start filling jars with water. 

Sometimes I go looking for God’s glory in high and lofty places. I wait for that experience in a church service that gives me goose bumps or some particularly holy moment. Yet I am reminded in this scene that even something as simple as water can testify to His glory, and any moment can be made holy in the hands of Jesus Christ. 

Those in closest proximity to Him got to witness it. It was the servants, carrying that first glass of water-becoming-wine, who got the first glimpse of the miracle. Jesus didn’t stand up in the temple and perform. His glory was let loose right in the middle of a dinner party. Stone jars became holy vessels and servants got the front row seat. None of it was the fanfare of royalty. In fact, most of the partygoers didn’t even know Jesus performed a miracle. 

Of course, He was doing far more than making new wine. While the party guests and disciples certainly celebrated with glad hearts (Psalm 104:15), Jesus would soon reveal the ways that He had come to make all things new (Jeremiah 31:12–14). 

Let’s not forget, however, that His miracles are never just for the sake of putting on a show. When God’s glory is revealed—either in grand and glorious ways, or in the unassuming ways that are often His habit—it’s always to call people to believe and trust in Him. And that is exactly what the disciples did.

He revealed his glory, and his disciples believed in him. —John 2:11

May this miracle foster in our hearts a posture of belief as we behold His glory revealed to us. After all, we await the even greater wedding feast when we will behold His glory in full (Revelation 19:6–9).

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161 thoughts on "Jesus Displays His Glory"

  1. Grace Sharp says:

    Imagine drinking the wine Jesus made out of water and like most of the wedding attendees, not even knowing the miracle that was just performed.
    He’s making new, even now:)

  2. Bailey Koch says:

    A great reminder that it’s important to seek God in the small things each day. I also love this story as it shows how much Jesus honored his own mother and truly how important Mary is. He said it wasn’t His time yet, but He did it anyways, because she told Him to.

  3. Bailey King says:

    Thankful we serve a God who humbles himself in unlikely places and circumstances as the example we should portray

  4. Lizza Streicher says:

    This makes me think about how great Jesus is yet how humble He truly is. It reminds me to always be humble.

  5. Portia Strange says:

    When I imagine a king, from a worldly perspective, I would think He’d show His Glory to all the people. Yet, while they all get to enjoy the fruit of this miracle, they don’t get a front row seat to it. No, at this splendid wedding, Jesus’ first miracle is only witnessed by his disciples & the servants. Jesus chooses to reveal Himself to those whom society perceives as lowly, marginalized, & poor.

    Another thing that sticks out to me is the time, effort, & energy the servants had to exert in order to see the manifestation of God’s glory in this miracle. Although Jesus Himself turned the water into wine, they had to carry the empty jars to wherever the water was (v.7), fill the jars with water to the brim (v.7), & then carry the full, heavy jars back to the master of the feast (v.8). They had to act in faith & trust. They had to do something in order to see God work.

  6. Kylie McAllister says:

    He revealed himself to those considered lowly…how good is He. ❤️

  7. Mindy Shiffert says:

    I love how he chose to reveal himself to the “underdogs”. Incredible testimony to just how good he is ❤️

  8. Leaha Hicks says:

    I love that Jesus’ first miracle was seen only by his disciples and servants of the wedding. How just like God to choose the “lowly” to see the first. ❤️

  9. meghan reep says:

    I love that Jesus’ first miracle “gladdens hearts.” He is the one who brings joy, and can turn challenging situations into one’s that display his glory!

  10. Yolanda Figueroa says:


  11. summer weber says:


  12. Kristen Hudman says:


  13. Jennifer Woody says:

    I thought the same thing!

  14. Liz Papalii says:

    Love this!

  15. Kayla Sweger says:

    How Jesus turned water into wine without “making it a thing”, and does His miracles in the most humble of ways. Like Matt. 6:3-4 where He says about giving in secret, Jesus was living that out so often the way He performed His miracles often behind the scenes even to just one person and not to put on a show to just be seen. I find it amazing in my own life watching how God is moving in ways I didn’t expect and placing people and things in my life that were just who/what I needed. All of these little miracles that are humble acts of God’s greatness. God is so good.

  16. Gabrielle Johnson says:


  17. Tracy [email protected] says:

    Oh, how interesting, I’ve never thought this before.

  18. Monique W says:

    It makes me think that he must have already shown Mary that he was capable of such miracles or how would she know he could do such things? I wonder what kind of things he was doing at home.

  19. Jill Ford says:

    I agree. I need to do this is well.

  20. Jill Ford says:


  21. Kelsey Hooten says:

    I feel like Mary was really flexing her mom influence here and i love it.

    Mary: Go make more wine
    Jesus: who? Me?

  22. Kelsey Hooten says:

    I feel like Mary was really flexing her mom influence here and i love it.

  23. Maegan Kenzie Hoyle Hoyle says:

    I love how Jesus didn’t “show off” his miracle. On top of that, when he was referring to the temple being rebuilt and rise in 3 days. It’s a nice reminder how Jesus IS the temple as Jesus is the way. ❤️

  24. Maegan Kenzie Hoyle Hoyle says:

    I love that! It does show such a sweetness with mother and child.

  25. Molly Hall says:

    Just noticed that Jesus’ first miracle was displayed only to the servants at the wedding. How amazing!

  26. Corina James Scribner says:

    Great reminder that God’s glory can be found in the mundane things in life. At times I find myself discouraged about what I am doing with my life and if I should being doing more. This is a reminder that I should focus on God and my relationship with Him.

  27. Alexandra Dent says:


  28. Aimee Harden says:

    I know this is documenting Jesus’s first miracle as the son of God, but for me I just love imagining this exchange between Mary and Jesus. My Bible says he calls her “dear woman”. I can imagine how a conversation like this plays out with my own child and the love between a mother and her son. ❤️

  29. Malisa Cruz says:

    Powerful, God is in the ordinary. And He displays his glory so people may believe.

  30. Patricia Stewart says:

    A wedding feast to look forward to. ❤️

  31. Kristen Belveal says:

    This chapter also talked about the disciples remembering what Jesus did. It was a good reminder that God is sovereign over our memories and can help us recall whatever truth or event He needs us to remember regardless of how busy or mentally taxed we may be.

  32. Rachel Lawson says:

    So much truth. He can be found in the every-day, ordinary things.

  33. Diane Grant says:


  34. Jen says:

    Thank you for your help. That makes since.

  35. Mudrock Mama says:

    *Any moment can be made holy in the hands of Jesus Christ.* Think of those painful moments, sad moments, hopeless moments (I don’t have to look far for those as yesterday was chalk-full of them) He can change it. I’m holding so much hope and faith that Jesus can turn any of those moments into a miracle. Declaring that moving forward!

  36. Portia says:

    This right here!
    Sometimes I go looking for God’s glory in high and lofty places. I wait for that experience in a church service that gives me goose bumps or some particularly holy moment. Yet I am reminded in this scene that even something as simple as water can testify to His glory, and any moment can be made holy in the hands of Jesus Christ.

  37. Steph Nelson says:


  38. Janie Diffly says:

    I don’t know why but the fact that “ the whole world was covered with the waters” before they were divided – comes into my thoughts. That these waters were set aside for “purification”. The Holy Trinity’s plan from the beginning! I’m not sure but this excites my being! I absolutely love how it all comes together!

  39. Meghan Ashford says:

    I love this reminder that His works are not always lofty! He works in the little things and we often do not even notice His handiwork.

  40. Diane Grant says:

    His first miracle, done without drawing attention of the crowd reflecting His humility. he had nothing to prove…

  41. Diane Grant says:

    His first miracle, done without drawing

  42. Amber Tracy says:

    Love the reminder that Jesus cares even about the mundane details of life

  43. Rebekah B says:

    Good evening sisters. I have study John before and have loved it. In reading about the first miracle tonight I recall two things from my last study about the seven miracles that John chose to place in his book. Each one involves some mention of a need being fulfilled. Each also point to Jesus Devine control over the world. In this case his control over matter. Turning wine into water invokes rearranging and adding atoms to the simple H2O that forms water. May the blessing of the master of atom be on you this night and day.

  44. Paula Mullinax says:

    I am in this too. Yesterday I got to vacuum at the church and felt

  45. Charity BialikCoyle says:

    I love that Jesus bolstered the faith of his disciples by revealing his power and glory to them. They were already following him, but he laid that foundation for them.

  46. Ali Adair says:

    It struck me that the disciples were with Christ even before He performed His first miracle or revealed His glory. Lord, please give me that kind of faith.

    I really loved this sentiment “any moment can be made holy in the hands of Jesus Christ”. I feel like I’ve been waiting for BIG moments of inspiration and faith lately, but perhaps Christ is calling me to look for him in the quiet.

  47. Zipho M says:

    Thank you,I love this. Call God even in the most mundane circumstances.

  48. Laura Oltmann says:

    It also had never occurred to me that since Mary knew the signs of the Messiah and she was filled with the Holy Spirit, she might have been pointing Jesus to the first one, saying- “I know you’re the messiah, now fulfill your signs.”

    1. Ali Adair says:

      I noticed that too! Looks like she moved from “pondering these things in her heart” to an expression of faith in Christ by asking Him to perform a miracle.

  49. Samantha A says:

    Such a beautiful hidden gem!! Thank you, Mercy, for sharing this with us.

  50. Adrienne says:

    Yes, NATASHA, we can learn from Mary (going straight to Jesus). He has the answers!

  51. Caitlin Tatum says:

    He revealed His glory. He did not boast. How backwards do we have our ideology of glory in our society. Where we glorify performances rather than sitting back quietly and observing all the small things that happen behind the scenes.

  52. Lorena Figueroa says:

    This is such a sweet reminder that He can show His glory anywhere, at any time and in any circumstance. No matter what problem we may have, big or small, we should always seek Him first above any other opinion or advice we may be able to find out here.

  53. Tori W says:

    @Mercy! Thank you for your words today. They are exactly what I needed. Especially the “beware: if you’re without joy, you’re without strength.” Just what I needed to see that a frustrating day can be turned around when we lean into His strength….. I just joined this community and I am already seeing what a light it is going to be in my life!

  54. Skylar Hilton says:

    Dearest sisters, I hope you have been doing great

    The way that Jesus clears the temple is so powerful to me. Too many times people focus on how angry Jesus is in this moment.. but that’s really not what we should be focusing on. Jesus was brave enough to defend God in public.. to give that respect to God in public. This is what we should be focusing on.. not only on giving God and His church the respect that it needs all the time.. but to also defend God in public when we see it happen.. not matter how we’ll be treated. I hope that we can all do this if and when the times comes

  55. Natasha R says:

    Jesus’s first public miracle was to solve such a mundane problem. It was far from life or deat, but it was a problem, and Mary went straight to Him to solve it. It’s a reminder for me to do the same. When faced with any problem or question, regardless of size and significance, I will go to God first instead of scrambling to find a “human” solution. Have a great day (evening) everyone!

  56. Dominique says:

    I love the part in the commentary that says we don’t have to look for the high, lofty, and goose-bump making moments to experience God’s Glory. I am guilty of often searching and waiting to experience those moments in His house, which can cause me to overlook His glory being revealed in a quiet/simple way, like it being revealed in the water.

    I pray that my heart would be calmed and quieted to be able to experience the little moments when God speaks volumes.

  57. Munchkin says:

    I like that Jesus’s first miracle wasn’t anything elaborate, yet it didn’t make it any less majestic or awe inspiring. He didn’t make a big production out of it. He helped some people save face and also showed the servants and his disciples what he could do, and that was only the tip of the iceberg. Yet, even this small action “…revealed his glory…” God keeps revealing to me that it’s the little things, the little everyday miracles, that show his glory and should have me in awe.

  58. Meagan Warlick says:

    I love the part that says “he chose the most unlikely places and circumstances to put his glory on display”. He doesn’t need a huge miracle to remind us who he is and I love that I can be used for his glory even like the stone jars!!

  59. Mercy says:

    There are bits of new revelations that dawned on me today. Wine, oil and bread were mentioned in Jeremiah and Psalm. Wine represents the Holy Spirit (be drunk not with wine but be drunk by the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God can cause us to be intoxicated like wine). Oil represents the anointing of God, the substance to exalt someone (young David anointed with oil by Samuel to become King, Lord Jesus was anointed with an alabaster box of fragrant oil before his death, You anoint my head with oil and my cup overflows), and bread (the bread of Life that is Jesus himself, I am the bread of Life and he that comes to me shall never hunger). And the incident, which is the very first miracle, water turned into wine, it’s just prophetic of how our Lord Jesus -the living water, will leave us so the Holy Spirit (wine) can come (it is for your benefit that I go away, so the Holy Spirit can come, I will send him to you). Praise God for the very subtle glimpses. The bread of Life to strengthen our heart, the oil of God to make our face shine (the oil of gladness -Isaiah 61- to put away our mourning/ spirit of heaviness to rejoice our countenance), the wine to make our heart glad. All of these are provisions for inner strengths. Joy and strength are the focus here. May the joy of the Lord be our strength (beware: if you’re without joy, you’re without strength). Hallelujah to our God for His mighty provision. Be blessed and be strengthened sisters!

  60. Bonnie P Mills says:

    Looking at the water the servants got to witness the first miracle

    … Humbling!!

  61. Jennifer Ficklen says:

    I don’t post often but I’m asking for prayers today: My son and his girlfriend are expecting a baby in June. However, we told our church pastor on New Year’s Eve. He met with my son and then with all of us in 2 different evenings. During the second meeting he asked my son to step away from teaching the youth group for awhile. I know what my son did was a sin and he needs to take the time to repent and get right with God about it. Please pray that my son finds grace within the church and that they show him God’s love. He needs to repent, but he is stepping up already to be this baby’s daddy. The baby is a miracle from God and a blessing. The way he got here not so much, but he’s already loved so much by his whole family. Please pray for my son as he walks through this journey. He loves to teach and be in God’s word. I just pray that this one misstep doesn’t throw him off the right path with God. We all sin and we all stumble and fall.

  62. Meredith Rea says:

    I so appreciate your thoughts. I’ve always wondered about this particular sign and Jesus interaction with Mary. I am no Bible scholar, but as I read your notes today it came to mind that perhaps this conversation marked something for Mary. Jesus was her baby, and while we know she knew He was messiah and fathered by the God of the Universe, how challenging or confusing that must have been. We know Mary pondered things in her heart. We know she wondered at her boy’s words in the temple. We see here another moment between mother and son. Perhaps it was at this moment that Mary saw him separate from her boy who was obedient and respectful to the Son of Man who came to take away the sin of the world. He assures her it is not yet His final time, but in that moment He begins His public ministry and inevitably His journey to the cross.

  63. Andrea Silverstein says:

    In John 2:18-21 the Jews who are being told Jesus will rebuild the temple in three days don’t believe him, mostly because they don’t really understand what he is saying. It’s not until Jesus dies and rises again that his disciples remember this and believe it. I’m left wondering – how often is this true in my life? How often do I miss God’s presence in the moment, only to finally see it in hindsight? And so today, I pray – Lord, help open my eyes and heart to see the work you are doing in my life as you are doing it, according to your will. Amen.

  64. Andrea Silverstein says:

    In John 2:18-21 the Jews who are being told Jesus will rebuild the temple in three days don’t believe him, mostly because they don’t really understand what he is saying. It’s not until Jesus dies and rises again that his disciples remember this and believe it. I’m left wondering – ho often is this true in my life? How often do I miss God’s presence in the moment, only to finally see it in hindsight? And so today, I pray – Lord, help open my eyes and heart to see the work you are doing in my life as you are doing it, according to your will. Amen.

  65. Shawana Carter-Dublin says:

    I love seeing any peek we get to see into Jesus’ relationship with his mother. I also love how we see the scripture revealed. Jesus refers to himself as the temple.

  66. Rhonda J. says:

    Good Afternoon!

    Love reading through the many comments! Traci my heart still goes out to you friend and my prayers are with you. You have had a long and difficult journey just through raising a child with such a unique illness. I can’t wait till heaven one day when you see all the people you touched with your love and faith. That is not much comfort now, but we love and admire you for all you have shared with us. Continued prayers for you.

  67. Hali Y. says:

    “…any moment can be made holy in the hands of Jesus Christ.” what a beautiful message to accompany today’s reading. I loved watching this scene depicted on The Chosen! my heart’s desire is to be in close proximity to Jesus so that I see the little things; there is so much to be said about the little things. Be well and take care, SHES!

  68. Rebecca Dawson says:

    The foreshadowing of the resurrection through the verse “Destroy this temple, and I will raise it up in three days” really stood out to me in today’s reading. After Jesus said this he was met with disbelief and then just to think what a miracle the resurrection was, WOW!

  69. Gwineth52 says:

    Dear Shes, work with me on this one, though it may sound weird. When Jesus’s mother came to him about the wine running out, I pictured the scene in The Godfather, Part 2, where the wife of the young Don Corleone brings him a widow whose landlord had evicted her because she kept a dog loved by her son. The Don remarks, what does this have to do with me. Yet, respecting his wife’s wishes, he relents & approaches the landlord, a man shown as callous, contemptuous & cruel. The Don offers to pay the widow’s rent six months in advance but the landlord refuses & dismisses him with scorn & pride. When the landlord learns who the Don really is, he returns panicked & solicitous. The landlord lets the widow keep the dog & lowers her rent substantially. This is how the Don provided protection & relief to a powerless woman. The similarity in individual character – crime boss to the Christ – certainly ends here, but let’s consider the circumstances. Jesus was presented with a problem he had the power to solve, with hesitation, but without announcing the full extent of his capabilities. His turning the water into wine saved the groom from embarrassment & rescued a joyous celebration. Consequently, an even finer wine was shared. I believe the miracle at Cana revealed Jesus’s great compassion & connection to very human, real life challenges. This is the Son of Man who calls disciples, draws faith, and develops trust, through self-less acts driven by love. And enjoys a good party! Thanks be to God.

  70. Lisa May says:

    Jen, I’ve been in a deep study of the Gospel of John for a few months as I prepare to write a study of it for the ladies at my church. I struggle with Mary’s interaction with Jesus also. John uses the phrase (or quotes Jesus using it) about His hour/time not yet come many more times in this book and it always seems to refer to Jesus’ time to be crucified. So, in a sense, this miracle does start the ball rolling toward His crucifixion. Another theme that is strong in John is that Jesus always operates perfectly within the Father’s will and timing. So, I think there is something that he is saying to Mary here about the fact that anything that He does at this wedding is done because it is in the Father’s timing and will, not Mary’s.
    Something else that I am struggling to comprehend in the Gospel of John also seems to be going on here. There is a tension between the fact that the signs are done so that people would know that Jesus is the Messiah and the Son of God with the reality that some people only follow Him because of the miracles and the physical needs that they fulfill, without truly believing. We see this in the last few verses of today’s reading: many believed when they saw the signs, but He would not entrust Himself to them…
    We will see this tension again in John 4 when Jesus heals the official’s son. This man comes to Jesus seeking healing for his son who is about to die and Jesus seems to scold the man: “unless you people see signs and wonders, you will not believe.” Yet He does the miracle again, heals the man’s son, and the man believes, along with his whole household. I’m still trying to figure out this tension between signs that are supposed to make people believe and yet the belief in just the signs is not enough on its own. But I am wondering this morning if that’s part of Jesus’ hesitancy with Mary… His knowledge of and disappointment in this tension to come. Thoughts?

  71. Victoria E says:

    Traci Gendron still praying for you and your peace in this incredibly difficult time. I agree with your friend that we are all miracles, learning about how fearfully we are made in medical school definitely cemented that for me. I see miracles every time we are spared from catastrophe or God comes through for us in a situation that looks impossible. I cannot even imagine the pain of losing a grown child as you have, I think it’s totally natural to question God’s goodness in that situation. I wish I could give you an answer. I believe God will do a miracle in healing you from this and I am going to pray for that if that’s ok.

  72. Susan Clifton says:


  73. Susan Clifton says:

    My heart and prayers go out to you… grief is so hard. I believe today’s reading is perfect. There is great beauty in the chosen scriptures. It is Jesus starting out, a first, (as the grief of a child, parent, or sibling can be a first) and demonstrating honor (as he does end up honoring HIS mother), faith and trust, as exemplified beautifully by HIS mother. I lost my Mom last May and this reading reminds me of God’s love being always present, like a Mother’s love. It reminds me to be grateful and allow joy and to seep inside the darkness grief can hold. It reminds me that in the smallest places you are seem by God and miracles will happen. I try to re all, without sorrow, we could not experience joy. Lifting you up today and prayerful the light of the Lord surrounds you.

  74. Cindy Hanna says:

    Traci so many here are holding you near in prayer, singing songs of peace and healing over your weary soul knowing mere words are ineffectual. You are loved.

  75. Dorothy says:

    In all the times I’ve read this Scripture I’ve either not paid attention to or just skipped over verse 11 but that is such a meaningful verse. “He revealed His glory, and His disciples believed in Him.” —John 2:11 WOW!!! To have been there and seen that, been one of those servants knowing what Jesus had done right before my eyes. Lindsey is so right about Christ not wanting to have all sorts of “pomp and circumstance” with His miracles. If I remember correctly most of the times Jesus would tell the person not to tell any one about the miracle but they would go off and tell everyone.
    Sisters be blessed and let’s go and tell others of Christ.

  76. Susan Clifton says:


  77. Jessica Szeto says:

    How beautiful is our God that even in the tiniest of miracles, that many did not even know of, He chose us. I pray to believe in Him everyday despite the sizes of miracles He performs!

  78. Jasmine Bluitt says:

    “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.” Referencing his resurrection.

  79. Jasmine Bluitt says:

    , “Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.”

  80. Kyle Lara says:

    I pray to be more like Jesus. He is so humble.

  81. Stacy Smith-Fulia says:

    It is interesting that the servants knew of the miracle but not the hosts of the party ….

  82. Stacy Smith-Fulia says:

    It is interesting that the servants (the least of these) knew of the nit

  83. Ramona Como says:

    Brandi, HRT is He reads truth.

  84. Brandy says:

    Good morning! What is the “HRT Devotional” I keep hearing mentioned? Thanks!

  85. Laura Spurlin says:

    Love that! Thank you for sharing that perspective. ❤️

  86. Laura Spurlin says:

    Beautiful passage. I just love how Jesus could have made a huge production of His miracles, but He didn’t. ❤️

  87. Allie Noland says:

    May our gracious Lord give you comfort and rest. Praying for you, Traci!

  88. lisa zessin says:

    I just so love the first miracle! How when Jesus said to his mom “not now” her only reply was trust as ahe just told the servants to do what He says. I love that! Her trust, His obedience to His mama. Not that He “had” to. But He was, in addition to being God, a Jewish human son with a mama that sometimes told Him what to do. And trusted He would listen. He cares for us, even for our celebrations!
    I’ve always believed miracles still abound, part of the miracle is having eyes to see them. God is working everywhere, in the large and in the small.
    Dear Tracy, sending you hugs and prayers. I am confident you will experience something miraculous through your suffering. It may take years of healing. But the Lord will use you somehow to shine so brightly and be seen through your light. Perhaps ministering to another in a way you could only do after such a deep wound. You may be asked to be a miracle to someone who needs it. You will be empowered by the Holy Spirit even more than you already are.
    Love all you sisters!
    Happy New Year!

  89. CeeGee says:

    Interesting to read the passages that mention wine and the importance of wine in their culture and then to REMEMBER that wine in communion represents Jesus’ blood which He freely gave for us all. Now, that is a miracle!

  90. Traci Gendron says:

    Hi Lizzie. Thank you for the prayers. My son passed away on 11/13/21. I need to sleep. I’ve struggled with it since he died.

  91. Mari V says:

    We await the even greater wedding feast when we will behold His glory in Full – Rev 19:6-9. I can’t wait!! This reminded me of a painting my parents had on their wall. It was a bride up in the sky meeting up with Jesus and her white dress was made up of images people.

  92. Carolyn Farny says:

    I’m encouraged to prayer in the story of Jesus’s miracle of water to wine. Mary trusted in Jesus’s mercy and made a request to Jesus that wouldn’t have happened if she didn’t ask him with faith. We get from the story that he didn’t want to do a public miracle at that moment and yet His compassion toward his mother moved him into action. Encourages me to pray for Gods hand to move around me.

  93. Lexi B says:

    These verses from Jeremiah 31:13-14 fill me with so much hope and joy-
    13:Then the young women will rejoice with dancing,
    while young and old men rejoice together.
    I will turn their mourning into joy,
    give them consolation,
    and bring happiness out of grief.
    14: I will refresh the priests with an abundance,
    and my people will be satisfied with my goodness.
    This is the Lord’s declaration.

  94. Sissy says:

    I wanted to give an update on my friend’s husband. He was supposed to be transported Monday to a larger hospital but there are no available beds. Surgery was supposed to happen yesterday or today but they are wondering if they are even going to find a place to do the surgery.
    Please pray that they will find peace while they are waiting on an option. I know my friend is very concerned that everything is at a standstill knowing how crucial this surgery is.
    Thank you for all your prayers. When she asked for us to pass this along to our prayer warriors you were the first ones I thought about.

  95. Sarah Lagace says:

    “To the brim…” wow I love that. Jesus didn’t add anything to the water to change it to wine—they were completely filled, no room—he transformed what was there. When our faith is needed, what a reminder to “believe to the brim” and watch as God works.

  96. Alyssa Molina says:

    This first passage made me think about who I am and why God chooses me to when I may not have the means that others do. I look back and remember that God chose shepherds to be the witness to the birth of Jesus and now the the first sign of Jesus was performed and only the servants knew apart from Mary and his disciples. It’s just a beautiful reminder that we don’t have to have be well off to be used as the hands and feet.

  97. Sheila Ezell says:

    There is a scene in “The Chosen” where this first miracle is the theme. Mary is worried the parents will be embarrassed and She goes to Jesus for help. It is a sweet exchange between the Son and Mary.

  98. Ashley White says:

    Love this perspective ❤️ So good to remember.

  99. Sheila Ezell says:

    Thanks for these words. I agree, Jesus would never have been rude to Mary.

  100. Ashlyn Vermillion says:

    “Even something as small as water can reveal His glory. Any moment can be made holy in the hands of Jesus.” ❤️
    The Chosen has a really powerful episode on this miracle. I defiantly recommend watching it along with this reading!

  101. Ashlyn Vermillion says:

    “Even something as small as water can reveal His glory. Any moment can be made holy in the hands of Jesus.” ❤️ So powerful! The Chosen has a really powerful episode on this miracle. I defiantly recommend watching it!

  102. Amy Taylor says:

    Struck this morning with the thought that only those closest to Jesus saw His glory revealed. May I seek to stay so close to Jesus that I see Him moving, to see His glory, His purpose in the everyday, even through the mundane of life.

  103. Kristen Pulido says:

    Am I the only one who loves to search for the beautifully human moments in scripture? I love in this story when Mary comes to Jesus at the wedding and tells him all the Wine is gone. I can just picture Jesus’s Face when he says (obviously in the most respectful way ever) “mom, what on earth does this have to do with me? It’s not my time yet.” And Mary is basically like welllll do it anyway! Idk, Why but this moment made me chuckle.

  104. London Baum says:

    Some days I feel like I’m not doing any big or important things but then this reminds me that many things can be in so important even if they feel small

  105. Echo says:

    JEN, in the notes in my Bible it says that the “temple courts” where the animals were being sold was the only place where non-Jews could pray in the temple. So Jesus was angry because the sellers were preventing people from praying in order to make money. Hope that helps!

  106. Alyssa Killebrew says:


  107. Alyssa Killebrew says:

    Sorry for the massive text overhaul with those verses! Just wanted to say how beautiful that even while we were still sinners, he still chose to die for us and reconcile us back to God the Father. Even though He knew the crowds that were once pleasing him, would turn against Him. The love He has for His people is a love that is true and faithful. ❤️❤️

  108. Alyssa Killebrew says:

    “But Jesus on his part did not entrust himself to them, because he knew all people and needed no one to bear witness about man, for he himself knew what was in man.”John 2:24-25.

  109. Alyssa Killebrew says:

    “But Jesus on his part did not entrust himself to them, because he knew all people and needed no one to bear witness about man, for he himself knew what was in man.”John 2:24-25

  110. Alyssa Killebrew says:

    “But Jesus on his part did not entrust himself to them, because he knew all people 2and needed no one to bear witness about man, for he himself knew what was in man. – John 2:24-25

  111. Jessica Waldren says:

    I had this happen about a month ago! I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it has been working perfect ever since! ❤️

  112. Linda J says:

    Peace in the midst of sorrow and difficulty – miraculous gift everyday. One I often overlook.

  113. Victoria Eades says:

    Lord thank you for showing up in small and big ways!

  114. Heidi says:

    TRACI- loved, valued, seen, held Traci… you get to choose your own belief and perspective on miracles and healings and how those look this side of Heaven and I absolutely want to respect that. I also want to offer a thought from my perspective that you can receive or reject- I do believe miracles happen consistently, daily across this planet. I also think we tend to limit our thoughts and beliefs on these things based on our own limited views and experiences. We start defining God and His whole kingdom based off of the limits of our experiences. That’s partly why we are given a community of people. To learn and see beyond just us and our lives. Not to mention the global church. Things being reported and seen in places like Afghanistan, Iran, and that whole area is absolutely unreal. I’d encourage you to listen to Jennie Allen’s podcast Made For This. There are a couple of unbelievable interviews she has with people on the front lines of the “underground church” in the Middle East right now.
    God is moving. God is working. I think we have a responsibility as His children to expand our views outside our own hearts and doors so we can see what He’s doing. I’ll never have an adequate answer for why He still allows unbearable hurt and pain. I have my own understandings in this that I try to base off of scripture… but my point isn’t to explain away your hurt- not in the slightest. It’s to offer a perspective that MAY help you see/gain some answers that possibly otherwise wouldn’t be noticeable.
    But here’s a miracle- that we, these broken, sinful humans wondering this earth- can actually represent the infallible, holy, perfect glory of God. It’s only explained through Him and His work. His miracle. Which is existing in you this moment.
    I hope you find peace and rest- especially physical rest, we need it so badly!!!!

  115. Jackie Vaughn says:

    Jesus WILL show up! Even in moments that maybe you think Jesus would work in, He’s always working.

  116. Amanda Burke says:

    “We Will Feast In The House Of Zion” by Sandra McCracken is a great go along this morning with the theme and the passage from Jeremiah.
    Heart Encouragement ❤️

  117. Amanda Burke says:

    “We Will Feast In The House Of Zion” by Sandra McCracken is a great go along this morning with the theme and the passage from Jeremiah.

  118. Breiahna Garroutte says:

    Such a good reminder of God’s movements in our lives are not always plastered on a billboard. I most often look over the small victories he places in my life, todays reading was exactly what I needed to hear

  119. Jenn Schuette says:

    2 things struck me for the first time while reading these verses today. (1) Just how quiet Jesus was when turning water into wine. Reminding me that the recognition for good works and accomplishments is not the goal. And (2) When Jesus said he would raise the temple in 3 days, he wasn’t talking about the physical temple, but rather Him. Sometimes God’s plans for us are even better than what we could imagine or expect!

  120. Jen says:

    I grew up being taught Jesus turned the tables because you are not to turn Gods house into a shopping place. Don’t sell things in your church. As an adult I have heard teachers of the word interpret say it was because the sellers were over charging and being dishonest. I do not see the dishonest part at all. Does anyone have insight on this?
    The a thought today was, Mary tells Jesus to help and He replies “My hour has not yet come”. Was He not ready to show his power? What did He mean by this? Did He know this miracle would start the ball rolling to his crucifixion? What did He mean?

  121. Kasey Deschaine says:

    And we can be encouraged in the next verse also, He never stops, He never stops working. I pray that He continues to renew our strength to proclaim his truth and to be a witness for Him daily. Some days are indeed easier than others.

  122. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    Lord help me remember the prompting of Mary so that I listen for what you are telling me, and that I would do it. I think of the imagery of a tree full of leaves and life with the hidden roots underneath. All the things underground providing the things needed to grow are hidden. Only those close to the tree and looking for reasons the tree is so healthy would appreciate what it takes to grow strong. Jesus quietly turned water into wine. What a powerful show of life giving joy to those at the wedding. Most didn’t know yet the enjoyed the fruit. Let me be so humble. Amen.

  123. K D says:

    When God’s glory is revealed it is always to bring people to trust in Him. May that be so in my life Lord.

  124. Heidi says:

    Just thought I’d offer some clarification that I’ve previously found about the conversation between Jesus and his mom… I’d always read it as him being a bit annoyed at her request- however his response in THAT day was interpreted much differently. His “woman” remark was equivalent to our using the word “ma’am” and his question of what this has to do with him was more of a turn of phrase at the time. And it was just that- a question. And as we learn from so many encounters with Jesus posing questions- he most often did it to enlighten/bring understanding to the other person. To have THEM process and question themselves and their motives.
    The exchange was not rude or dismissive or annoyed. Jesus knew before the party started that this would be his first place of demonstrating God’s power. His obedience was to the One who sent him- and his respect was still to his mom :)

  125. Jen Brewer says:

    Sorry about the multiple posts. The app gets kinda buggy on my phone sometime. Appreciate everyone’s insights this morning ❤️

  126. Kristine Loughman says:

    I like to imagine that Mary already knew the miracles Jesus was capable of. Maybe he’d already worked a few miracles for her growing up, who knows! There are so many unaccounted years in Jesus’ life. But clearly Mary knew enough, believed enough, to tell Jesus to do his thing. And much like his birth, in the animals’ holding pen before the company of lowly shepherds, he chooses to be backstage in the company of servants to make a miracle. I also love that the first miracle John tells us about isn’t some amazing healing story or raising someone from the dead. I mean, those are top shelf miracles! Instead, this miracle was about keeping the guests content and nourished. It’s a good reminder for me to find the miracle in the mundane.

  127. Jen Brewer says:

    So sorry for multiple posts. Really appreciate everyone’s insights this morning. ❤️

  128. Jen Brewer says:

    Love that insight about the third day, Kelly! I had never noticed that detail before.

  129. Jen Brewer says:

    Love that insight about the third day, Kelly! I had never noticed

  130. Aimee D-R says:

    Jesua let me see Your hand in everything and always know it is there even when I don’t. Amen

  131. Susan Reagon says:

    Having difficulty using the app for the last two days,is there a technical difficulty

  132. Rea Queen says:

    A beautiful (first) miracle pointing to Jesus as the NEW, taking what was used for ceremony and using it for celebration. (Old covenant to new covenant, water for purification to wine for celebration)

  133. Erin Washburn says:

    It’s amazing how humble Jesus was. Knowing that he had all the power of God, he instead performed his first two miracles without making a big scene or spectacle of it in front of everyone. He did it behind the scenes, and I love this because he asks us to have a faith that is not boastful or arrogant, and Jesus so beautifully models this for us.

  134. Anna Shamery says:

    When I look at the story of the temple, it makes me think about what is defiling my own life and the holy temple that is supposed to be me? Things like gossip, negative speech/thoughts, and unwholesome tv/books/songs come to mind. Holiness matters to God, and is only possible through Jesus’ sacrifice.

  135. Natalie Rollo says:

    I love this too! For the first time this morning I really noticed this. I hate that I do always ready verse 4 as very snappy and backtalk like lol. But that verse also lets us know that Mary must have been insinuating here’s an opportunity son, reveal your glory. Love it!

  136. Kathryn Connolly says:

    I love reading about Mary in this passage; her quiet power, concern for others and knowledge that this was the moment for her son to step in. She says so little, but does so much.

  137. Elaine Morgan says:

    I am always drawn to the conversation between Jesus and His mother in this story. It sounds so typical for a mother to direct her son to help the family friend in a time of need. And also for the son to somewhat backtalk his mom but do what she told him to do anyway. I just love that even though he was God he still obeyed mom.

  138. Courtney Dougan says:

    The purpose of God’s glory is to bring people to trust and believe in him. Sometimes it’s big, and sometimes it’s small. I am going to intentionally try and find God’s glory in the small today.

  139. Katie Masterson says:

    He is always at work, even when we don’t see it. ❤

  140. Kenya Rafferty says:

    I found myself focused today on how Jesus almost seemed to represent Gods wrath. He seemed frustrated with his mom. The overturning of the tables outside the temple seemed out of character. But I am reminded that his goal was to bring glory, even in the simplest ways. We can take a stance like his mother and the disciples and trust that Jesus will always do what is needed – He will fill us up when we are empty and make sure our hearts are clean for worship and faith.

  141. A S says:

    I feel like God was holding them with his steady hand as they waited for sunrise and leaned on each other. Glory!

  142. A S says:

    I couldn’t agree more, @Alicia! Yesterday, when I-95 was a mess for over 24 hours, neighbors stuck on the highways started sharing food, blankets, water, and company. When does that ever happen in a time like this when we’re isolated? I feel that it was God at work, holding them captive with his steady hand as they waited for sunrise, and leaned on one another. Glory!

  143. Alli Barlik says:

    I love that song. And it’s so very true!

  144. A S says:

    I couldn’t agree more, @Alicia! Yesterday, when I-95 was a mess for over 24 hours, neighbors stuck on the highways started sharing food, blankets, water, and company. When does that ever happen in a time like this when we’re isolated? I feel

  145. Angie Tyner says:

    Such a great word today. “Any moment can be made holy in the hands of Jesus Christ.” Yes!

  146. Brandy Deruso says:

    Lord I thank you for being a provider lord you are good.

  147. Alicia Noble says:

    During this hard time with Covid spreading again I feel that gods glory is working in this mess still. We don’t all have to know what exactly he is doing but I do feel he is working miracles in this time of need.

  148. Churchmouse says:

    The Jews questioned Jesus about His actions in the Temple. Jesus responded with truth. This is why I study the Bible and why I pray: that I will know the Truth and be unwavering in proclaiming it.

  149. Pam Seipp says:

    Thank you for the reminder that we see God’s miracles all around us, from small to big!

  150. AG says:

    I really liked the statement in todays devotional that said simple things can testify his glory and any moment can be made holy by Jesus Christ. I too always look for bigger moments and situations, I need to work on looking in the smaller moments as well.

  151. Michelle Sundman says:

    A song we sang a church on Sunday helps me remember this well. The Waymaker, “even when we don’t see it, he is working! Even when we don’t feel him, he is working!

  152. Lizzie T says:

    Hi Traci! God is still a God of miracles, he’s the same yesterday, today, and forever! I’ll be praying for you and your son.

  153. Angie says:

    A couple things I took from this, mostly from the HRT devotional. (Thanks Kelly for sharing part of it, all of it is so powerful today.)

    Jesus’ mama, Mary, saw a need and knew her Son could fix it. And she asked for it from him. Jesus said his time wasn’t yet. If Mary had known this would usher in the work of her Son, begin the journey to his death and resurrection, would she have pushed? Makes me wonder sometimes what I deem important in the moment and if I ever push those I love (or myself) to fix it.

    2ndly, HRT reminds that this miracle of the water to wine showed Jesus not just as having power over nature, but of being the Creator God. The same God that made the water into wine can take my life as I am obedient, and “served,” it the best. A good reminder and truth.

  154. Saile Guzman says:

    “Any moment can be made Holy in the hands of JESUS Christ” …. Yes & amen !!

  155. Kelly (NEO) says:

    From HRT: “The chapter . . . shifts from joy and celebration and partying and a miracle, to a more serious, intense, even angry tone. Jesus reveals another side of His glory and identity. At the wedding, He revealed His generosity, His creative ability, His power over nature, and His desire for people’s joy and gladness. But in the temple, He reveals His zeal for holiness and the perfect glory of His Father.”

    May we remember that Jesus is both the Lamb and the Lion of Judah.

    JULIE ROBERSON – praying that the Lord breaks through in Ashley’s situation.

    MELISSA MOORE – praying for you and your family as you walk through your dad’s sad diagnosis.

    JULIE GANUCHEAU – praying Cannon’s surgery was a success and his recovery is smooth.

    VICTORIA E – rejoicing with you for the good report

    As a cultural tidbit I learned in Israel, “the third day” is a reference to the the third day of Creation (Tuesday). Many weddings take place on Tuesdays (even today) because God “blessed” that day twice (Gen. 1:10, 12)

  156. Mary Stephens-Clark says:

    Maybe we do not see most miracles, just as most of the party goers did not see this miracle. About six months ago we had tornado warnings and schools closed down. The day passed and no tornadoes touched down and people grumbled about

  157. Tina says:

    TRACI GENDRON, morning my dear sister! Hoping this might help you maybe to see the miracle of healing in our loved ones called home.
    I, like you questioned a lot! I fought, argued, and as I have confessed on occasions here, downright disrespectful to the One, who was all the while watching over this broken mama. I had prayed for healing, I had prayed ‘take me’ God. I had trusted that He would do as I prayed..

    BUT GOD..
    It took falling to my knees, becoming a mess on the floor, surrendering/giving up, for God to reveal to me how awesomely, beautifully and perfectly my girl was healed.. YES, in heaven!
    This side of heaven could not do what God could and promises to do..



    Sister, I tell you this, not to make it about me, but to testify to you that, though, this world is a harsh place, and miracles seem distant and “really, do they happen” for us sometimes, God is always,ALWAYS present. He heals, in ways we can never understand or comprehend..

    BUT GOD..
    He heals our loved ones, to be whole, pain-free, tear-free, safe in eternity with Him…

    TRACI, Tanner, was not healed this side of heaven..

    BUT GOD has healed him for all of eternity..
    Sending love do tightly wrapped in hugs and prayers for your heart and mind to know God is near, and for His peace that surpasses ALL understanding to cover you ..❤

  158. Arina says:

    If we obey Jesus, we will be blessed. Jesus said, Fill the jars with water. The servants did so, despite the questions they might have had, filling them to the brim. They listened when Jesus told them to bring the water to the head waiter. How would he have reacted when it had remained water? But no, Jesus blesses their obedience. The water becomes wine, good wine. Just doing what Jesus asks us is always the best thing to do. Even when it’s scary or when I don’t understand why.

  159. Traci Gendron says:

    His miracles were never put on for show. He’s always calling people to believe and trust in Him. I questioned a pastor friend about miracles still happening today. I knew that God was not going to grant me a miracle in curing my son, so I struggled with believing in miracles still happening. I don’t really see them in that big way. Someone yesterday said we are miracles. Which makes more sense to me. Our bodies are so complex. They could only be created from God. I’m struggling a bit with this study over all the others I’ve done. Maybe my lack of sleep….

  160. Jo says:

    “He chose the most unlikely places and circumstances to put His glory on display”- I love that, thank you! I shall definitely carry that with me today.