Jesus Brings Us Home

Open Your Bible

John 14:1-6, Hebrews 11:1-2, Hebrews 11:13-16, Revelation 21:1-8, Revelation 21:22-27, Revelation 22:1-5, Revelation 22:20

Nothing reveals my inner control freak like letting a friend take over the GPS while I drive. Accustomed to seeing each upcoming turn on Google maps, I assault my passenger-navigator with questions: When is my next turn? How much longer on this road? How many miles until we’re there? I’m sure my gracious navigator wishes I would shut up and drive, trusting that we are on the right road, and she will get us to our destination safely.

Thomas is a bit like an angsty driver in today’s passage. Jesus holds the GPS: “I am going away to prepare a place for you” (John 14:2). But Thomas needs more details, a specific address: “‘Lord,’ Thomas said, ‘we don’t know where you’re going. How can we know the way?’” (v.5).

Jesus’s answer to Thomas was simply, “I am the way, the truth, and the life” (v.6, emphasis added). He did not provide Thomas with a specific address, but Jesus did point to the road that would get him there.

This is a reassuring promise to a control freak like me, and it’s as much a promise for the life to come as it is for our lives today. So often I feel like I need to know my exact destination and then figure out how to get there. Where is my career headed? How do I mend this broken friendship? Where will I live when my lease is up? Jesus may not provide specific answers, but He has asked us to believe and trust in the way He’s paved for us.

Where is my career headed?
“I am the way, the truth, and the life.”

How do I mend this broken friendship?
“I am the way, the truth, and the life.”

Where will I live when my lease is up?
“I am the way, the truth, and the life.”

Want to know where your life is headed? Follow the way of Jesus. Live life in the way He told us to live it. Believe in God, believe also in Christ, and you will get to where you’re supposed to go.

Living in the way of Jesus is counterintuitive for those of us who like to both drive and hold the GPS. It requires surrender. It requires us to trust our navigator. When we do this, however hard it may be, we’re able to be present on the journey without worrying about the destination.

Though we cannot point to it on a map, ultimately, we know where are headed. Perhaps we don’t know how long it will take us to get there, but one thing we know for sure: Christ our Lord has prepared a place for us there, and He is coming back to receive us to Himself (v.3). For that promise, let us say, Praise be to God!

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34 thoughts on "Jesus Brings Us Home"

  1. Summer Chavez says:

    Andrea’s GPS example is all too true for me! Lord, help me to surrender to you and let go of this need for control.

    1. Karen S says:

      My thoughts exactly. I am such a control freak. Help me, Jesus to live in the moment and know that you are in control.

  2. Sara Moore says:

    Surrender. How many Sundays do I surrender my problems and dilemmas to God only to pick them back up and take them with me. Christ truly is the way and the only one to put our faith and trust in. Help me to lean more on the assurances of Christ and less on myself.

  3. Churchmouse says:

    I like the GPS analogy. I rely on mine frequently. Not only does it show me the way but it will reroute me if I happen to take a wrong turn. It doesn’t condemn me for veering off course. It simply tells me it will recalculate my route to get me once again on the right way. I’ll still end up at my original destination. How grateful I am that God does not throw up His hands and leave me when I wilfully and stubbornly go my own way. He stays by my side and shows me the path to take. He is indeed the way, the truth and the life.

  4. Angie says:

    Thank you SRT for this study. It has been a blessing. God has used it to guide, comfort, and give peace over and over through these weeks. Interestingly, my bookmark was moved twice, causing me to read the wrong day’s scripture, except the scripture was exactly what I needed for that day. God is good.

    Many have prayed for us as my mother-in-law dies. This cancer thing is uglier than I realized. Please don’t get me wrong, God is and has been faithful, and we only offer Him praise for His care and goodness to her and us. What I didn’t realize was the roller-coasterness of it. One day/night we are sure she will not last, and then she does. It is “different” vacillating back and forth between life and death. Moving from work, handling things, loving on people and taking care of this and that, and then leaving the responsibilities and moments to wait, wait on the end – to offer care, peace, and love as best as you are able in Christ. To hold a hand, speak a word, and touch a cheek that might be a last. Death has a sting.

    I thank you for the prayers but, oh, join me in the praise! How much more has this journey opened my heart to love, praise, and thank God, through Jesus, for overcoming death, for offering forgiveness, and eternal LIFE forever with Him. The beauty of the hope and peace is a treasure. I am awed and amazed Lord. You are our Rock, our Salvation, the Holy One, we love You and praise You.


    1. Brandi Mallard says:

      ❤️❤️❤️ beautiful

  5. Shawn Parks says:

    “Are we there yet? How much farther is it?”
    Some days this journey seems so long. I know the destination is my eternal home in the house with many rooms in the presence of my God and King, but along the way I get distracted by side roads, get turned around, and I am often close to running out of gas. I am reminded of the long drive from my home to my mom’s home, I will call her frequently along the way to let her know where I am and hear her voice which encourages me and lightens my heart as I anticipate my arrival. On this long journey, I can pray constantly to let my Father know where I am and hear His voice through His Word. He encourages me and my heart thrills to think of the moment when I will step through his gate. Still I get so tired and I get distracted by life, pain, injustice, unfairness. I see warning signs along the road that caution me to forgive and let go of bitterness, to stay the course, and to trust wholly in God. So I will turn up the radio and sing in full voice my songs of praise. I will admire and appreciate the beauty of God’s creation as I pass through this world. And I will rejoice at the mile markers that measures the growth of my faith and swell with excitement when I recognize the familiar “hand of God” in my life landmarks that are evidence that I am nearing my destination—my eternal home. “Are we there yet?” Not yet. But There is much to see and do along the way!

  6. Bunny says:

    Praying for you Dorothy. May the Lord take your depression and anxiety in his hand and he is with you every step of the day. Take care dear sister.

  7. Kristen Marino says:

    I’m reading this early in the morning. It is still dark, and I am tired. In Revelation it says there will be no more night. We won’t need the sun or moon because God’s glory illuminates it and the Lamb is the lamp. I’m thankful we have the darkness of night now while sleeping. God really does think of everything for us! I’m just amazed this morning how wonderful He is, and how He is in every detail. However, I’m looking forward to the time when there is no more night!

  8. Dorothy says:

    Praise God!! I ask you my sisters in Christ to pray for my son and his fiance’; on Wednesday she will have embryos implanted. She is 40 and has some health issues but I know that God will bless them with a child if that is what the Lord has planned for them.
    I also ask for prayers for myself, I live in the Kansas City area and right now we have had a great deal of rain and are due to have more rain; we have had flash-floods and when these conditions happen I become anxious, depressed and have difficulty sleeping because in 2003 my older son drowned after conditions similar to these.
    This weeks lessons have been very helpful but I have strayed and am just now getting caught up with the devotions.
    May God and Christ bless all of you my sisters and have a blessed weekend.

    1. Willonda McCloud says:


    2. Julie Ganucheau says:


    3. Ashley Thornton says:

      May God wrap his loving arms around you, comfort you, and keep you safe. In his great name! Amen.
      I’m so sorry about your son.