Day 26

Jerusalem Destroyed

from the 1 & 2 Kings reading plan

2 Kings 24:1-20, 2 Kings 25:1-30, Joshua 5:10-12, John 2:19-22

BY Rebecca Faires

At the breakfast table this morning, I overheard a four-year-old eagerly explaining the key to getting what he wants: “I just ask, and ask, and ask, and ask until Mama says yes.” Okay, it was my four-year-old. And I usually do give in to him after he has asked seven times. Tired isn’t even the word for how this makes me feel. His simple solution to getting what he wants is actually a really terrible solution. What I want to teach my kids is this: ask, learn, and then obey. Let’s just say that his commitment to setting up his own standard of what is right and wrong is why he still has to take a nap every day.

We ask God questions all the time. And if we don’t like the answer we get, we ask, and ask, and ask, and ask again. But here’s the thing: God doesn’t get squishy and worn out and depressed about life situations—He is unchanging. So the hilariously pushy methods that sometimes work on parents (and teachers and bosses) don’t change eternal truth. We can’t insist on getting our own way with Him. In a culture that is driven by individualistic self interest, we are lured to believe the opposite—that we can choose what is right.

But the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). And even though God loved Judah, He sent them into exile and allowed Jerusalem to be destroyed (2 Kings 25:21). These same events are recorded in the book of Jeremiah. As one of the Lord’s prophets, Jeremiah warned Jehoiakim, who warned Jehoiachin, who warned Zedekiah—and he witnessed the judgment God brought against each of these kings. But folly came after folly, and they didn’t listen.

“You have seen all the disaster I brought against Jerusalem…
because of the evil they committed to anger me…
So I sent you all my servants the prophets time and time again, saying,
‘Don’t commit this detestable action that I hate.’
But they did not listen or pay attention; they did not turn from their evil” (Jeremiah 44:2–5).

Like children, we want our own way and don’t want to listen. But we are called to heed God’s ways and His words. Don’t accept a sham when the truth is available to you. We don’t have to pretend to be Christians; we are His children. Jerusalem was on the road to destruction because they refused to listen to the Lord and instead substituted their own truth for the truth of God’s Word.

But we must be of good hope, because God does generously give us His answers and teach us about His ways and His character through Scripture. Listen today and pay attention. Why push your own truth forward when eternal truth is available to you? Write His words on the tablet of your heart and when you are in need—or busy or scared or overwhelmed or somehow “squishy” and not at your best—they will stay with you (Deuteronomy 11:18).

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  1. Churchmouse says:

    Kathy, thank you for the update on Macy. I am at a retreat this weekend and will be sure to place her, her family and friends on the prayer list here. What wonderful support you’re giving her. What a phenomenal young person she is. May His light shine through her and may His presence be palpable throughout her treatment. He is the Great Physician and He works miracles. Hugging all from here

  2. Kathy says:

    I wanted to update all of you on my student, Macy.
    It is Hodgkins Lymphoma, but the doctors feel that it is very treatable. Which is wonderful news. However, the treatment is going to be long and aggressive. She starts chemo on Monday. the doctors have already told her that she will probably begin to lose her hair within the next two weeks. She’s dyed her hair purple and last night our principal let her dye his hair purple. They’re going to shave their heads together. Her attitude is wonderful, but she is in for a long, long road. Her hashtag is #tempNOTperm. The verse she wants on her t-shirt is Psalm 46:5. “God is within her, she will not fail.”
    As bad as this is she is in the good hands of our good, good, Father and that’s where she will stay. We are all in good hands.
    Thank you for your prayers, sisters. It means more than you will know this side of heaven.

    1. Claire B says:

      Thank you for updating

    2. Camille English Davis says:

      Thanks for the update Kathy. I’m encouraged by the doctors statement and will stand in prayer for the report of the Lord to manifest. So very grateful she has a teacher that is a believer!! Continued prayers…

  3. Jennifer Cummings says:

    It’s so easy to look at these kings and point a finger at their foolishness. “Why don’t the just…” “Why can’t they see that God’s way is best…” “How can they keep choosing evil…” And that of course turn into “*I*would never…”. But the ugly truth is that but for the grace of God we WOULD. Every. Single. Time. Instead of turning us into head-shaking hypocrites, the books of Kings should point us to the Perfect King, who DID choose right. May we live humbly in that truth today.

  4. Kara says:

    Rather than feeling long ago, much of Kings actually feels relevant today. Rulers, drunk in their own earthly power, inflicting their will onto others without worry for their needs or future. How great is our God who has the ultimate power yet deals so mercifully with us.

    I also think how depressing it would have been to be a God-fearing individual at this time. Seeing generations of kings doing evil with no end in sight. May we not lose hope that we are part of a much larger story of repentance and salvation, and our victory is assured! Praise God that he is above all things!

  5. Diana Degnan says:

    So good thank you Churchmouse

  6. Kelly Chataine says:

    Some things anger God and some things grieve God. God reigns supreme! Blessed is our God, Lord God, King of the Universe!

    There is only one Truth! Jesus said that He was the Way, the Truth, and the Light!

  7. Angie says:

    The title for this 1 and 2 Kings study is, Our God Reigns.
    No. Matter. What.
    Our God Reigns.
    When evil seems to abound – He is God.
    When destruction comes and all seems lost – He is God.
    Nothing surprises Him.
    Nothing is allowed without His consent.
    He is God.
    And, He calls us His own.
    Darkness may surround,
    But that Spark, that glimmer, is Him.
    As I draw closer to Him…to His Light in obedience
    my vision is clear
    a bonfire of hope is ignited in my soul.
    Truth stands firm
    Eternity is
    And there is peace.
    For, Our. God. Reigns!!!!

    1. Angie Guimaray says:


    2. Angie Guimaray says:

      ❤️ this!!!!

  8. Churchmouse says:

    My truth. Your truth. Foolish buzz words today. There is only one Truth. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. There is no other. How blessed we are to have it in written form at our finger tips in this country. How blessed we are to have countless resources to help us understand it. And yet, so many minimize, ignore or reject it. We are without excuse. How long before God says “enough!” of our foolishness, our stubbornness, our self-centeredness? What action will He take to draw us to repentance? Sobering thoughts. Praying today for eyes to see and ears to hear the only Truth. Praying for renewed commitment. Praying for His mercy.

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