Israel’s Defeat Because of Sin

Open Your Bible

Hosea 9:1-17, Hosea 10:1-15, Psalm 25:16-18, Luke 23:30

My husband’s hobby is gardening, or, as I affectionately describe it, “puttering around in the yard.” Despite my good-natured ribbing, I greatly appreciate the lush results of his diligence. Now, after a few years of consistent care, our backyard flower beds have transformed from nondescript piles of lumpy, orange clay into a hidden oasis where wisteria vines dance across the fence. Hydrangea and peony blooms greet us throughout the summer months, and butterfly bushes, heavy with blossoms, host monarchs that flit about.

It’s a lovely, peaceful site and one that hinges on a single element more than any other for its survival: water. We’re fortunate to live in a part of Virginia that receives decent amounts of rain. Yet even so, summer temperatures can scorch our plants to such a degree that my husband spends 30 minutes watering on any day without significant rainfall.

Rain sustains life and allows for regenerative growth; it may be one of the reasons Hosea references it in 10:12, writing, “until He comes and sends righteousness on you like the rain.” It’s an allusion rife with meaning. Chapters 9 and 10, which lead to this pronouncement, make the dire situation clear—Israel’s behavior has been such that “they have deeply corrupted themselves as in the days of Gibeah. He will remember their iniquity; He will punish their sins” (Hosea 9:9). Hosea says, “Their hearts are devious; now they must bear their guilt” (Hosea 10:2). 

And yet, there is hope; just as rain ushers in the promise of life in the midst of a dry and arid drought, so does Christ’s righteousness restore us to new life in and through Him. Without it, we perish, as Hosea 9:16 says, “their roots are withered; they cannot bear fruit.”

Israel had not only sinned, they had cultivated their sinful ways as a farmer cares for his crops; now Hosea calls them to instead “sow righteousness for yourselves and reap faithful love; break up your unplowed ground” (10:12). To sow takes purposeful effort, but the imperative is clear: “It is time to seek the LORD” (v.12). The psalmist echoes this humble posture of the heart, saying, “Consider my affliction and trouble, and forgive all my sins” (Psalm 25:18). Doing so will allow the merciful, redemptive rain of His righteousness to fall on us. And, like a garden in desperate need of sustenance, we will live.

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47 thoughts on "Israel’s Defeat Because of Sin"

  1. Taylor says:

    Thank you ladies for your comments that have blessed my Monday morning! Lifting up @Melanie and @Sherri in prayer <3 I loved Hosea 10:12 it is time to seek the Lord indeed and stay close to the truth. Thank you for the comments about the Holy Spirit being like an alarm and whoever said "If I plow the soil of my heart, God will bring the rain." I wrote those two comments down in my journal. Have a blessed Monday everyone!

  2. Peggy Hoffman says:

    Might I suggest looking into Wendy Speake’s books, 40 Day Sugar Fast, or 40 Day Social Media fast. Both are designed to lead us back to spending time with God.

  3. Jessi S says:

    I love the psalms reminder that we only need to repent and humbly ask for forgiveness. It is a reminder that there is always hope.

  4. Sarah Rose says:

    God has made me so aware in just the past day of my sin and the work that is to be done in my heart. And I’m so aware of the ways I cultivate my sin, just as the Israelites did. But thank you God for coming alongside me and showing me a better way to sow.

  5. Karen Ballinger says:


  6. Sky Hilton says:

    I pray that these verses will inspire all of us to NOT keep our sins to ourselves. I pray that these verses will let us see how much space sin puts in between us and God and go to Him tonight and repent, and also receive forgiveness. He is everything!

  7. Maura says:

    Thank you my Sisters for the prayers, so thankful. Foster Mama, and ERB just went back to catch up on weekend comments and was so blessed by yours, thank you. Mari V, one day at a time, may you feel His strength as you return to work. Sherri, praying for you. I am in a place of learning again daily, how mighty is our God. Step in faith dear Sister and know I am doing the same, we will see how He meets us as we trust and obey. Will be praying for you to see His provision as you. Elaine Morgan prayed for your request dear Sister. Melanie for you and your FIL too. Praying you feel His love all around you in this difficult season and praying for His light overwhelming and encouraging your heart. Have to go or would write more, my littlest grand is awake from her nap and I am so blessed to be with her today. He is mighty, His love is unending and never fails us Sisters. Love to you all.

  8. Jennifer Anapol says:

    In so thankful for God’s forgiveness, in the midst of our sin. ❤️