I Will Be with You Always

Open Your Bible

Matthew 1:23, John 14:1-4, John 14:18-26, Matthew 28:16-20, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, Revelation 22:20

“God with us” has been the plan from the beginning. In the garden, God was tangibly present, walking with His image bearers in the evening breeze (Genesis 3:8). But that perfect fellowship was revoked when sin entered the picture, carving a deep, uncrossable chasm between fallen humanity and the holy Creator. Even still, “God with us” echoes throughout Scripture. The Lord appeared to men like Abraham and Moses. His presence filled the tabernacle and, later, the temple. And, of course, we have the prophets, who proclaimed that a Messiah would come to save us, forever restoring our relationship with the Lord (Isaiah 7:14).

He came just as the prophets foretold. Jesus was born Immanuel, the name that means “God with us” (Matthew 1:23). He is God incarnate, fully God and fully man, who walked among His people and brought the kingdom of heaven to earth. He is the Word made flesh—the living, breathing fulfillment of the promise who both restores and secures our fellowship with God for eternity (John 1:14).

Jesus’s disciples experienced the tangible presence of God with them, walking and talking in their midst. But the gift Jesus gave before ascending into heaven to sit at the Father’s right hand is the same gift He gives to us (John 14:26; 20:22). The Spirit of the living Christ dwells in all who have been saved by grace through faith in Him. He is with us—right here, right now, always (Matthew 28:20). Better still, we will one day experience that same joyful fellowship Adam and Eve knew in the garden; we, too, will live with God in a perfect, pain-free world of His creation. Jesus Himself is preparing a place for us, and He will call us there one glorious day. “Amen! Come, Lord Jesus!” (John 14:3; Revelation 22:20).

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60 thoughts on "I Will Be with You Always"

  1. Poppy Waskett says:

    It’s so easy to fix my mind and my heart on busy things, on mini gods like exercise, health, even devotional time rather than truly spending time walking with God in obedience to him. Why am I so easily distracted. You never leave and never forsake, but I must walk in obedience to experience the deep intimacy of the Lord, and I confess that I have daily forsaken time with you for little idols like spending time on Social media, planning holidays and worrying about my weight and what I’m eating. Lord, thank you that as I draw near to you you are faithful and draw even nearer, thank you that as I take a few steps towards you, you run towards me father, thank you Jesus that you have made it possible for me to be reconciled to father son and Holy Spirit by your blood. Thank you father that you have prepared a place for me in your house. Thank you for your purity, your holiness, your righteousness Lord. Your faithfulness reaches to the heavens. How can I even comprehend it, you are faithful beyond what I can imagine, you are working more profoundly than I can even comprehend, but give me a new perspective Lord that meditates and exalts you more than I do now. Let me not be distracted, bring my heart quickly to repentance when I forsake your commandments, give me a new level of assurance and faith in your faithfulness. I love you Lord. God with me, God with us. Thank you for the certainty of your promises. Amen.

  2. Ashley Cesare says:

    I fell short today. I fell back into some old habits of overthinking and over-worrying. Today’s reading gives me great hope! I am loved by a God who promises he is always with me. My heart leaps for joy knowing that. I can fall short because I am human. I choose to pick myself up, leave my old ways behind me and start a new day fresh with God! He is the same and never changes! He walks beside me now and will in my future. What should I fear?

  3. Ashley Cesare says:

    I fell short today. I fell back into some old habits of overthinking and over-worrying. Today’s reading gives me great hope! I am loved by a God who promises he is always with me. My heart leaps for joy knowing that. I can fall short because I am human. I choose to pick myself up, leave my

  4. Ashley Rhoades says:

    Thank you for never leaving my side❤️

  5. Lolly Regan says:

    I pray to learn more and more of who Jesus was and what that means to me…. I want to know more

  6. Donna Rowse says:

    This was so good! This has been my struggle. My prayer too is .. may I not be the problem in our relationship…
    I just can’t grasp in my human understanding how faithful He truly is to us. Very humbling. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Claire Faith says:

    Thank you Jesus that you are always with me!

  8. Jeanette Armbrust says:

    Amen! ❤️

  9. Tiahra Adderley says:

    By faith, Jesus is with us. He’s never leaving. He’s always there in the midst of it all.

  10. Emily Avila says:

    The Trinity! God the Father -> God the Son & God the Holy Spirit!!! amen Glory be to God!!! ❤️

  11. Amy Westendarp says:

    Isn’t it a beautiful picture to carry in one’s mind of God being so close we might walk with him in a garden.

  12. Emme Sorgea says:

    Praise the Lord! He never leaves us. The Lord is over all things which, by human standards, would make Him the busiest out of all of us. Yet for some reason our excuse for not spending time with Him is that we are too busy. God gave us His spirit which enables us to have the DESIRE to spend time with Him. My flesh wants to find other things to do and avoid His presence. Maybe it’s out of fear of conviction or just pure rebellion… but the bottom line is that it’s always US it’s always ME that is the problem. He never leaves. He never has more important things to do than speak to us. Woah. We, His children, are the most important thing to Him. MORE IMPORTANT THAN UPHOLDING THE STARS OR TELLING THE WAVES TO STOP! I think if He wanted to find an excuse to be too busy for us He could… He is GOD He has EVERY responsibility. Yet for some reason He still chooses to speak to my heart through His Word and Spirit. Oh may I not be the problem in our relationship. May I always long for His presence with the same fervency He sought me with.

    1. Sue D says:


  13. Elisha Anne says:

    Amen! He is with us always, He never changes! He is with us even until the end!

  14. Erricka Hager says:

    Reminding myself that God is coming back for us, and that He who started a good work in me and those who believe in Him will finish it, gives me encouragement. Sometimes when I’m going thru a really difficult season in life, I struggle with encouragement about God. But funny enough, I serve on the prayer team at my church and one of the people on my team said Sunday, “One day we’ll be with God and He has promised to wipe away every tear we’ve ever cried and there will be no more sadness it hurt.” And I thought, wow, that’s powerful! And it’s TRUE! So even in the king suffering we go thru here on Earth, it can it compare to the joy that’s coming when we are home and where we belong.

  15. Melissa Mcronney says:

    I love You Lord

  16. Taylor says:

    I am so filled with praise today as I contemplate ALL the truths that are found in today’s devotion! God thank you that you ARE with us (present tense!) that it’s not about how I’m feeling or if I can feel you with me – you ARE! Thank you for coming to earth to “restore and secure” our fellowship with you. Thank you that you ARE preparing a place for us to spend eternity in Heaven with you. Thank you for sending the Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us through life until we are reunited with you. Come Lord Jesus, come <3 Thank you for always pursuing me and loving this sinner saved by YOUR grace!

  17. K D says:

    So grateful for this truth!

  18. Amy Greenham says:

    Such good news!

  19. Ashley White says:


  20. PAM G WILLIAMS says:

    As I was saying, Churchmouse, I may have to place the nativity scenes around my house all year!
    sorry, on my phone, I often can’t complete my posts and so I have to go on my computer. I wish they could figure that out and correct it. I often don’t post because of that glitch.

  21. Pam Williams says:

    Churchmouse, you brought a smile to my face and Joy to my heart. What great reminders around your home. I too have many nativity sets usually in the form of music boxes. I was so overwhelmed this morning as I contemplated God With Us

  22. Nicole Burgos says:

    God is always with us ❤️

  23. DOROTHY says:

    There have been so many times in my life I have felt God, Christ and the Holy Spirit with me. I have been brought up in a Christian home and pretty much went to church all my life. Even when I wasn’t going regularly I would read my Bible and devotionals regularly. When my son died my parents were in Chicago visiting one of my brothers. My father later told me my brother asked how I would handle it, my father responded, “Dorothy’s faith runs deep and so does her friends.” This deep faith has gotten me through many hard times in my life but it has also allowed me to rejoice in many good times in my life. I do believe the Lord is with me always through thick and thin, good and bad, sorrow and joy. Lord, Your the One I know I can turn to when ever I need to share anything. Have a blessed day sisters in Christ.

  24. Kim Conaway says:

    I love how his promises to be with us is from the beginning to the end. He created us, he sent his son to save us due to sin and separation, he sent his holy spirit and finally he prepares his house in heaven for us. He seeks us! He created us, saved us, he guides us and then wants to spend eternity with us. He is always pursuing us! I’m so humbled and loved. You are loved!

    1. Jennifer Anapol says:

      I love how you explained this!❤️

  25. Mari V says:

    YES, come Lord Jesus!

  26. Diana Fleenor says:

    I join you ladies in celebrating this promise of “God with us” today and every day. On the backdrop of the reminder of being separated from God due to sin that broke perfect union with our Creator, this glorious promise of being restored to him through the work of our Lord and Savior Jesus shines brightly!

    And as I feel the same kind of “daily pressure on me of my anxiety for all the churches” (2 Corinthians 11:28) that Paul wrote of himself, I am exceedingly grateful that we have been given the Helper, the Holy Spirit to teach and lead and protect us in the spiritual battles that we face. Paul told the Corinthians of the many dangers he faced which included physical dangers (e.g. shipwreck, beatings, etc.) as well as spiritual dangers (e.g. false brothers). Today, we, too, face these kind of dangers, but like Paul we have our Lord to boast in whose grace is sufficient for us and whose power is made perfect in weakness.

    As I feel the harassment of a messenger from Satan, I can rest in this promise that the Lord will be with you and me until the end of the age. It is in his strength, we can find the equipping to make disciples of all the nations. May his name be praised as his kingdom grows!

  27. Allison Mattson says:

    I’d love to learn more about how we can interpret God’s promises. Does anyone know of any good resources? Books, websites, etc.?

  28. Laurel says:

    And, yet, Christ bore the cross, making the chasm crossable…

  29. Traci Gendron says:

    1 Thess 4:15 We who are still alive at the Lord’s coming will certainly not precede those who have fallen asleep. 16 Fir the Lord himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the archangels voice, and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are still alive, who are left, will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air, and so we will always be with the Lord. Therefore encourage one another with these words.
    What a beautiful picture to bring us longing, joy, & anticipation for Christ’s coming.

  30. Melinda says:

    Amen ❤

  31. Natalie McMahon says:

    Feeling grateful this morning for Jesus’s promise of a home in heaven, his return, and the ever present Counselor we have today. What beautiful things to trust in and hope for!

  32. Kelcy Pryor says:

    Jesus is greater than any of my fears. He is faithful and His promises are true. No matter how dark that season of life is God is there with me, we need to remember that when the enemy is trying to foul us into thinking otherwise. We are strong in Him❤️

    1. Jennifer Martin says:

      Amen! ♥️

  33. Claire Berkeley-Hitt says:

    Good Morning, ladies,
    My week has been ‘off’ a bit, meaning Ive missed out on my uninterrupted morning time with God more often than not and instead have squeezed it in while my toddler crawls over me or while I try to tune out Super Simple Songs (YouTube preschool music). I have gotten into the Word each and every day and been following along just haven’t had as much to contribute to the conversation.
    This morning I awoke at 5:30am PCT before my crazy barking dogs, before my 21 month old, and before my alarm! Hallelujah! I slide out of bed, made the coffee and met you all here to see this promise, one that to me feels blissfully obvious. Of course God is with us always! I am so grateful that I can (and I have) called on him whenever, wherever and know that He is listening and He has my back.
    My study book finally arrived yesterday. Its lovely and I am excited to see how it augments my study. And I ordered the next study so I have a better chance at seeing it sooner! Everything is just moving slower these days.
    I pray each you have a blessed day.

  34. Amy C says:

    Amen to all these comments! I appreciate the ladies of this study and also the study itself. God be with each of you today and praise Jesus for all His love and mercy.

  35. Doris says:


  36. Mom to many says:

    Churchmouse- I left up a nativity for the first time this year on my mantle and it is a beautiful reminder of God with us. (It feels like Christmas weather here in Ontario today though….ugh). I love love the reminder that God is always with us. Even through this time of isolation and quarantine. Thank you Jesus for never leaving or forsaking us.❤️

  37. Terri says:

    Churchmouse. We see you and God with and in you also. We appreciate so much you and letting us see you and God in you. Thank you for being transparent.

  38. Lizzie says:

    Matthew 28:18-20 “Jesus came near and said to them, “All authority has been given to me in heaven and on earth. 19 Go, therefore, and make disciplesm of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you. And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age.'”
    Life is hard. But God says “I am with you always, to the end of the age.” And He is my satisfaction, my family, my hope, my joy, my peace, my true love, and in everything, He is more than enough. I love you Lord! Thanks be to God for His inexpressible gift!

  39. Blessed Beth says:

    Angie thank you for your insite

  40. Ashley N says:

    I love this, Rebekah – thank you for sharing! Not in essence or outside but IN.

  41. Churchmouse says:

    Angie, might I add my personal favorite? EL ROI. The God Who sees me.

  42. Kay Elder says:

    I love this series. Many of the verses are near and dear to me but curated in this way, offers such power behind these promises. In these days, in all days, theses scriptures give me hope and comfort.

  43. Angie says:

    Immanuel, God with us
    El Elyon – God Most High, Creator & Possessor of Heaven and Earth
    El Shaddai – All Power, All Sufficiency
    Jehovah Raphi – God who Heals me 1st Spiritually & then physically
    Jehovah Makkeh – Lord God who smites my enemies, who smites my sin, because of love
    Jehovah Tsebaioth – Lord God of Hosts – Leader, protector of your children – The battle is the Lord’s!
    Jehovah Tsidkenu – Lord God our Righteousness not by our deeds, but through faith, trust, and patience
    Jehovah Shammah – Lord God is there, seen in and through me…humbling
    Jehovah Rohi – My Shepherd God who gives rest
    Jehovah Shalom – The Lord God is our peace
    Jehovah Nissi – The Lord God is our banners. He sits at the right-hand of the Father and intercedes for us. His hands are raised for me in prayer.
    I AM – not I was, or I will be (Frances Ridley Havergal says, “It is a splendid, perpetual now.”)
    Immanuel – God with us,

    1. Nancy Singleton says:

      Thanks for sharing this. I especially appreciate the I AM-“not I was or I will be, but a splendid, perpetual now.” (Havergal) Powerful!

  44. Angela Sutherland says:

    I am so thankful for this promise!! It’s a truth I can count on, even in the middle of those times when I don’t “feel” his presence…I KNOW He is with me. Faith isn’t always easy, and sometimes we just have to know that we know a thing just to get through. And the thing I know for sure is that my God is faithful and His Word is true. Because He said so. So in those moments where the enemy tries to whisper that I’m all alone…to this promise I will cling. Jesus is with me, always!

  45. Blessed Beth says:

    I love the way we each have reminders around our house, we have them on the inside but the one that strangers see and comment on first is a little plaque on the outside next the door they enter, which says “As for me and my household we will serve the Lord”” Joshua 24:15
    It is simple and a reminder to me when I enter as to how I should act and think.

    1. Jen Brewer says:

      We have a similar plaque in our sunroom before you enter our house!

  46. Latoya Wanser says:

    Amen. Come Lord Jesus!

  47. Charlotte Churchill says:

    Remembering that Jesus is with us during these times is so important. He never leaves us, he gives us the strength and courage we need to face these days and bring light to those around us. May the grace of Jesus be with you all today, Amen.

  48. Churchmouse says:

    In my living room, on a side table, sits a large nativity scene. A donkey, two sheep, Joseph, and Mary holding Jesus. I know it’s not December but that nativity set does not care about the season. It sits there year round. I enjoy, I cherish, the visual reminder that God is with us. Immanuel. I like it so much that there’s another by my front door. And one in my kitchen. One where I pray. And one in the hallway outside of my bedroom. If you think I’m obsessed with nativity sets, I’d disagree. I’m obsessed with Who it represents and why. God becoming flesh and dwelling among us is astonishing. That He came to set us free from our sin and have a permanent relationship with us is humbling. God with us. Present tense! The nativity sets in my home are not mere conversation pieces. They are a statement of faith. And that is never seasonal.

    1. Nancy Singleton says:

      Beautiful, Churchmouse.

    2. Nina Maes says:

      What a awesome statement of faith. Be blessed always!

    3. Mari V says:

      I remember you mentioning this Churchmouse! I had no idea that you had the nativity sets all over your house. What a beautiful statement!

    4. Charlotte C says:

      I love seeing my Nativity set during Christmas and the reminder it gives to everyone who sees it. I had not thought about having it set up all year long.. this is a great idea! :)

  49. S J says:


  50. Tina says:

    I have a picture on my dresser, that to me depicts joy. Pure God abundant joy.
    I have it where I can see it to remind me that that joy is mine to claim… everyday.


    I can only claim that kind of joy though, through my relationship with God.. It is not a joy I can make up, I could try, but I don’t believe that even my cackhanded attempt at my best could reach the dizzy heights of the joy depicted in the picture..

    But God..

    But my God…

    His ‘I will be with you’ Presence, His Closeness, His Direction, His Mercy, Grace, Hope and Love, brings me close, whilst here on earth, whilst this side of heaven…
    For now, I am joy filled to know God is with(in) me, whatever the journey, wherever life takes me..

    So be it. Come Lord Jesus..

    May the grace of the Lord Jesus be with everyone here..


    Praying God turn His face to shine on you and yours this God blessed Friday!❤

  51. Lisa Holland says: