Grace Day

Open Your Bible

Isaiah 54:8

Lent is a season where we reflect on the depth of our sin and embrace the hope and strength found only in the cross of Christ. We seek unhurried moments of quiet to read Scripture, pray, confess, and repent. Take some time today to catch up on your reading, make space for prayer, and rest in God’s presence.

“I will have compassion on you
with everlasting love,”
says the LORD your Redeemer. 
—Isaiah 54:8

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21 thoughts on "Grace Day"

  1. Stormi Messmer says:


  2. Stephanie G says:

    Good evening ladies. I’m so thankful to be going through this Lenten study with you all and have gained so much insight, comfort, and a sense of community from your comments here. I’d like to ask for prayers please. We just found out my mom’s best friend Deborah has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and the doctors have estimated she has six months to live. She is a woman of faith and says she isn’t afraid to die but doesn’t want to leave her kids without a mom. Her son is in college and her daughter is in 11th grade. We are heartbroken and praying for a miracle. Please pray for healing for Deb and comfort for her family. Thank you so much!

  3. Ashlee Hickson says:

    Thank you Morgan! You as well!