Day 27

Grace Day

from the Lent 2022: Come to Life reading plan

Psalm 106:47

BY She Reads Truth

Lent is a season where we reflect on the depth of our sin and embrace the hope and strength found only in the cross of Christ. We seek unhurried moments of quiet to read Scripture, pray, confess, and repent. Take some time today to catch up on your reading, make space for prayer, and rest in God’s presence.

Save us, LORD our God,
and gather us from the nations,
so that we may give thanks to your holy name
and rejoice in your praise.
 —Psalm 106:47

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25 thoughts on "Grace Day"

  1. Nichole Hobson says:

    Happy to be gathered by you Abba!
    Bless your Holy name.

  2. Victoria E says:

    Thank you Heidi V!! Thank you Jennifer Loves Jesus, Mercy, and everyone else who is praying and responded to my comments! It is truly an encouragement to my soul. God bless all you She’s here today and a big hug from myself and little Elijah.

  3. Rhonda J. says:

    @Sarah H! Thanks for the update, I had been thinking of you a lot, and had hoped you had an awakening and fun experience on the mission!! Gad it was good!!

    @JenniferLovesJesus- SO beautifully said! You have such a way with words!

    @Dorthy- I’m glad you have some extra work! I pray that Finly will continie to inprove, yet even so, it must be so hard on them all, the parents and sister in this situation! Hope she will come home soon.

    @Rebbeca- Have fun at the soccer game, and let your spirit take a rest from your worry with your son. (so hard).

    @Heidi- That too is scary for your neice, I hope God with intervene and put safeguards around her. Unfortunately might be a long ride, but we CAN and WILL pray for her to get her life turned around! I continue to be sad and pray for all my nieces and nephews that are addicted to all the worlds sin that seems mostly normal to them. I pray my son holds true to what he has known and grown up with! He is moving in with her gf in May. He is 21 and she is 20, so they don’t want to marry although they have been together for 4 years. It’s weird that this seems like a lesser sin, with all the rest are doing, yet we KNOW God doesn’t separate good from bad sin, and even I sin when I am in the WORD daily. It is overwhelming sometimes. But I know Jesus has us, using the Holy Spirit to take that fear away and bring us in close for a hug, and tell us to trust, and keep our eyes on Him.

  4. Caroline Bridges says:

    The study book has a few recipes. If you read yesterday’s devo. You should have seen a recipe for lemon lavender bunt cakes

  5. Morgan Latham says:

    Praying for all of you. Have a great weekend, ladies!

  6. Dorothy says:

    For anyone who thinks the Lord doesn’t look after His people, I beg to differ. Finley is doing better but still in the hospital. I thought I wasn’t going to be able to work while she was in the hospital without going to some other place but the Lord and my company came through. I have been/ and will be today working with two other children who don’t need regular care like Finley but the parents can use a respite to help them. One is a little girl, I’ve worked two days with her already, and the other is a little boy, I’m working with him today. They do know when Finley comes out of the hospital I will go back to her. But this is also a way for me to make some extra on Saturdays if I want.
    Please continue to prayer for Finley, she is feeling better and getting restless in the hospital, her mom, Monica, and dad, Chad, his PTO runs out in a few days so the finances for them will be stretched. Also please pray for the other daughter, Kyla, she lives w/ them and is staying with grandparents right now. Kyla has Asperger’s and when I talked to her she was really missing her family.
    GOD’S LOVE for us NEVER ceases, He will love us and forgive us as long as we ask, seek, pray, turn to Him and CLAIM CHRIST AS OUR SAVIOR and ACCEPT THE HOLY SPIRIT INTO US.
    Be blessed and remember God loves you no matter what sisters.

  7. Heidi says:

    GM SHEs! I found out my niece is being moved to sober living today- which is good but also a bit scary. She would’ve wanted to possibly stay in the rehab facility longer but insurance has run out. So- we will trust God is in control of this timing. Prayers for the transition and new “freedoms” and responsibilities that come with it. Thank you!!!

  8. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    The now and not yet- this is where I find myself. Expecting joy, experiencing pain. My spirit groans- God, Yahweh, hears the words I cannot articulate. My joy is set in the rescue. Now and not yet. Sometimes the hardest place, and yet a beautiful place of a known salvation that has come. He has come, He will come again. At Pentecost the nations were gathered, the holy commission was set in motion (Acts 2). I give thanks for the Holy Spirit being poured out, the Word of God dwells with us now- and the not yet new Eden awaits. Treasured hope, kept safe in my heart, carried with honor and grace. Reflections of ashes, rubble, and sin on this Lenten journey are preparing the soil of my heart for the praises of Easter- Resurrection Day has come, we celebrate now, and anticipate our not yet rising to be with our Lord always. Until… Maranatha.

    ‘Save us, Lord our God, and gather us from the nations, so that we may give thanks to your holy name and rejoice in your praise. ‘ (Psalms 106:47)

    ‘When the day of Pentecost had arrived, they were all together in one place. Suddenly a sound like that of a violent rushing wind came from heaven, and it filled the whole house where they were staying. They saw tongues like flames of fire that separated and rested on each one of them. Then they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in different tongues, as the Spirit enabled them. Now there were Jews staying in Jerusalem, devout people from every nation under heaven. ‘ (Acts 2:1-5)

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