Day 27

Grace Day

from the John reading plan

Isaiah 42:1

BY She Reads Truth

Take this day to catch up on your reading, pray, and rest in the presence of the Lord.

“This is my servant; I strengthen him,
this is my chosen one; I delight in him.
I have put my Spirit on him;
he will bring justice to the nations.”
—Isaiah 42:1

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35 thoughts on "Grace Day"

  1. Abbie Monjure says:

    We all need a little grace now and then!

  2. Melissa Mcronney says:


  3. Victoria E says:

    Kristin Taylor praying for you and your family. God is in control. Angie praying for your travels and your mom’s surgery. Taylor, praying for you as well, keep reaching out to God! GramsieSue, continuing to pray for you. ERB, Traci Gendron, Martha Hix you have been on my mind recently, I pray all is well.

  4. Mary Warren says:

    I am so sorry that posted multiple times. I am new and unsure what I did to post so many times. I am so sorry!! Happy to be here with you all

  5. Mary Warren says:

    Kristin I am praying for you. Grammiesue

    I can’t see your post but I’m praying for you as well.

  6. Mary Warren says:

    Kristin I am praying for you.

  7. PamC says:

    Sarah D, congratulations on finishing the Bible. That is a wonderful accomplishment. I wish you success on verse memorization. I struggle with it.
    Donna Walcott, Taylor and all of you in the path of this “blizzard bomb” (I think that’s what Weather Channel called it) be safe. Y’all are in my prayers today.
    Angie safe travels today and prayers for your mom’s surgery on Monday.
    Kristen Taylor I’m so glad the Lord led you here for us to pray over you. We are with you in prayer, covering you in love & support as you travel this road.
    I’m praying as I read the requests.
    Have a blessed weekend all y’all. Hugs & love

  8. Sarah D. says:

    Praying for you all on this chilly yet sunny Saturday!!
    Rhonda J, my mom shared with me the Focus on the Family episode about Corrie Ten Boom, I still need to listen to it! Amazing how even in the most evil and darkest times, faith in our Lord Jesus Christ still carries us through. It strengthens my faith!!
    So awesome news, I finished reading the whole Bible with the Bible Recap the other day!!! It was so so good, I feel like I have an ignited and deeper love for Scripture. I think back to when I first joined SRT, because this is the place where I’ve learned to be in God’s Word everyday. It was shared by a mutual friend, and I’m so glad God used that to draw me to his word and to himself. In the struggles of middle and high school, he was with me. To the decisions and late nights of college, he was with me. And to now, as I continue transitioning as a post grad, he is with me. His word never changed and he has never failed. Who else is like our God?? Nothing and no one comes close. It’s only God’s grace that I have grown in this discipline and made it a habit everyday to read his Word, and man, his word does not disappoint!! It may be hard to understand in places, but praise God we have our lives here and in eternity to continue learning about Him!!
    I think I’m going to try dedicating the extra time I made to do the Bible Recap to memorizing Scripture instead. I’ve wanted to get better at that and have God’s Word in my heart and mind. Just have to see which verses to pick!! Love you all, have a great Saturday!!

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