Day 13

Grace Day

from the The Fruit of the Spirit reading plan

James 3:13

BY She Reads Truth

Take this day to catch up on your reading, pray, and rest in the presence of the Lord.

Who among you is wise and understanding? By his good conduct he should show that his works are done in the gentleness that comes from wisdom.
—James 3:13

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  1. Melissa Mcronney says:


  2. Mari V says:

    When I read this verse this morning I am immediately thought of my friend Gretchen. She is one who is wise and faithful and loving and sweet. Her life definitely reflects Jesus. Thank you Churchmouse I read the rest of the verses following. It was both convicting BUT inspiring and also confirming that I am where I’m supposed to be. Over three years ago I made the RIGHT decision.

  3. MARTHA HIX says:


  4. Jenn Webb says:


  5. Rita Ann says:


  6. Searching says:

    DANNI – praying for you! Many years ago I was in a very toxic situation and would swear off of the people/behavior only to go right back – with near total disregard of the damage and danger of it all. I had strayed far, far from the Lord and only by His grace and the whisper of the Holy Spirit to my mind (what was I doing? why? turn back!)was I able to change and have my relationship with Him restored. I can only tell you what it looks like for me now and of course, everyone and every situation is different – all these years later there is still temptation at times even though I have completely removed myself from the people and location – physically distanced and absolutely no communication. I don’t do social media in any format. One thing I am reminded of is to focus on the Lord and His word – staying close to Him and as far away from the edge (wherever that is for each of us) rather than seeing how close I can get without going over.
    I’ll be praying for you.

  7. Churchmouse says:

    It is good to meditate not only on James 3:13 but also the verses following through the end of the chapter. The verses are convicting, challenging and also comforting. May the wisdom of God make us more like Jesus. May the motives behind our actions be pure. May we not give the devil even the tiniest foothold. May we bring glory to God in our thoughts, words and deeds. Amen.

    Have a blessed weekend, SRT friends. Snuggle close to Jesus.

    1. Amanda Rowley says:


  8. Sue says:

    Wisdom does not only include the knowledge we learn, but also includes what we do and how we do it as we carry out our daily lives in this world.

    May the way we live demonstrate that we not only have Godly wisdom but also have evidence of the fruit of the Spirit living in us.

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