Day 6

Grace Day

from the Promises of God reading plan

Psalm 33:11

BY She Reads Truth

Use this day to pray, rest, and reflect on this week’s reading, giving thanks for the grace that is ours in Christ.

The counsel of the LORD stands forever,
the plans of his heart from generation to generation.
—Psalm 33:11

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43 thoughts on "Grace Day"

  1. Maddie Chevalier says:

    A breakup with my boyfriend took me this long to realize in my heart there was something in me that needed to not be “fixed”, just recreated into something the Lord could use me for, and chip away at anything he deemed unnecessary. I still long for the physical “I love you”s, but this reminded me His love NEVER runs out.

    1. Lorraine Piccirillo says:

      Thanks for sharing Maddie! recently went through a breakup as well and God is really doing something in this season even if I don’t see the outcome right now. Thanks for the encouraging words!

  2. Emily Plues says:


  3. Harri Hughes says:

    Sometimes I grieve what the world may look like for my children, but reading this tonight renews my hope. He is so faithful.

  4. Anna Brazer says:

    Mostly I love having the Hope of The Lord Jesus Christ by my side daily. I carry that encouragement with my whole being.

  5. Jessica Williamston says:

    As much as I want to see my plans manifest my hope must stay in the Lord. His plans are not my plans. Am I willing to let go of my will to allow his divine plan to reshape my focus, thoughts and my heart? I needed more context so I went to John Piper because he always explains in a way that my heart understands. He comments that We may plan, but God’s plans hold sway. We may amass resources and strength, but the eye of the Lord is on those who fear him. He decides what plans and resources succeed. God is the central issue in corporate planning. The counsel of the lord stands Forever.

    1. Traci Bognuda says:

      Thank you for the added insight.

  6. Elisha Anne says:

    His purpose will stand, He knows just what we need and when. Praise the Lord for His goodness! His care over every detail! He is so faithful!

  7. Erricka Hager says:

    Such a great week of scriptures. I look forward to next week.

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