Day 14

Grace Day

from the Advent 2019: A Thrill of Hope reading plan

John 1:14

BY She Reads Truth

Advent is a season of anticipation and celebration. The weary world rejoices at the Messiah’s first Advent, even as we long for His return. Use this day to pray, rest, and reflect on the hope we have because Christ left the glories of heaven to be born in Bethlehem.

The Word became flesh and dwelt among us. We observed his glory, the glory as the one and only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth.
—John 1:14

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29 thoughts on "Grace Day"

  1. Tracie Nall says:

    I have been stuck on “the weary world rejoices” this Advent season as I see such weariness in this world today, I have the reason they can rejoice dwelling within me, am I sharing it, am I offering it to them, am I a vessel of the hope (assured) that Jesus will again come to earth to restore and reign? Do I live in a manner that is hope on display or am I walking in the same weariness? Just thoughts I’m pondering this Grace Day

    1. Deanna Springer says:

      So well put, Tracie. I share in your thoughts and feelings.

  2. Melissa Graves says:

    Savoring the fact that God dwells with me. Such an awesome reality.

  3. Faye Horn says:

    Jesus is the reason for he season! No Jesus Christ no reason to have Christmas.

  4. Bessie H says:

    On the SRT podcast Raechel was talking about when they read Scripture they ask each other “Do you believe this?” I’ve always assumed that the scripture was true, the inspired word of God. I’m coming to realize that many (most?) people don’t believe that. They find it an outdated book of stories that are not relevant to us today. I’ve begun asking myself, do I believe this? The answer is always, YES! I believe that God speaks to us through His word. I believe that it is true and ever so relevant to my life today. I love having SRT to help me read God’s word and share it with all of you.

    1. Stephanie Scott says:

      That stuck with me too! I thought it to be a great tool to remind myself, to say it out loud, I believe this is true.

      1. Tracie Nall says:

        This is a great way to test our own faith by asking ourselves “do we believe this” down deep where roots grow! Do I simply know it because I’ve heard before, am familiar with it because I have read it or do I BELIEVE it! Belief is the building block of Faith!

    2. Katherine Kramer says:

      That also stuck with me. I grew up in the Church — it’s easy to hear the Scripture read and just allow the truth to skim my heart, without pausing to feel its weight. But to ask myself, especially in hard seasons, “Do I believe this is true?” is such a good discipline for me. It requires me to stop, to really process what I’ve read and to affirm with all of Christendom that “Yes, it is True,” even if I don’t understand it.

  5. Peyton Grace Potts says:

    God you are such a loving God. You gave us your Son even when we didn’t deserve it. You wanted us so much that You made a way for us to have a relationship with you and not be condemned. Sending Your Son to die for us and be our eternal sacrifice is the most amazing thing to think about. You give us life in You, and Light in the darkness. Thank you for all that You do for us.

  6. Ariel Harris says:

    We for sure need rest during the crazy season (which we bring on ourselves). Does it really matter if gifts arrive by Christmas? Do the cards need to be perfect? Does the house need to be relentlessly festive? Maybe we need to let go of the expectations and just rest in the beauty of this Christmas season to slow down and savor the gifts of time with loved ones, and the joy of God’s promises being made obvious to us. Praying for blessing and peace for you and the whole world.

    1. Chris Conti says:


    2. Maria O says:

      Agreed! Focusing on Jesus this season makes it easier for sure! Thankful for this study which is helping me do that!

    3. Christy D says:

      Amen! Thank you for this reminder on a crazy day of housework and catching up, Ariel!

    4. Mari V says:

      Thank you for this. We don’t even have a Christmas tree yet. ❤️

  7. Churchmouse says:

    God dwelling with man. No other god came down – man always had to reach up. Man had to find ways to appease those different capricious gods. But the one true God took on flesh to dwell with His people. He brought with Him glory and truth. Just what a weary world needed then and still needs today. Immanuel. God with us. The best gift.

    1. Charlene Witherington says:

      the best gift

    2. Lucy Turner says:

      AMEN! Come Lord Jesus , come!

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