Day 20

Grace Day

from the Zechariah and Malachi reading plan

Psalm 132:8-9

BY She Reads Truth

Use this day to pray, rest, and reflect on this week’s reading, giving thanks for the grace that is ours in Christ.

Rise up, LORD, come to your resting place,
you and your powerful ark.
May your priests be clothed with righteousness,
and may your faithful people shout for joy.
—Psalm 132:8–9

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  1. Mari V says:


  2. Chris Swan says:

    Thanks Shawn. Beautiful

  3. NanaK says:

    An oldie, but still one of my favorites from Hillsong. I hope everyone has a blessed and safe weekend….Shout for joy for all that our LORD and Savior has done, is doing, and will do, as we are HIS—

    My Jesus, my Saviour
    Lord there is none like You
    All of my days I want to praise
    The wonders of Your mighty love
    My comfort, my shelter
    Tower of refuge and strength
    Let every breath, all that I am
    Never cease to worship You
    Shout to the Lord all the Earth, let us sing
    Power and majesty, praise to the King
    Mountains bow down and the seas will roar
    At the sound of Your name
    I sing for joy at the work of Your hand
    Forever I’ll love You, forever I’ll stand
    Nothing compares to the promise I have
    In You
    My Jesus, my Saviour
    Lord there is none like You
    All of my days I want to praise
    The wonders of Your mighty love
    You’re my comfort
    (My comfort)
    And my shelter
    (My shelter)
    You’re my tower of refuge and strength
    Let every breath, all that I am
    Never cease to worship You

  4. Bessie H says:

    I went to the doctor this week for my annual check up. As we went through the different systems of my body we discussed changes, possible tests to be done, medications to be taken, and how best to maintain them. At one point he said that our bodies aren’t built to go on forever. They begin to wear out at a certain age. I guess I’m a lady of a certain age!
    Oddly, that thought gives me comfort. God blessed us with physical bodies and life here on earth, but it isn’t our final destination. As much as I treasure this life and all that it holds, i look forward to life with my Savior Everlasting. My body may be slowing down and wearing out, but someday I will leap like a calf out of the stable and run with joy forever! I don’t know if those streets are literally paved with gold and fine jewels, but I know it will be perfect because God designed it!
    One of the joys to come is to run with you lovely ladies when we all get to heaven! Until then we will meet on these pages!

    1. Shawn Parks says:

      Such sweet anticipation! ❤️

    2. Mari V says:


    3. Susan Merritt says:

      Yes! I can’t wait

  5. Hester DokeFulton says:

    “God’s grace is enough for me; His grace is enough for me. What else do I need from sin to be freed; His grace is enough for me.” Singing praises to God this morning with an old but wonderful tune!

  6. Shawn Parks says:

    Every morning I choose what I will wear. Sometimes I choose what I picked out for myself, sometimes I choose what someone handed down to me, and sometimes I choose what was given to me as a gift. I ha e to make that choice each morning. No one makes that choice for me. I consider the day’s activity and what would be suitable and appropriate to wear for those activities. I must consider whether what I am choosing is clean, pressed, and without stains. Will what I choose keep me protected based on the weather? And, did I wear the same outfit yesterday or is it new? But it is not enough to choose it. Laid out on the bed with a matching scarf and shoes, it looks great, but I have to take off my old, rumpled pajamas, take a shower to prepare my body for the new clothes of the day. (Please pardon the visual but the reality is) some of the dirt and grime of yesterday needs to be scrubbed off, some shaved off, and then rinsed off before I am ready to put on the clothes I picked out. But even then, I have to pick up the pants and slip my foot into the pant leg and wrestle my arms and head through the holes in the shirt, and finally fasten the buttons and pull on the zippers. (No wonder it takes me so long to get ready each morning, getting dressed is quite a process!). Each morning I have to choose. My glorious and loving Lord has provided me with a new righteousness without blemish or stain that is wholly appropriate for every situation and that will protect me no matter the circumstance and that is new every morning as I live and grow closer to Him each day. But I must prepare for this stunning righteousness by allowing His Word and His Holy Spirit to wash away yesterday’s grime and scrape away the stubborn stubble as He prepares me for the righteousness thatHe gave me as His gift. Then I need to step into the righteousness through my actions and my deeds and fasten the righteousness tightly around me so that regardless of the circumstances of the day, I am ready to face it wrapped in the righteousness of my Lord Jesus. I must choose each morning what I will wear.
    I know how good I feel in a pretty dress.
    But when I choose to put on Christ’s righteousness, and prepare my heart through prayer and His Word, and fasten it securely around me, I feel more than pretty. For I am overcome by pure and perfect joy!
    Lord, thank you for this Word this morning! Remind me each day as I dress, that I choose You because You first chose me!

  7. Searching says:

    Yes, Churchmouse, we do have much to celebrate. May we all be of this mindset, even on the darkest days. Thank you for adding depth to our grace day by setting the stage for the scripture reading.

  8. Churchmouse says:

    As the pilgrims are ascending to Jerusalem they are singing this psalm. They are recounting the time David returned the ark, the symbol of God’s power and faithfulness to Israel, to the city of Jerusalem,its rightful place. It is a psalm of triumph and entreaty. Their petition is that they would approach the sanctuary of the Lord with the reverence it deserved. They prayed that the Lord would fill the temple with His presence and the priests would serve in righteousness and godliness. They asked that they themselves would enter His courts with joy, that they would enter as a faithful and loyal people.
    May we approach our place, our time of worship with the same resolve. May we prepare our hearts today, this grace day, by recounting who God is and all He has done for us. We believers dwell in His ark of safety. Our salvation is assured. His Holy Spirit dwells within us. We have much to celebrate.

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