Day 49

Easter Sunday

from the Lent 2022: Come to Life reading plan

Luke 24:1-49, Psalm 16:9-11

BY Amanda Bible Williams

Scripture Reading: Luke 24:1-49, Psalm 16:9-11

“Why are you looking for the living among the dead?” 

The angels posed the question to the women who’d come to visit the tomb, burial spices in hand and heaviness in their hearts. But I look over my shoulder as I read the words, certain they’re also directed at me. 

For a moment, I forget the rest of the story and wonder: Aren’t I the one who looks for life from those who can’t possibly provide it for me? Looks for salvation in what cannot save? Looks for meaning in fountains that only go so deep? It seems that so much of our lives are spent looking for, well, life. 

It’s been this way since the garden. As soon as the serpent’s lie took hold, we started looking for life in everything and everyone but the God who gives it. It’s a fruitless search, a road bound to end in destruction and despair. But—praise be to Christ!—the story doesn’t end there. 

“Why are you looking for the living among the dead?” asked the men. “He is not here, but he has risen!” —Luke 24:5–6

The women peered inside the tomb to see. Empty. He was risen indeed. 

They ran to tell the others. Everything He’d taught them, everything the prophets had foretold, everything their Lord had promised—it was all true. The Son of God had died, was buried, and then rose to life once again, defeating sin and death once and for all. No longer must we spend our lives searching, striving, trying in vain to secure our own salvation. The life giver had come to walk the road with us and for us. He came to become our way back to Him. 

On this Resurrection Sunday, we celebrate that our Savior is as alive today as He was the day He stood before His disciples, saying, “Look at my hands and my feet, that it is I myself! Touch me and see, because a ghost does not have flesh and bones as you can see I have” (v. 39). 

Our God is not an abstract concept, an impotent idol, a false and faraway deity. Jesus Christ is the risen and living Messiah, born to set us free through His life, His death, and His resurrection. Our hope is not a ghost—He is flesh and bone, glorified forever and sitting at the right hand of God the Father, where He reigns as King forever and ever. 

Jesus is risen! He is risen indeed. 

Written by Amanda Bible Williams

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48 thoughts on "Easter Sunday"

  1. Sky Hilton says:

    Our Lord is ALIVE! He is RISEN! Amen

  2. Sarah D. says:

    Happy Easter sisters!! He is Risen!! Praise God! I am praying especially for those who do not know Jesus…especially those I met on my missions trip and for my sister/her husband that do not follow Christ . I’m back home at my parent’s house this weekend and just said goodbye to my sister and her family…praying they saw Christ in us and they would see their need for him!! We worship a God who is alive and working all things together for good. He is in control. Over all anxiety. Over every heart. Over every relationship. He reveals the path of life. In him is qbundant joy, even though we may not always feel it. But we are secure. NOTHING on earth can change our eternity. JESUS. He is our life. May my life be a sacrifice of praise to you Jesus, because of the ultimate, once for all sacrifice you made for me. Because of who you are. You did it for every nation. Thank you Jesus.

  3. Churchmouse says:

    Let us not linger too long at the tomb, contemplating what we do not see. Let us accept the words of the angels clothed in dazzling robes. Remember what Jesus had said about Himself and the events of these 3 days. Yes, don’t linger too long at the tomb. Rush, yes rush just as the women did, back from the tomb to tell others. Let us not be merely joyful in our own resurrection celebrations. Let us exit our church buildings eager to share this good, no great, news. And let us not stop rushing until we have.

  4. Rhonda J. says:

    Happy Easter Sunday She’s!!

    I had to youtube this morning the old hymnal I could never wait to sing on Resurrection Day at church growing up- “Up From the Grave He Arose!”

    He Arose! He Arose! Hallelujah… Christ Arose! I am thanking Heavingly Father for giving us a way! We are broken and lost, But God! He GAVE us a way, His Son to be sent to the cross, the perfect lamb, a horrible death, but to redeem us! WE are the chosen now, if we believe in HIM! Our sins washed away, forever gone. What a beautiful thing, it brings us to our knees when we see how broken we were, and how he has healed us and will continue to heal us. And one day, every eye will see Him, and us, His children, will be called home! Oh Glorious Day!

    I pray for the unsaved as well. We have many close family members and grandkids that are all walking astray, of the world. No faith whatsoever. Sadly even a neighbor straight out said yesterday, after I invited her to church, she is a believer in nature, that’s where she feels good, she doesn’t believe in a church or of that. I hope that the Holy Spirit will move in these people, and have their hearts open. I know God wants us all to come into his precious family, but we have free will.

    @Rebecca, How is it going with your son, now that he has moved out?
    @Heidi- That is FANTASTIC your niece wanted to come to your church so bad!! And bless you for driving so far to get her!! You have an amazing heart!!
    @Tracy- Thanks for sharing, I think many of us can relate. We all are lost and go looking for all kinds of things or people to fill us. I hope you have a special Easter, and we know you are missing your dear son Tanner, but hope you fill some comfort! Love ya!
    @ all of you- such a wonderful, wise community that we are so blessed to have!

    I have a praise to report from all your prayers that my husband and I would find a church and my husband would be drawn in with the Spirit- And praise God my husband loves this church we are attending, we are meeting so many people, met the pastor today, and we have taken the Next Steps classes! My husband couldn’t stop talking about the message today. I pray God will lead us to be His servants, where He wants us! I tend to want to jump in feet first and get in there, so I am trying to be patient and see what God has in store for us!

  5. Mari V says:

    He is risen indeed! Happy Resurrection day to all you beautiful SRT sisters♥️

  6. Jennifer Loves Jesus says:

    “There is victory in Jesus!”, this is the song ringing in my home and heart this morning. The most significant event in human history is the crucifixion of Jesus. Sin was judged once for all, Satan was defeated, and God reconciled the world to Himself. He placed the sum total of sin upon Jesus. He killed Him in our place. His wrath diverted from us to fall fully upon Jesus (Luke 24:25-26). When He came up and walked along the path with His identity shouded, being questioned about His own salvation plan, He was actually the only one who knew the fullness of what had taken place (Luke 24:18). How beautifully He revealed Himself (v. 31). And their hearts burned within them (v. 32) before they recognized Him. We have been reconciled to Him, all we have to do is BELIEVE. Faith as small as a mustard seed. He will grow our faith into a mighty tree. The path of life has been made known to us. In His presence is fullness of joy (Psalm 16:11). Forever. Satan is defeated each time someone chooses Christ. This is where the victory is, until… Jesus returns once again, and He will end our battles here on earth for good. Maranatha.

  7. Stephanie G says:

    Oh to be there to hear my Jesus speak the words he did in v27 And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself. Praise be to God, He is risen!

  8. Lori Lackey says:

    Happy Easter. My prayer for my family and yours on this resurrection Sunday is that God would open the eyes of the blind. As I read todays scripture so many things caught me attention. The disciples walked with Jesus on the road to Emmaus. He told them scripture about himself. They did not recognize him until he broke bread with them. – How like those disciples I can be. I was asking God, in prayer to open the eyes of my unsaved loved ones. I still ask that, but as we prepare for church and our family gathering today…I also ask that God would also the eyes of our hearts (both saved and pre saved family) to see the wonderful things he is doing today ❤️

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