Daniel’s Captivity in Babylon

Open Your Bible

Daniel 1:1-7, 2 Kings 24:10-17, Psalm 137:1-6

Last week my husband called to say goodbye to his 93-year-old grandmother. Her body is showing signs of fatigue, and her doctors have said she doesn’t have much time left. More than that, she can just sense it somehow.

He relayed the conversation to me afterward—how he told her would miss her, and how she said she loved him and called him “Doo-bug,” the name she gave him when he was a baby. I listened, the familiar ache in my chest of knowing that our time here is temporary, no matter how we like to pretend it isn’t. What must it feel like to know the transition to heaven is near—to look back over nearly a century of celebration and sorrow, wars and babies, grandchildren and church potlucks and conversations on the front porch? What does success look like from that vantage point? What does it mean to live a faithful life?

In the book of Daniel, we get an overview of one man’s life. This true story begins with God’s people, including young Daniel, being taken into captivity by Nebuchadnezzar, the king of Babylon (Daniel 1:2). Part of the king’s strategy was to take some of the most beautiful, wise, and noble into his own home and indoctrinate them in the ways of the Chaldeans. The Babylonians’ desire was to change everything about Daniel, from his name to the god he worships.

The book recounts Daniel’s roughly seventy years in exile. He will be a prophet, an interpreter of dreams, and a prisoner. He will fast, worship, and pray to the God of Israel under threat of his life. He will survive a den of hungry lions by Yahweh’s power and presence, and prophesy the glory of God’s eternal kingdom. And while we know Daniel was not perfect—he was human, a sinner in need of grace—we will get glimpses over these twelve chapters of what it looks like to live a faithful life in exile.

We, too, are exiles in this world, longing for the day when we will live at home in the presence of Christ our King. We are citizens of heaven, but we take up residence here for a time, called to represent God’s image on every stretch of the journey. As we wrestle with what it looks like to live a faithful life, we look past Daniel to the perfection of Jesus Christ. He is our example and our advocate, our just judge and righteous ruler.

To say this year has been disorienting is an understatement. But regardless of our times, our culture, or our circumstances, our God’s faithfulness endures and His character does not change (Hebrews 13:8). He is more than able to be our anchor in times like these. If we will turn to Him and choose His ways, He will help us to remain faithful in this life, looking forward to the day when we will no longer feel the exile of this world because we will be with Him in His eternal kingdom.

Long live the King.

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149 thoughts on "Daniel’s Captivity in Babylon"

  1. Tara Greeley says:

    I love reading that you want to be a Daniel…how desperately this generation needs an army of Daniels to rise up in courage and strength in the Lord.

  2. Vangee Deussen says:

    Emily, I am a 33 year educator. I have been a principal for the last 17 years. I can tell you on your hardest worst day if you love those children with kindness and structure, they will perform. Some days your gift and your love for our Lord is just showing up with consistency.

  3. Carolyn Miller says:

    Praying for you today! It’s difficult to swim upstream. May God strengthen and guide you.

  4. lacey entrekin says:

    love the book of daniel!

  5. Ebony RochelleCarmon says:

    So glad God put Daniel on my heart to read! Already blessed in so many ways!

  6. Vera O'Sullivan Fortson says:


  7. Krislyn Placker says:

    Super excited to start this series about Daniel!

  8. Rachel Dean says:

    Lord may I always choose your ways. Help me to remain faithful to your will and your way.

  9. Samantha Patricia Bachini-Chanco says:


  10. Christina Fisher says:

    living in 2021…as a nurse practitioner. my morals and my beliefs are being questioned challenged and laughed at every single day. i started this plan today because i want to be a daniel. no matter what today throws at me (in this time of medical tyranny and ignorance), I will stand for Christ above all else.

  11. Nancy Anton says:

    I do not understand some of the questions such as Point of view? First person Third person ? I need some guidance in how to answer the questions. where can I find them

    1. Jamie Hoey says:

      Point of view refers to who is writing or telling a story. 1st person uses “I” and “me.” That person is tellling us firsthand what happened to them. 3rd person, is an “invisible” narrator who is telling the story about someone else. 3rd person pint of view uses words like “he” “she” “they,” never “I” or “me.” Hope this helps you!

  12. Charlie Hartzell says:

    We are studying Daniel at our church & I just have this pulling in my heart to dig deeper & learn more about Daniel & his lifestyle & commitment to Jesus!

  13. Alex Henderson says:

    Praying for you Rebekah – praying that our Heavenly Father lifts you supernaturally from your depression and brings you into His comforting presence. Lord, give Rebekah a peace beyond understanding and surround her with your love.

    Praying God speaks to you through this study and know that you are not alone.

  14. Rebekah Montgomery says:

    I started this study after hearing the Holy Spirit nudge me to go into the book of Daniel. It took about two weeks of His reminding me before I actually bought the devo…because, well, HUMAN. Lol. A song I have been replaying for months now, Another in the Fire, is inspired by this book. I hadn’t connected the dots until now! God is so cool :)

  15. Abrie West says:

    Hold tight to your faith! Even though you feel that you have pushed the Lord away, he’s still right there with you! He loves you and wants to connect with you!

  16. Rebekah Glassy says:

    I start this study today of all days. I’ve been reading Daniel on my own on and off for 2 months. I’ve really only gotten as far as chapter 4 before stopping.

    My heart hurts today. I’m having a hard time trusting the Lord with my life and my faith. I’ve had depression my whole life and it’s gone through highs and lows and I can’t seem to function right now. It feels like the God of this universe doesn’t want to heal me and set me free. He feels so distant and far because I’ve put him there. I feel so broken and alone.

    And today I start the Daniel SRT study. I can’t give up, not yet.

  17. Stephanie Edwards says:

    I’m excited to start this journey and learn more about God’s plan for me

  18. Stephanie Edwards says:

    Excited to start this journey and understand more about God’s plans for me.

  19. Emilee Prater says:

    God always has a plan for us just like daniel. When we go through hardships or things that we don’t understand he is there God is always faithful.

  20. Valerie Cabanilla says:

    God reflects my life here in Daniel, feeling exiled, among sinners, few brothers and sisters, but Yahweh is still the Lord, my God. May I honor him in Spirit and in Action. Te amo Mucho Father

  21. Erin Ross says:


  22. Diana says:

    Thank you for reminding me that I am not on this journal alone- both in the past and in today’s modern, isolating world. Others have been exiled, others are suffering, and others are seeking God. Thank you for giving me community and as I wait to better understand God’s plan for me.

  23. Sheryl Fox says:

    My first SRT study. Love getting deeper in the Word.

  24. Alyshah Gamble says:

    Love this new app and study

  25. Brandy Deruso says:

    Lord let us realize that this is not our home and prepare to be with you to not get caught up in the things of today but of you. Lord amen.

  26. Julia Azua says:

    New to SRT. I’m excited to get into HIS WORD with women across the world! I want to grow in faith and learn so much about understanding the Bible. I opened up my bible this morning and was led to the book of Daniel.
    My personal life recently has been turned upside down and I find myself struggling to understand. But like Daniel, I trust in the Lord and His plan for my life and I know that the future He has for me is greater than I can imagine.

  27. Jovita Setiawan says:

    The captivity was His will and part of His plan. And God was faithful towards His people, all through it! He is faithful, now and forever, no matter in what age we live….

  28. Katarina Richardson says:

    Thankful that Daniel’s life points to the One who is always faithful despite our wavering hearts and this world of chaos. Jesus Christ is our sure hope and the only constant to whom we can cling and find rest & restoration. I long to grow & practice my faithfulness in return to Him through this study.

  29. Carri B says:

    May God’s sons and daughters remain faithful in exile. May we long to remember Christ our King in our day-to-day living, in our choices and words. May we resolve to represent God’s image by relying on His grace and allowing Jesus’ truth and character to manifest Himself in us. Father, remind Your children that we are in Christ, and Christ is in us who believe- no matter where life finds us. In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.

  30. Sarah Rood says:

    Jesus you are always faithful! Thank you Lord!

  31. Beth Beutler says:

    Trying a SRT for the first time

  32. Maryse Adegoke says:

    I’m thankful and reminded from starting this plan that

  33. Emily McGhee says:

    This is always a great way to put life into perspective. My family has been through the ringer. God has tested out faith and is sharpening us into strong warriors. To see that and be in the fire this message encourages me to keep my eyes on eternal gain and not pity my circumstances but rejoice that I’m loved by a God that will bless us in the end!

  34. J T says:

    Hey Ladies! Some friends of mine just started a podcast and I was wondering if some of you could check it out? Its called “So I was thinking…” its a Christian podcast and talks about the Christian struggles.

  35. Sophie Faga says:

    This is the pick me up I needed!

  36. Karen Atkinson says:

    @Ashley, Melissa, and Alicia…. As I read your comments about the answer key, as a former teacher I was thinking the same thing. I am brand new to SRT and the Bible studies, and a perpetual baby in my spiritual journey, but after working through several of the lessons, I wonder if there is no answer key because God reveals to each of us what we need to see in that moment. As we each read the passages, we may get different interpretations (because of where we are in our walk, our life experiences, our knowledge base) and each one of them will be correct in their own way. In browsing the FB group yesterday, I was continuously blown away by the depth of some of the comments, and could only think “Wow! I have a long way to go!” Where I am in the journey doesn’t matter as much as the steps I take each day to continue the journey.

  37. Eryn Murray says:

    I love the book of Daniel and what the devotions highlighted. Just because someone tries to change your identity does not change who you are in God’s eyes.

    1. Tanya R says:

      Yaaaaas! Speaking to my soul!

  38. Melissa Sibat says:

    First time here and taking this plan after I listened to the podcast. Glad to have started afresh (after a long period of bible reading ‘drought’) and enjoying it so far — also loving how neat the app looks.

  39. Melissa Sibat says:

    First time here and taking this plan. Glad to have started afresh (after a long period of ‘drought’) and enjoying it so far

  40. Christa Strader says:

    Hi :) I am brand new to this group and started late but hey I’m here :)

    I was so confused by years and names I think I have it clear…. Jehoiakim reigned for three years then overtaken by King Neb. Then fast forward 8 years King Jehoiachin (reigned 3 months) was taken by King Neb (his 8th year to reign) along with Daniel … first wave of deportation to Babylon.

    Thanks to commentaries I hope I got this right please let me know if I’m wrong :)

    1. Carri B says:

      I think Jerusalem never was able to thwart the attacks of King Neb because it had already been ordained by God through the prophets. God had spoken and nothing could stop that.!!

  41. Oluwatosin Ayandare says:

    Good morning ladies, I purchased the Daniel plan but can’t access it on my app. Can anyone help please as I have tried to contact them from the app but it doesn’t show an email address to send my query to.

  42. Ashley Wesseling says:

    Hi Ladies,

    This is my first SRT workbook and was just wondering is there an answer key to the worksheets. At times it is really hard for me to understand scripture and I am looking for an in depth breakdown and think the worksheet answers will help me dive deeper until I understand everything a little more.

    1. Melissa Weber says:

      I was wondering the same ❤️☺️

    2. Alicia Tsikretsis says:

      Same here

      1. Joy Stark says:

        I don’t think there’s an answer key, but we can share answers with each other here and see if that helps us to understand!

    3. Cara P says:

      Me too

  43. Amy Bryant says:

    My first subscription box just mailed. Can’t wait for it to arrive

  44. Patricia Broadway says:

    This is my first SRT. Day 1 thought provoking. The comment by our leader said this book shows what a faithful life in exile looks like. As I stop and think about today’s world , i know i have some stretching and growing so that my faithfulness will sort of resemble Daniel’s. Growth growth always growth!!!

    1. Carrie Taylor says:

      Yes we are definately living In exile these days. But it’s so wonderful to know that He is faithful through it all.

  45. Josie Martinez says:

    Super excited to get into this study. I’m waiting on my subscription box eagerly.

  46. Susan Crosby says:

    When our faith wavers His faithfulness endures. When things seem out of control His character does not change.

  47. Melissa Mcclellan says:

    This is my first reading with SRT. I am still waiting on my SRT bible to get here. Can’t wait to get it and also excited to study with you ladies.

  48. Mariah Holloway says:

    I am also a first timer and am looking forward to this study. I can’t wait to discuss things from this study with everyone

  49. Tricia Kennedy says:

    Thank God for my identity in Christ

  50. Sara Morman says:

    I find that the world tries to do to us what the Babylonians did to the Hebrews. The world tries to strip our identity in Christ to be more like the world, just like the Babylonians did to Daniel. We need to stand firm in our faith and emulate the example Daniel sets before us.

    1. Courtney Shambaugh says:


    2. Teresa Garcia says:


    3. Tyra Johnson says:

      At Rebecca, hello I too have asked that question and the answer, I believe it to be, is in God’s Word. The book of Daniel gives the examples of what Daniel did, but in general, if we get back to Sara’s point, and recognize that our identity is in Christ, then we can see ourselves victorious in various trials we face. Why because just like God was in the fire with Daniel and the other Hebrew boy’s, He stands with us in the trials we face. How we view ourselves will determine how we handle situations we find ourselves in. If we view ourselves as defeated, because it’s impossible to do this or that, that’s exactly how we will look to the world. It’s also how I think the world would like for us to look like defeated Christians. On the other hand, if we view ourselves as victorious, because we walk with the One who have overcome all, that’s how the world will see us! And what’s more, God gets the victory as it belongs to Him anyway!

  51. Joyce Suber says:

    I’m excited to participate with this community’s believers.

  52. BAILEY SWEET says:

    I feel a lot of sympathy for Daniel in the beginning. His entire identity was changed, even his name in order to assimilate with Babylonian culture. I can’t even imagine. I’m having trouble seeing a resolution for this particular day in the book, but I enjoyed reading and participating.

  53. Elizabeth Rowland says:

    Before I read this week, I wrote that “in this season of life I feel like I do not belong”. I was wresting this and thought there was something wrong with me or my faith. But it is true, I do not belong to this culture or world. I am excited to continue to read and learn about what it means to live a faithful life.

  54. Leslie Nelsom says:

    I am grateful for this study as I sit here, after praying because my husband is not where I am in faith and asking God how I can keep doing this, when will he bring him to the place of hunger I have. And here today’s words and what lesson be about, yet Daniel was among unbelievers not just those of lessor faith or hunger. I am hopeful for what can get from this study. Especially because in this world it sometimes feels like alone with this pandemic separating us from others in the church in the physical realm. Yet we are one in spirit of Christ.

  55. Amy Hill says:

    I have never read the book of Daniel so I’m so excited

  56. Catherine Ryberg says:

    First time SRT subscriber here! I am so excited to be in God’s word daily, in fact I am desperate for it. This is my first time studying Daniel as well. My heart broke for the captors whose god-given names and identities were stripped from them. I hope to learn more and grown in appreciation for God’s everlasting dominion in this study.

  57. Laurie Crary says:

    Lord, help me represent your image.

  58. Nicole Green says:

    We are here for only a moment. That’s why it’s so important to redeem the time. We are citizens of heaven!

  59. Jessica Miller says:

    “We are citizens of heaven, but we take up residence here for a time, called to represent God’s image on every stretch of the journey.” I have grown too comfortable as a resident of this world. What about my life looks different than the unbeliever? I pray that this study encourages me live more of a “salt of the earth” life that is pleasing to God, not necessarily others. I pray that my desire to “fit in” here fades away.

    1. Adaya Sturkey says:


  60. Churchmouse says:

    Oops that should have posted to day 2.

  61. Churchmouse says:

    “Daniel determined.”
    From the outset of his exile, Daniel made a non-negotiable decision. He committed to unwaveringly follow the Lord’s commands regardless of his situation or the demands of others. That initial decision drove all other decisions. This singular determination defined Daniel.

    What about me? Years ago I determined to follow Jesus. Have I been unwavering? Have I remained committed? Or have I compromised? Has my situation or my personal need for comfort and convenience undermined my initial decision? Forgive me, Lord! Today I determine, again, to follow You. Help me to do so faithfully. Amen.

    1. Jessica Fuller says:

      That’s so good Churchmouse! I pray today that I might follow Daniel’s example and stand firm in unwavering faith.

  62. Erin Hudgins says:

    I have fallen out of routine with Bible study this year and yearning to get back into the Word. I pray God uses this study to show us how to be faithful in the current times.

  63. Lesley says:

    Jocklyn S, I can’t seem to leave this as a reply to your comment but Daniel 1 says it was in the 3rd year of King Jehoiakim’s reign in Judah and 2 Kings 24 says it was in the 8th year of King Nebuchadnezzar’s reign in Babylon so the different numbers are referring to different kings.

  64. Quadria Mandler says:

    Hello all! What did you sisters put for the central conflict and resolution?

    1. Meagan Ranson says:

      I put conflict as captivity, but unsure about resolution? Perhaps honoring the Babylonian king?

      1. Quadria Mandler says:

        Ok thanks so much!!!

  65. Raquel D says:

    I’m a first timer to SRT, and am excited to start this study! Praying for God’s wisdom to understand and apply what I read/study!

  66. Huldah Akita says:

    A perfect study for a time such as this

  67. Jocklyn S, says:

    Can someone clear up a question for me? The verses of Daniel we read stated that the King of Babylon overtook him during the King of Judah’s 3rd year of reign, however, in 2 Kings it said during his 8th year of reign. Did I misinterpret this?

    1. Angel Antkowiak says:

      If you read the beginning of the chapter it talks about Jenoiakim (king when Daniel was exiled) then the passages we were to read were about his son Jenoiachin. So my understanding is that Nebuchadnezzar went back years later and took the 10,000.

      It took me reading it a couple times and then finally going back to see the difference in the two Kings. I hope this helped.

  68. Laura Beckom says:

    Good start to the study so timely for our times. I like the reference to being an exile. I have to ask myself if I represent God as well as these men did. I had to work today so will listen to podcast tomorrow. I loved the podcasts in the last study.

  69. Ashley Danielle says:

    Soooooo, I haven’t participated in this comment section for the last four studies done but it’s my goal to get consistent with sharing my reflections here. I usually share a snippet on Instagram, but want to build more of a community with the women here like I used to have when the studies first started out; before the books. I’m excited to start this journey with you all! Xoxo

    1. Brandy Larkin says:

      I believe the perceived discrepancy is simply in the pronoun. In Daniel it seems to be speaking about the reign of the king of Judah while Kings is speaking about the reign of the king of Babylon. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I compared to information in Jeremiah concerning Babylon. I hope that helps.

      1. Brandy Larkin says:

        Sorry. Meant for another posted question.

  70. Cierra LeVan says:

    Hello ladies! I am so excited to start my SRT journey and I am even more excited that many of you are new to this experience also. I love being able to be guided through the word in a way that allows the reader to experience each reading individually but which provides insight into the text and its history which we may not have otherwise.
    From what I can glean, it seems that the worksheets are the same because the text will change from day to day (as far as the narrative, the speaker, the content, and the events) these worksheets help us identify what is going on, who is making these observations and how they are feeling. This will give us an insight and hopefully an understanding of what the people taken from Jerusalem were feeling. If we approach each reading with these questions in mind it will help us to get a feel for the experience of those suffering in Babylon.

    The concept of “person stripping” is interesting to me. The Babylonian King N. knew what he was doing. He knew that in order to make the people of Judah (which were well known for their foundational truths) submit and keep under his control, he would have to strip them of their identity, take away their foundations, and rebuild them in the way of the Chaldeans. Satan tries to do this with us too. He tries to take our God-affirmed names and change them to things that benefit him and reflect his nature. Then we begin to believe the lies he tells us and eventually we are so weighed down by all the ways he has stripped us of our God-given nature and remolded us to the ways of the world that we begin to forget who we are in Christ. I believe that is why the Judahites were so openly lamenting in that passage in Psalm 137. They so desperately did not want to forget who they were in God – they did not want to forget their lives in Jerusalem and all that God did to get them there. They were so desperate that they would rather lose the use of their instrument hand or the ability to speak.

    I am so thankful that God’s nature never changes. So thankful, that through history and his great works that he shows us he is capable of pulling us out of anything. We can lean on his unfailing love and faithfulness, even when we start to forget who we are. He will always be there to remind us. Thank you God.

    Lord, may we never forget all you have done for us, and all that you have affirmed in us. I ask that each day you speak the words you believe in us, to our hearts so we may go into each new day renewed in your identification of us, and not the worlds.

  71. Misty Joe says:

    So happy to be studying Daniel! He truly can show us how to walk in this world but still be focused on God’s world .

  72. Krystal Seely says:

    So excited to take this journey with you ladies! The book of Daniel has always been a source of hope for me in hard times. How fitting that we’re studying it this year?

  73. Kristina Shank says:

    I’m new to this format but excited. So please ladies don’t hold back to you thoughts and feelings especially on the workbook pages.

  74. Lynne Palmer says:

    Why are all of the worksheets the same?

    1. Claire B says:

      I don’t use them, so I cannot help. I have some of the study guides but prefer to read and make notes on my own. Maybe someone who uses them can help you.

    2. Andi McDevitt says:

      I’m anticipating that they want us to go into each reading looking for these particular things? In the end, you’ll have a nice compilation of what was narrative based dream, who was mentioned in each section & a central conflict. Not the most in depth study I’ve participated in, but I’ve never read Daniel so it might be a nice foundation for the book ☺️

  75. Sara Moore says:

    So excited to read Daniel with all of you.

  76. Lynne Palmer says:

    Why is the worksheet the same for each day… im not listening to the podcast. I am reading the app/book and working thru the book… this is my first study and I am thoroughly confused

  77. Paige ElizabethGiddings says:

    Very good study

  78. Paige ElizabethGiddings says:

    This is going to be a great study . Very timely .

  79. Tammy Dill says:

    First study with SRT! What a grand entrance, with Daniel. I’m echoing others in how this study seems just right for right now. Excited to be here and to be in God’s Word. Also, first time reading The book of Daniel!

    1. Sarah Records says:

      This is my too I’m also so so excited and I love the podcast you need to listen to them.

    2. Claire B says:

      Welcome Tammy and Sarah!

  80. Taylor says:

    Yay! First day of a new study and today was my first day of my clinical rotation! It was mostly orientation so I didn’t do anything but I think of in the same way God ordained the exile we read about in Daniel, He has ordained for me to be in Philly during this season and He has a purpose for it! I pray surrender over the next 12 weeks that I would surrender my plans to HIS plans, and that He would move in me, grow me, and stretch me during this season. I pray that I would be faithful to Him above anything else and not be sucked into my own selfish ambitions and the pull of the world. God’s got this! I’m ready to see Him move :)

    1. Tiffany Taylor says:

      Amen! Standing with you in these prayers and declarations Taylor. Abide in Him and He will certainly abide in you and lead and guide you to pastures that exist in season and out of season!

  81. Lisa Tolbert says:

    This is my first time with SRT. I just did the day 1 reading for Daniel and I have to say I really like this study. The editor’s letter by Amanda really helped me make the connection to Daniel. I love her words “we too, are exiles in this world, longing for the day when we will live at home in the presence of Christ our King”. And just like King Nebuchadnezzar tried to break the connection between Daniel and God, the world we live in does the same with us. I am looking forward to working thru this book and learning all I can from Daniel.

    1. Claire B says:

      Welcome, Lisa! SRT is a great way to study the Bible and gain knowledge, faith and a sense of community.

  82. Bernardine Joseph says:

    This is a reminder for me that God has a plan and allows things to happen even if we don’t understand why

  83. Courtney says:

    Greetings All! I have been a long time reader of comments and so blessed by so many of your insights and the way you love and pray for each other but I am pretty sure this is my first post.
    I was moved to post because I also have the SRT book and also was a bit confused this morning when I saw the items regarding first person and third person and the tree and statue and listing of names and these were not all in our assigned passage for the day. I looked ahead in the SRT book and, at least in my cursory overview, it seems that we have the exact same template for every day’s reading. Thus, not everything applies. Today, for example, is narrative rather than a dream. The statue and tree will apply to later chapters where Daniel interprets dreams. We will also have Daniel writing in the first person in later chapters. Gabriel and one like a Son of Man will be very clearly and explicitly referred to, etc.
    Reading comments about being a Daniel in the midst of our circumstances were encouraging and I, too, am so exciteda about this study!
    I was moved by Amanda’s words that “We are citizens of heaven, but we take up residence here for a time, called to represent God’s image on every stretch of the journey.” Daniel was surely a beautiful example of representing God’s image on every stretch of his journey and my prayer is that we will lean in to this calling and that, with God’s help, we might represent His image well and faithfully in this chaotic world. So thankful to have this community and these studies with me on the journey!

    1. Brittney Mitchell says:

      I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one confused about those extra pieces!

    2. Laura Beckom says:

      Well said Courtney.

    3. Camille Cooper says:

      Thank you, Courtney! This is my first SRT study book and this was helpful!

  84. Chris Swan says:

    Really enjoyed todays Podcast!! This is going to be a very interesting study!

  85. Greta Vinston says:

    I’m right there with you. I don’t understand the tree or statue either

  86. Dominique Diaz says:


  87. Karen says:

    I too am grateful for having gone through the Jeremiah study. I already understand more in the first chapter than I have before. I feel like I’m among “friends” as I read about familiar characters.

    1. Mackenzie Riley says:

      Karen! I feel the same way. So thankful to grow in my knowledge of the Word and see how new connections are made with the more time I spend in scripture!

  88. Joyce Coward says:

    Hi friends! I do not understand the Tree or Statue in the first box. Any insight is appreciated!

    1. Pamela Burback says:

      I don’t understand that either. I would like some insight also please.

      1. Yolanda Molina says:

        So if I am not mistaken I think the main symbol is the tree which they speak of in psalm 137

      2. Elizabeth Friend says:

        I believe it’s referring to the statue in Nebuchadnezzar’s dream but we haven’t gotten to that yet so I’m a little confused.

    2. Elizabeth Friend says:

      I believe it’s referring to Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the statue with the golden head and feet of iron and clay. But we haven’t gotten to that yet so I’m confused. The only mention of trees that I see are the poplar trees in the psalms passage, but I don’t believe they symbolize anything. But maybe.

  89. Lisette says:

    This study is so timely. I am excited to dive right in. I enjoy listening to the podcast for additional insight.

  90. Kristina says:

    Is anyone doing Daniel on the book from She Reads Truth? Would anyone like to discuss with me?

  91. Janice M says:

    Thank you for the reminder that in these crazy times that our God’s faithfulness endures. If we remain true to Him, He remains true to us. Amen

  92. Stacie Tyson says:

    Long live the King!

  93. Toni Futch says:

    Yes, I need this study and I am so glad to see that it is current. We are truly seeing some unusual times with this virus. I am truly wanting to move past it, and I am realizing I need to sit in it with God. This is where we are. He is in control and has allowed us to be here. I don’t find myself asking him what am I to do with this time of COVID near as much as I look for Him to make it “go away”. I think that may not be what He has in store for us. I am so looking forward to this study.

  94. Bridget Rackley says:

    I have read many comments so far that mention COVID and the current state of our world. And I must say, it has been weighing heavy on my heart lately. In addition, my best friend since childhood was recently diagnosed with an acute leukemia, so it seems like, in my life, the trials continue. But, someone mentioned God’s plan, and He does have one!!! I think sometimes, I personally, get caught up in the world around me and my own personal ordeals, that I fail to really stop and talk to God. What I really need help with is to stop being so selfish sometimes. We’re all going through COVID; we’re all really over it!!! I want to be a Daniel, I want to learn to live with what I have and make do with that. I want to learn to be more graceful and humble. Looking forward to this stud with you all!!!

  95. Bev says:

    Here we go!
    Did SRT know what the world would be like when they planned this study? Maybe not – but God knew. So while everyone is ‘so over’ Covid, racial injustice, politics, tumultuous economy, climate change – they aren’t just going to ‘go away’. It could be 7 months, 7 years, or 7 lifetimes — who knows? God knows. He is in control, He orchestrated this, so He has a plan for this to redeem us and teach us. I’m done sitting by the river crying. I want to learn how to thrive in this exile! Let’s go!

    1. Sherrie Bender says:

      AMEN, sister! I couldn’t agree more!

  96. Debi Marrs says:

    I am so excited to study Daniel, as I feel it will have such relevance to our current times! And let me just say, the study book is gorgeous!!

  97. Debi Marrs says:

    Haha, me neither!!

  98. Lindsay C. says:

    By the way, did this take anyone else back to when we read Jeremiah? I was excited to be able to pull from what I learned in Jeremiah to put into context what is happening here.

  99. Lindsay C. says:

    I echo Churchmouse’s sentiments today. I underlined “the Lord handed” in Daniel 1:2 as a reminder that all things take place under His sovereignty. He orchestrates all things for His glory and our good no matter how horrific or sorrowful they seem in the moment. I am looking forward to reading how Daniel never gives up on God despite the unfairness and hardships of his life, knowing it will buoy my faith. And more importantly, how God never gives up on Daniel, just as He never gives up on us.

    P.S. Daniel 1 is written in third person. First person will use I, me, my, we, us, etc. Psalm 137 in today’s reading is an example of first person. Hope that helps!

  100. CeeGee says:

    On HE READS TRUTH, Russ Ramsey ends with the thoughts that in the book of Daniel, we will see God more present and active than people would have expected and that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. I must say those same thoughts apply to our current exile experience and have been my anchor. “On Christ the solid rock I stand; all other ground is sinking sand! ” My anchor holds within the veil!!! Praise God! Have a blessed week ladies! I so need the perspective this study offers and look forward to seeing your insights.

  101. Maura says:

    Morning to you Sisters. Monica, I would say 3rd person omniscient, as it is written in 3rd person and as you keep reading, seems to know the reasons Daniel and others do what they do. Please correct me anyone if I am wrong. I am excited to start this study. Thank you Churchmouse, for indeed in this time I have seen the division happening so very clearly, and also the Lord working as He always is in so many beautiful ways thru His people. Daniel and his dedication to God in a time of captivity, and loss of freedom most of us have never experienced. And yet we have a glimpse, and some of us much more than others in some ways now. I believe God will continue to work it out for good as we lean in and draw near to Him. Angie, I have wondered that as well concerning the names. I think possibly the way Daniel was so dedicated to the Lord, that possibly a name like Belteshazzar did not stick. But also, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, are referred to with these names when they go into the fire with Jesus, and so the names seem more fixed I believe because of this story. But, it seems the King refers to Daniel as Daniel when he goes into the lion’s den. Ha, ha you have my mind spinning. So much to learn and so much our King wants to teach us. Hugs Sisters, know God is there with you in this day, He loves you with compassion, mercy, truth, and grace. Shine bright with Jesus Love, you are beautiful.

  102. Susie says:

    App is not working for me either. @Monica, I think that today’s reading is third person point of view.

  103. Casey says:

    My app is not reflecting the Daniel study. It still says we are on the weekly truth. Had to jump on here to get the devo.

  104. Monica Cooley says:

    In the study book for Daniel- under
    “Point of View” – my sister and I are not sure what to circle- [third person, first person, or speaker:…] anyone know?


    1. Elizabeth Friend says:

      First person uses the pronouns I and me,
      Third person used he, she, they, them

      They want you to name the speaker. So, who’s telling the story?

  105. Searching says:

    I, too, think the study of Daniel is so timely. Much to learn from his life and looking forward to this study.

    Thank you, Churchmouse, for reminding us to look for God and plans of His during this time of uncertainty, isolation and covid fatigue. It’s hard for me to do while some days I’m nearly overcome with being homesick for the way life used to be. Thanks be to God for walking with us through this time.

  106. Angie says:

    I always wonder why, when we refer to Daniel, we refer to him by his Hebrew name, Daniel, not Belteshazzar. I’m glad that we do not change his name. However, The other 3 men that were with him, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah are more commonly known as Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego the names given them by Ashpenaz. Why? Just a curious things I’ve always wondered about.

    I teach my 3rd graders that America is a melting pot. We study the history of immigrants; some by choice, others taken into slavery and brought to this place by force. A sort of melting together of cultures. We talk about how 9/11 changed that and even brought fear or anger towards people of other cultures as well as more current realities. We tie this then to their family and traditions.

    I guess it is heavy on my mind because we have puppies right now and a young man (Junior in college) came to get one. He drove 4 hours, one way. He looked, and his name proved, he is from another culture. I did not sleep well after he left and found myself praying for him, wishing I had sent some snacks along for him to eat on the long trip home (I did offer drink), or that we lived in a time where I could comfortably allow a stranger a bed to sleep in, and feel safe.

    Like Daniel and his fellow Hebrews we are strangers in this land. There are cultural things that may become a part of who we are because of where we live. (I’m thinking of Tina and her tea, while I love a good latte, as a very light example.) But, there are things that must not change or that we cannot assimilate, or melt into similarity with. There is One God, our Father. The Son of God, Jesus, came to live and die for my/our sin so that one day we can and will go Home. The Holy Spirit was given to indwell and keep us until that day. I may drink lattes or tea, I may be transported by bus, car, or walk everywhere according to where I live. But, my day to day attitudes and heart, need to be surrendered in love, honor, devotion, and service only to the One True God. What does that look like? Well, last night it looked like kindness to a stranger, who because of his ethnicity was a little bit frightening. I know very little about him, but I do know that I’ve presented him before God several times now, and God created him, loves him, and wants him to be His child.

    God is always at work in us and others, and I am thankful.

    1. Brittney Mitchell says:

      Your point about their names is so good!! I never really thought about it like that!!

  107. Churchmouse says:

    I’ve heard it called “covid fatigue.” It’s the effect of having been in some state of isolation and suspended animation since mid – March. My daughter expresses it well when she says “I’m so over this.” We want to move on from, or perhaps back to, the pre-covid days. It’s been all of six months, and counting.

    Daniel lived in exile (exile!) for 70 years. 70 years! How did he do it? Did he and his fellow Israelites experience exile fatigue?

    Doing a study of the life of Daniel is so timely. He wasn’t a wise old sage with a ton of life experience to draw from when his exile began. He was a young man. And yet we have much to learn from this whippersnapper. And even more to learn about his God. In this first chapter we see that God handed Judah’s king over to the king of Babylon. God orchestrated the exile. God was behind it. Therefore, there was a divine purpose. So too, let us look for the divine purpose behind this season we are in. If God has permitted it, He has a plan for it. Let us keep our focus on Him and we will come through stronger, fatigued no more. Let us look to Daniel for advice.

    1. Ashley Danielle says:

      “I’m so over this” may very well be my slogan for 2020, lol.

    2. Terri Gauldin says:

      “If God has permitted it, He has a plan for it.” That’s a word. And I need it on a T-shirt.

  108. Dana says:

    Long live the King! ❤️