Day 11

Covenant Circumcision

from the Genesis reading plan

Genesis 17:1-27, Genesis 18:1-21, Galatians 4:21-31, Galatians 5:1-6

BY Bailey Gillespie

Four years ago, the university where I was working went through financial difficulties and laid off several recent full-time hires. I was one of them. It was devastating since our team was like a close family. After reestablishing financial stability, they extended an offer to come back one year later; and because I was juggling part-time gigs at the time, I accepted. Here’s the crazy thing: it was a far better role than before and wound up being the closest thing I’d ever had to a dream job. The experience led to one of those moments when you think: I sure wouldn’t want to go through that again, but I’m so happy things worked out the way they did. I couldn’t wait to share the good news with my family and, like Abram, say in amazement: “Is anything impossible for the LORD?” (Genesis 18:14).

In Genesis 18, both Abraham and Sarah laugh after the Lord says they’ll have a son in one year’s time. What a crazy claim! Being in their autumn years, how would they have the strength and endurance to raise a child? Abraham responds by laughing to himself and asking if a hundred-year-old man and ninety-year-old woman can have a baby (Genesis 17:17). It’s a legitimate question. But God isn’t even close to being done working the miraculous into Abraham’s story.

God came through for them. He gave them a son, demonstrating it had always been His intention to further their family line. And the story didn’t end there. God not only chose to make Abraham a father, but also the father of many nations and the root of Christ’s lineage (vv.4–5). It wasn’t about how tired or advanced in years the couple was now; it was about the kingdom.

The reason why it’s so important to remember how God worked for our good in the past is because it anchors our trust for the future. My story didn’t have to end with returning to that university, just like Abraham and Sarah’s story didn’t have to end with a male heir. God could shape us and build His kingdom in a million different ways. In the end, we’re left in awe and wonder, laughing and marveling, just like Abraham and Sarah.

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48 thoughts on "Covenant Circumcision"

  1. Abigail says:

    What a beautiful parallel to your story, Bailey. And what a great reminder to trust God in His timing. Loved this!

  2. Ashley White says:

    Love this, I always gain so much faith from this story

  3. Mari V says:

    “ Something is going to come out of this”. This is what I say to myself often. Even when it hurts or I don’t like it. There’s always a reason or motive behind our trials or just simply life’s events. I know one thing. It’s brought me to my knees. Closer to God. I CRAVE my quiet time with Jesus. So true of what was meant for evil God turns it around for good. I can honestly say I have not felt abandoned by God but have asked “why“. It’s been painful. I felt very scared. Sometimes I can’t even breathe. In the end I know there’s a purpose for it. I’ve heard it say God does not waste away a hurt and it’s so true. My mom has said to me that sometimes we go through these trials so that we can later help someone else whose going through similar circumstances and come alongside them to comfort them. Already I found this to be true.

  4. Lisa Z says:

    I want to live my life “in awe and wonder, laughing and marveling” at the works of my Almighty Father! Thank you, Lord! Thank you, sisters in the Lord!

  5. Kenya Highes says:

    This is so amazing to read… with so many recent changes at my job, I felt like I was being left out to dry. But God is truly showing me He has a plan!

  6. Doris says:

    From “the beginning”, God is the center of it all, working out His plan and purposes. He created man and man fell. From that time on till now, He has intervened in the lives of His creation to bring about His plan and purposes. Acts says, in Him we live and move and have our being. He has given us breath and life and all things. All things that pertain to life and godliness (Acts 17 ; 2 Peter 1). What can we be? What can we do? What do we have outside of God? Everything started with Him and everything revolves around Him. He is the center of it all. May He be glorified and worshipped for Who He is. We can do life our way but in the end, we have to come back to Him and He in His own way let us see, it’s Him that is working it all out for His glory.

  7. Lindsey Bailey says:

    One thing that stood out to me was that after Abraham was called, he was to circumcise his entire household. Sometime I glaze over things like this, but I’m sure this circumcision was no easy task. But, it was an outward action that showed his belief in what God had promised him. It wasn’t the circumcision itself, but it was the action of belief.

  8. Mikki says:

    The word ‘covenant’ has been sticking with me lately and as the Genesis study book writes, “While a contract specifies, “This is yours, and that is mine,” a covenant goes much deeper saying in effect, “I am yours, and you are mine.”” I am the type of person where my greatest fear is being unwanted or unloved, so this covenant that God has made couldn’t make me feel more amazing! “I am yours, and you are mine.”

    Yesterday, God answered a prayer that we have been praying about for over two years now, and all I could think about yesterday was how amazing God is! “Is anything impossible for the LORD?”


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