Commissioned by Christ

from the This Is the Church reading plan

Matthew 28:16-20, Matthew 10:27-42, Acts 8:26-38, Romans 10:14-17, 1 Corinthians 1:18-25, Romans 1:16

BY She Reads Truth

Since 2012, She Reads Truth has maintained a singular mission: to be women in the Word of God every day. Ten years later, our community includes “Shes” from across the globe, but our mission hasn’t changed.

Reading Scripture together is the centerpiece of what we do at She Reads Truth. As we spend time as a community reading This Is The Church, we encourage you to start by reading the daily Scripture on your  own. Then join us here to engage and encourage one another as we respond to what we’ve read. Each day for this series, we’ll include a brief summary of the reading along with a prompt for conversation.

Christ calls His Church to herald the good news to each other, our communities, and the world. 

As you reflect on Scripture today, take time today to pray for those who don’t yet know Christ as Savior. Share how you are praying for them along with your response to the reading. 

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  1. Adrianne says:

    Praying for protection not only for myself and my family, but also the disenfranchised, those who are struggling with a burden, for the lost. I’m praying for guidance for those in the church and those who have not yet found it. I’m hoping and praying for continued outreach to those who haven’t found the saving grace in his word.

  2. Minda Brown says:

    Jesus Christ is the power and wisdom of God. Praise God for giving us Jesus, his beloved son.

  3. Leslie Orozco says:

    I’m praying for my daughter and son-in-law to become wholly sold out for the Lord again, and for my prodigal granddaughter to return to the Lord and to our family. When I read the news, I now try to make a point of praying that the Lord will use their circumstances to bring them to Him.

  4. Jendi says:

    My husband and I pray each night for children of several friends who are lost and have walked away from God. We pray that they will be drawn back to Him, and remember what they have been taught. We also pray for our own children to truly know and love Him, especially as our eldest will leave home to go to university next year. We pray that our lives will reflect God in such a way that people will see Him in ask and that this will start conversations.

  5. Jennifer Anapol says:

    I have been praying salvation for my dad John, my friend Jill, my aunt Janet and my daughter Julia. I want to do more than pray though, I want to show them the truth through words and actions.

  6. Grayson Chatfield says:

    I pray every day for my family, friends, and neighbors who do not know Christ. This is something new that I’ve started incorporating into my morning prayer time. The Holy Spirit placed this idea on my heart after talking so much about being concerned for the people I love, but I wasn’t praying about it or for them. I have started to see little glimpses of stone hearts becoming a bit more tender. I pray every day that God would soften their hearts, that He would become so real to them, and that they would choose to accept Him as their Lord and Savior.

  7. K Swenson says:

    I have to confess that I don’t pray enough for those who don’t know Jesus. Today’s reading was a good reminder to be praying for and pursuing those who don’t know Him. One way of doing that came to mind as I read- I have a son and we play with other kids in the neighborhood. I want to be intentional to make those relationships with the parents and see how I can encourage and serve them.

  8. Faith Magras says:

    I am praying God will become the unavoidable issue in their lives.

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