Anticipation and Participation

Open Your Bible

Matthew 24:1-14, Hebrews 11:1-40, Hebrews 12:1-2

In light of each day’s reading, pause to reflect on the specific areas you long to see made new and how Jesus’s ministry calls us to join in that restoration. Let these shape your prayers today.

Jesus inaugurated the work of new creation, and the writers of the New Testament encouraged the early Church to hold firmly to Jesus’s example. Now, believers are called to live as participants in God’s work of making all things new in anticipatory hope of what’s to come.

After you’ve read, spend some time in prayer about how you can participate in God’s restorative work because of the hope you have in Christ. Comment/share with the community anything that stood out to you or encouraged you from the reading or your time in prayer.

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72 thoughts on "Anticipation and Participation"

  1. Holly Pratt says:

    Hebrews 11:13-16
    Seeking a homeland. So much truth. We await the day to go home to be with Jesus. For this Earth is not our home, but a passing place. A stop on the way.
    Another part that stuck out to me was, Moses avoiding the riches of Egypt to be with Jesus because to him, being with Jesus was much richer than having the materialistic riches.
    It blows my mind how some people in this world are so wrapped up in the materialistic things and the monetary things. And I’m with Moses. I would rather be rich in Jesus than to be rich in the world.

  2. Karen Wilson says:

    I love the part where after he has listed so many people that held the faith that he said…”What more can I say…Gideon, Jepthah, David….” It’s like when you have a time of thankfulness and start mentioning people you are thankful for and realize you are never going to remember everyone or have time to say what you want!

  3. Karen Breaux says:

  4. Bee Miller says:

    Jesus never stops working and protecting His people. When the world around us is wasting away, and what is good is being called evil & evil being called good, let us remember, Jesus is there and only He can provide discernment & comfort.

    1. Audrianna Peebles says:


    2. Lena Ng says:


  5. Wanda Woehlert says:

    that is set before us, looking to Jesus