Day 16

True Blessedness

from the Luke reading plan

Luke 11:1-54, Isaiah 55:6-7, Romans 8:14-17

BY Guest Writer

I was home alone one evening when someone started knocking at my door. We have a rather unwelcoming “No Solicitation” sign posted on our door, and it was past the time for a postal delivery. And yet, the knocking persisted. Generally, I don’t answer the door when I’m home alone, but I peeked around the corner and saw that it was our friendly neighbor, looking exceptionally apologetic.

“Do you have a corkscrew we could borrow?”

We did, and I gave it to him, and sincerely told him to knock anytime.

The parable Jesus tells in today’s reading is about a persistent neighbor, only this one is knocking and knocking and knocking at midnight, after the whole house had already gone to bed. Some commentaries call this parable humorous, a quality we don’t always assign to Jesus’s words, but in this case, the story plays out a bit like a sitcom.

A man and his family are asleep in bed, when a neighbor starts knocking. Eventually, the man gets up, begrudgingly, not out of the kindness in his heart, but because of his friend’s “shameless boldness” (Luke 11:8).

The point Jesus is making is not that we should be hospitable at all costs, even dragging ourselves out of a warm bed in the middle of the night to give our neighbor some bread. He’s telling us we should approach God with the same shameless boldness of the knocking neighbor in the parable. Some translations call it the neighbor’s “impudence,” or “shameless audacity.” These are not words I typically think of when I pray.

I am learning, however, to be persistent in prayer, praying the same things over and over again—not out of disbelief, but out of belief and faith. Every night, I pray the same words over my daughters: “Please show them how much You love them. Give them hearts that love You, eyes that see You, ears that hear You.” It’s not laziness, but persistence. Over and over, I ask, seek, and knock at God’s door in prayer.

Jesus’s illustration of persistent prayer follows the Lord’s Prayer, a tangible example of how we should pray every day. His answer to the disciples’ request, “Teach us to pray,” is two-fold. First, pray for things like these. Second, pray persistently.

Yesterday, in Luke 10, we read about how Jesus came to reveal the Father. Today, He shows us how we can speak to the Father. Jesus invites us to know Him. And through Him, we’re invited to know the Father, too, to pray to Him without ceasing.

May we ask, seek, and knock with persistence and faith, knowing that God will always answer for the good of all those who love Him, and to make known the riches of His glory (Romans 8:28; 9:23).

Melanie Rainer is a bookworm from birth who makes her days writing, editing and reading in Nashville, where she also joyfully serves as the editor of Kids Read Truth. She has an M.A. in Theological Studies from Covenant Seminary, spends as much time as she can in the kitchen, and can’t wait until her two daughters are old enough to read Anne of Green Gables.

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53 thoughts on "True Blessedness"

  1. Steph C says:

    Seek God! He wants us to seek Him. He wants us to ask Him. He wants us to rest in Him. He rejoices over us. He delights to give good gifts to His children. “He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things?” (Romans 8:32)

  2. Peggy says:

    Not only do we ask, seek, knock, but we also need to listen. He does speak to us!

  3. Valerie says:

    we are so blessed that god not only desires but encourages our prayers. my constant prayer as of late has been that my S/O will come to faith, that his heart will be open and pulled towards jesus and truth.

    S S, i have been praying with you for your husband as well, that he and my S/O both will soften their hearts and come to know god, and that god will grant us patience and faith in his perfect timing. i’m here for you!

    if anyone else would keep my S/O in your prayers as well, it would be so much appreciated. blessings to you all <3

    1. S S says:

      Valerie thank you for your prayers and I will absolutely be keeping you and your S/O in my own prayers! Clinging fast to the promises that God has in store for us

    2. Theresa Allen says:

      Praying for both of you and so encouraged by your own faith and holy desires in wanting Jesus for the ones you love most. Our Lord loves them more than you do, and desires salvation, holiness, and goodness for them. Trust Him. Trust His timing. I will remember you and your prayer requests in my own persistent prayers. Grace + Peacs

    3. Heather Allen says:

      I would love for you to keep mine in yours prayers.

      1. AnneLyn P says:

        Praying for you.

  4. Rachel Martinez says:

    I love the illustration about what it means to be hospitable even when it’s inconvenient. I pray that God would help me to look at the little “inconveniences” in life differently, so that instead I could see them as opportunities to display God’s abundant love to others in my life.

  5. Mari V says:

    I was relieved to hear Melanie say about praying over and over again over the same thing not out of disbelief, but out of belief and faith. As I find myself praying the same things over and over. I will continue asking, seeking, and knocking.

  6. Ashley Gwin says:

    Tina, your response moved me and placed a beautiful image in my mind. The understanding I gained was this: Though I stumble over my words from time to time (most of the time, honestly), may I pray with peace and confidence knowing that GOD is longing to hear from me. LONGING… Wow. I do not pray nearly as often as I should, and deep down I know it is because I am nervous that I don’t know what to say or how to ask for things from my amazing Father. Thank you for bringing this to light for me today, the Lord has called me to action in your words.

  7. Marsha says:

    I too, pray for many of the same things each and every night. I look at the stars from my bed and feel so grateful that His will has allowed me another day earthside. I pray that those I love that don’t yet know Him will somehow be touched in their hearts, the door opening even just a tiny bit and encouraging that person to knock! Eyes to see. Ears to hear. Hearts to believe. Ask. Knock. Repeat each day .

  8. Amy C says:

    Dear She’s,
    These bible studies are so life giving and encouraging. I don’t know any of you personally, but can imagine all of us sitting together and sharing. Thank you for being honest and real.

    At this time in my life I know I can come to Jesus with anything, but I wonder if I am passive about “Thy will be done”. Do I pray enough about concerns that have been laid upon my heart? God has kindly granted all of us “peace beyond all understanding”. Have I mistaken this peace for my own passivity? I will be thinking and praying about this today. Looking forward to more sharing tomorrow. Have a blessed day everyone.

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