Day 11

God Almighty

from the Names of God reading plan

Genesis 17:1-8, Exodus 6:2-5, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18, Revelation 11:16-19

BY She Reads Truth

In this Names of God reading plan, we are learning more about God by studying the names given to Him in Scripture. Rather than having our writers share their own reflections on these passages, we’ve instead provided research-rich content to aid in your study of each day’s featured name of God, including the background of the name(s), a brief explanation of the character of God emphasized by the name(s), and a reflection question to help you dig deeper into the text.


God Almighty

El Shadday (Hebrew)

Scripture Reading: Genesis 17:1-8, Exodus 6:2-5, 2 Corinthians 6:14-18, Revelation 11:16-19


El Shadday, or “God Almighty,” is a name God uses to describe Himself throughout the Old Testament. He appears to Abraham in Genesis 17 with the greeting, “I am God Almighty.” Then God makes a covenant with Abraham, promising to make him the father of a great nation, even though Abraham was old and his wife was barren. God offered His name, God Almighty, as the guarantee of this improbable promise. Bound up in God’s covenant promise to Abraham is the Lord’s proclamation of His power.

The name God Almighty also appears frequently in the book of Job to emphasize God’s power over all things. El Shadday is a powerful, impressive name for our God.  


God’s power over all things


What does this name teach me about God?


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57 thoughts on "God Almighty"

  1. Kelle Anne says:

    God Almighty, El Shadday, has the final word!

  2. Kelle Anne says:

    God Almighty, El Shadday, has the final word! Amen!

  3. Brittney Ford says:

    This name is familiar to me…and I have always found it interesting. Now, I recognize the power of what it means when people have said the name. God is Almighty, there is nothing he cannot do or be or change. El Shadday.

  4. Cathy Wagner says:

    Lord you are Almighty and I am all weakling. And when I remember that ……. I am strongest. With His strength.

  5. Chrsitina says:

    I have often focused on the fact that God keeps his promises, but have not really considered the magnitude/impossibility/zaniness of what He has promised and what the promise shows me about God. I was struck by Exodus 6:2-5, “God spoke to Moses and said to him, “I am the Lord. I appeared to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob as God Almighty, but by my name the Lord I did not make myself known to them.” This took me back to “the Lord” day and helped me consider how Moses was about to know God as the Lord because of what was promised to Moses. I guess I mean to say that while I’m thankful that God fulfills His promises, I’m as struck by what the promises say about God, too. Especially how it relates to the improbability/impossibility of the promise of our fellowship with God in 2 Corinthians 6:14-18, that He promised and fulfilled. This study has helped take names that I’ve used when talking to/about God and have given them meaning/weight. So grateful for this study and for everyone’s sharing.

  6. Parker Medley says:

    A true comfort that I have a God Almighty

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