Day 8

Jesus Lived, Died, and Rose from the Grave

from the This Is the Gospel reading plan

John 3:16-17, Matthew 15:29-31, Luke 18:31-33, John 19:28-30, Romans 5:6-11, Philippians 2:5-11

BY Rebecca Faires

Scripture Reading: John 3:16-17, Matthew 15:29-31, Luke 18:31-33; John 19:28-30; Romans 5:6-11; Philippians 2:5-11

This is the big show. This is the central truth of our faith. We can quibble over infant baptism and transubstantiation and ordination, but on these points all Christians must come together and agree. God came to earth in the form of a man, and this God-Man lived, died, and rose from the grave. They called Him Jesus. While we were helpless and lost in our sin, Jesus died to save us completely (Romans 5:6).

It is the truest and most real fairy story ever known. The Church is the princess trapped by the pretending ruler of this world: a dragon who seeks to hoard all he can. The hero slays the dragon once and for all though a mighty and earth-shaking sacrifice. The dragon vanquished, the hero rescues the princess and brings her to his beautiful home. And they literally live happily ever after.

Notice who’s who in this story. We are the Church and the princess: the bride of Christ. What does the princess have to do to make the story come off properly? The answer is… nothing.

We’d like to think we get to play a champion’s role in the story, but no matter how politically incorrect it may be, we, the bride, are helpless. The princess does not slay the dragon. She awaits the coming of her prince, the hero who will save her.

As unflattering as it is, we are helpless apart from Christ. If that weren’t enough to make us uncomfortable, Paul reminds us we were also ungodly enemies of God, undeserving of rescue (Romans 5:10). The Church is the the beggar bride, who has gotten overly comfortable living with the dragon. It is Christ who makes us holy, Christ who makes us lovely, Christ who washes us clean and removes the dragonish stench from our garments, preparing us for His kingdom.

By His life, He emptied Himself of glory, walking in perfect righteousness and enduring every earthly sorrow. By His death, He fully satisfied God’s just wrath against us, washing away our every sin.

By His resurrection, He defeated death and hell and secured newness of life for those who believe.

By His ascension, He advocates for us before the throne of grace, guaranteeing our eternal inheritance.

The great story of the gospel is the story of Christ. His life and death, His resurrection and ascension—this is the gospel. He is the gospel. Thanks be to God.


Rebecca Faires loves the gospel story and needs it every morning when she wakes up to her five little people. Rebecca holds a bachelor’s degree in German from Hillsdale College, and most recently worked as managing editor at She Reads Truth. She now works from her log cabin in the hills of Tennessee, writing and illustrating books with her favorite mountain man. There she enjoys porch-sitting as it rains, reading the Oxford English Dictionary, and getting in way over her head. She is expecting her sixth baby and her first book in February of 2019.

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76 thoughts on "Jesus Lived, Died, and Rose from the Grave"

  1. Lynn Johnson says:

    The visual of the enemy as the dragon is brilliant!

    1. Jo Moody says:

      I love that too!

    2. Julie Waldvogel says:

      Yes! This was a simple and straight-to-the-point

    3. Julie Waldvogel says:

      Yes! This was a simple and straight-to-the-point illustration. Loved it!

  2. Andrea Thompson-Poore says:

    I love this visual and love the depths in which we can parallel this to application in our own lives. The role of a princess is to become a diplomat. How can we assume that role? How can we help the dragon accept the hero’s offer of salvation?

  3. Camille Floyd says:

    Wow that was an excellent reminder of who we are as children of God! Like in illustrates in Hosea, once we are rescued, doesn’t mean we get to keep forsaking our rescuer, it means we have to live life like we are ransomed, we have to be changed and walk differently. Keep that in mind every time you are tempted, your prince has rescued you time after time, you must hold back and be a new creation.

  4. Kristy Reid says:

    My 11 year feels sorry for the dragon and thinks the princess should save herself!!
    Open the eyes of her heart Lord!

    1. Andrea Thompson-Poore says:

      I think she is right in her heart, though, to feel sorry for the dragon; the dragon needs the hero, too, but the hero cannot save someone who refuses to be saved. What she will realize in time is that the princess could not save herself, she needed the hero… and she was willing to be saved. God will open the eyes of her heart and she will understand that she is the princess who loves the dragon and helps it to be saved.

  5. Katie Zwonitzer says:

    I loved the parallel to the princess rescued by a hero…. and the reality that not only is the princess helpless, but that she “has gotten overly comfortable living with the dragon.”

  6. Carol Pierce says:

    The solid foundation to sanctification. Without Christ I am helpless! What joy to know my “prince” has come! Justification in Christ alone, by faith alone! Hallelujah what a savior !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Cathy Tubby says:

    Thanks be to God!

  8. Brittany Blazier says:

    What a challenge it must have been to choose certain verses instead of putting, “Please read all the gospels and Romans…and then the rest of the New Testament!” May these verses awaken our souls and passions to dive more deeply into God’s Word for all the wonderful details and truths of Jesus, who is, as the devo author put it so well, the Gospel Himself. I loved her parallel writing of “By His life…By His death…By His resurrection…By His ascension…” to highlight that Jesus Christ truly is the Author and Perfecter of our faith, as it declares in Hebrews 12:2. I’m so thankful that the good news does not depend on me at all, but has everything to do with Jesus. Praising God for His saving grace and praying for the searching hearts in SRT.

    1. Jenny Goncher says:

      Amen to that! Bravo! Such a beautiful read today.

    2. Nolvia B says:

      Amen !! I too love the parallel and wrote out some of it in my SRT book as a reminder of the unbelievable gift granted to my sinful self. ❤️

    3. Kay says:

      Amen! Such amazing Truths.

    4. Mari V says:

      I loved this as well it gave me a better understanding

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