Day 11

Israel’s Rebellion and Repentance

from the Judges reading plan

Judges 10:1-18, Isaiah 30:15, Luke 15:11-32

BY Guest Writer

Scripture Reading: Judges 10:1-18, Isaiah 30:15, Luke 15:11-32

My mother became a Christian when she was just a few months pregnant with me. I now realize she literally grew in her relationship with Christ while simultaneously teaching and leading me as she learned. In short, I grew up learning a lot about God. I participated in Bible memory contests, collected money for missionaries around the world, and had a part in both Christmas and Easter performances annually. My mother led me the best she knew how, yet I still rebelled.

I knew biblical principles,
but I did not apply them to my everyday life.

I knew the Bible as God’s Word, that He is the Creator of the universe,
but I did not honor Him as my Father.

I knew Jesus lived a perfect, holy, and blameless life,
but I did not know He loves me even though I cannot do the same.

I knew Jesus died to save the world from sin,
but I did not live as God’s forgiven daughter.

Having knowledge of God and choosing to live a life that honors Him are two very different things, and they will lead to two very different life experiences. This is exactly what is happening in today’s passage. There is no mistaking that the Israelites knew God. Judges 10:11 reminds us they had experienced His deliverance, His protection, and His love over and over again. Yet time after time they forsook the God they knew, preferring the comforts of what they could see and touch. They chose the false gods and cultural influences of surrounding nations over their faithful God.

Our struggles today remain the same. While we may not be tempted to worship the god of Baal, our false gods are just as dangerous. The tangible items we are so tempted to chase—money, people, success—are just as dishonoring when worshiped in place of the one true God. God did not want the Israelites to simply know of Him. He wanted them to know Him personally, to trust Him, confide in Him, and find their lives in Him. God wants the same for us now; He wants His people to choose Him.  

It’s easy to look at the stories we read in the Bible and wonder how God’s people could experience His patience, love, and miraculous intervention and yet still put their trust in other things. It’s easy to point the finger in judgment, but it would be far more beneficial for us to reflect on our own idolatry. In doing so, we will likely find places in our own hearts where we need to repent, seeking forgiveness and healing from the God who longs to be gracious to us (Isaiah 30:18).

God is compassionate and merciful. He provides leadership, guidance, and personal opportunities to experience His love. But as His children, we must take action, choosing to surrender to Him and worship Him with our lives. The ultimate provision of His faithful love comes in the very person of Jesus Christ—the sure image of the invisible God the Israelites so longed for and the Savior we all need. He alone stands by ready to rescue. In our surrender to Him, we will experience the deliverance, forgiveness, compassion, and rest promised to His children (Isaiah 30:15).


It is with great sadness, yet greater hope still, that we share in the loss of Wynter Pitts, one of our She Reads Truth writers. As the founder of For Girls Like You, a resource ministry for tweens and their parents, Wynter’s mission was to empower and equip women of all ages to know, love, and serve Jesus. We are grateful to her for sharing her words and her voice with the SRT community (including today’s devotional, her final piece written for SRT), and we praise the loving, living God who she now knows fully, face to face in glory. “In [His] presence, we need nothing more, nothing but Him… His love fills us up to overflowing.” — Wynter Pitts

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  1. Dominique Smith says:

    I needed this

  2. Christine Schultheis says:

    So sorry to hear about Wynter. What great work she did for God.

  3. Monica Davis says:

    Praying for the Pitts family.

  4. Dorothy says:

    In today’s scripture I noticed that God heard their cry for help but in verses 11 – 14, “the Lord said to the Israelites, ‘When the Egyptians, Amorites, Ammonites, Philistines, Sidonians, Amalekites, and Moanites oppressed you and you cried out to me, did I not deliver you from them? But you have abandoned me and worshiped other gods. Therefore, I will not deliver you again. Go and cry out to the gods you have chosen. Let them deliver you whenever you are oppressed.'” I hope to never have God this mad at me and I hope to never allow myself to “worship” anything more than I worship the Lord my God and Father. The Israelites in this scripture, you could say, “messed up royally” and God had had enough.

  5. Rebecca Jo says:

    Wynter is celebrating today so WILDLY in the presence of her Heavenly Father… praying for those who are left behind who loved her. & thankful for her words in SRT.

  6. Daniella Moore says:

    This has truly transformed my whole day.

    Tangible & Touch- We need to seek God in everything. By doing so we are transformed into the the “tangible and touch” to the world. From there God sometimes delights us in tangible/ touch ways.

    Recognition/Praise- My love language is affirmation. It is also my downfall. If I don’t receive affirmation my core understanding of love is eradicated.

    Recognition/Praise (Revelation)- I was moved to tears by the older son. He was with the father the whole time, yet wanted approval/recognition/praise. And when he didnt see it he acted in real emotion (something I do ALL THE TIME). What moved me was the following:

    “But he was angry and refused to go in. His father came out and entreated him”:
    Wow. The father followed him. He knew that he was hurt and didnt neglect him. Not only did he follow but he asked. I just viewed God doing this to me. He follows me. Even when I am stubborn or sassy. Why? Because his love does not always reflect in praise, but in his constant presence.

    “Son you are always with me, and all that is mine is yours”:
    The response the father has for the son just breaks my heart. The older son was with him the entire time and missed engaging with his presence. The son was looking for the praise not the relationship. We forget that we are found. We allow Satan to pervert our minds into thinking that we are lost and that God is not present. My goodness how this breaks God’s heart. We need to remember that fear, rejection, and shame are not from God.

    God doesn’t want to be known, he wants to be experienced. It’s a relationship that we seek not affirmation. What breaks my heart, even more, is that if I am looking for affirmation I find it. I find it in past actions and in the character of God. I have decided to not let the enemy pervert the truth.

    Long and unorganized way of writing down my thoughts. Not sure if anyone will read, but wow…incredibly impacted!

    1. Katie says:

      This was encouraging and I needed to read this, thank you for sharing!

    2. Katie Braun says:

      This was so good! I am a words of affirmation person as well. Your perspective really resonated with me & I agree with it all. Amen.

    3. Sharon Smith says:

      Daniella- thank you for your words and wisdom here~ I can identify with your love language as affirmation and I , too, struggle with seeking affirmation in the wrong places , at times.
      Applying God’s words to my life and not just hearing them is difficult .

    4. Nancy Dipprey says:

      That insight was amazing. Thank you!

  7. Naomi LaBoo says:

    It’s so true having a knowledge of God and knowing Him personally are 2 different things. RIP Wynter…

  8. Gema Muniz says:

    My condolences to the SRT family. Yet, so grateful for Wynter’s last devotional. What a great reminder to not allow our dreams, family, and careers take over Gods place. We most always remember to place him first and not build any idols on earth. Asking for prayer today, my husband and I are starting up two businesses and eventhough we want to succeed in them I don’t want them to become the focus of our lives. May we never loose the focus of what is most important which is to serve our God with everything we have. God bless you all ladies.

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