Day 19

Remember Me, My God

from the Nehemiah reading plan

Nehemiah 13:1-31, John 14:2-3

BY Rebecca Faires

Scripture Reading: Nehemiah 13:1-31, John 14:2-3

The Tower of London was built around the year 1000 AD, and it still stands on the banks of the Thames River today. But a castle that old needs tending to keep looking good, no matter how many famous ravens live there. The regular maintenance is never finished, and every task, once complete, needs to be done again every 75 years. The old castle is never really “finished.” It’s just going through its stages of the 75-year upkeep plan.

When Nehemiah returns to Jerusalem, the walls are still standing, but the people have fallen apart. They have forgotten who they are and what God has called them to do. It’s so discouraging after the celebration and commemoration ceremonies in the previous chapters. We all want a happy ending for these people who worked so hard and endured so much.

On this side of heaven, things will never be perfect. Because of the curse of sin, we will always struggle. But there are three things I think we can learn about the gospel from this passage.

First, notice what Nehemiah does before he lets his righteous anger fly. He gathers the whole community and reads the book of Moses. I think it’s safe to say that he read the Pentateuch—at the very least, the Ten Commandments, and at the most, he sat them down for hours and read the whole thing. Either way, before He brings them to justice for breaking God’s law, he reminds them of God’s law. He establishes their common ground. When we are struggling, we must return to God’s Word to remember who we are and to whom we belong.

Second, remember that Nehemiah is a man of prayer. He prayed before he even answered the king. He is a steady and continuous man of prayer. While he brings judgment to the people, he keeps stopping to pray. He cries out: “Remember me for this, my God, and don’t erase the deeds of faithful love I have done for the house of my God and for its services… look on me with compassion according to the abundance of your faithful love” (Nehemiah 13:14, 22). It’s clear that prayer is an integral part of Nehemiah’s actions. When we find that we are inadequate, when things have gone wrong, we must turn to God in prayer.

Finally, let’s notice that even Nehemiah, the guy who is known for prayer and Scripture reading, couldn’t get it perfectly right. He was a great leader and a true man of God, but he still wasn’t able to create a perfect city. He couldn’t totally stamp out corruption. He couldn’t get people to follow the rules. The people fell into the same sins that sent them into exile in the first place, and Nehemiah couldn’t fix them.

Christ is the only One who can complete the work. He changes hearts, He mends families, and He is making all things new. We are called to read His Word, submit ourselves to prayer, and realize that no matter how dedicated or good we think we are at self-maintenance, we cannot achieve a perfect utopia. We can barely keep the Tower of London from falling down! So we ought to do the work He has called to do, and rest in Christ who is the only One who can truly call a task finished.


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  1. Sharon A says:

    Be still and wait on the Lord! Psalm 46:10…. Nehemiah prayed and waited for God! I am struggling with stopping myself from taking back the reigns. I fall in the pit of thinking I can help someone understand me if I just keep trying. That being the problem…I cannot do anything apart from Christ. I’m realizing I try In my own strength. But God handles my battles, I just have to remain calm….Exo 14:14. I pray for submission for myself and also the body. I pray we break away from having to have answers, and just rest in the Lord. He already had us anyway! I pray for forgiveness of the times I did it my way. thank you Lord that your mercies are made new every day, we do not deserve it, but we are ever grateful for your grace! Start us fresh in your will today as we are vessels for your kingdoms work….and thank you for understanding us even when no others do. As the song says …. when I’m misunderstood your love understands me…thank you in Jesus name…Amen

  2. Julie says:

    Hi Ladies. I have been a bit challenged with loneliness and discouragement. Also fears and anxieties have been overwhelming me. May I ask for prayers. Holding close 2 verses today ~The Lord himself will fight for you. Just stay calm Exodus 14:14(NLT) and He will cover you with His feathers. He will shelter you with His wing. His faithful promises are your armor and protection. Psalm 91:4 (NLT) Feeling hemmed in but I want to keep faithful and trust in God’s promises. If anyone could pray blessings over me. I would greatly appreciate it.

    1. Lakeiya says:

      Hi Julie, thanks for sharing. Just wanted to let you know that I’m praying for you. Yesterday’s devotional spoke to me and has me thinking a lot about celebration and joy. I’ve been going through a challenging time as well for the last few months, but yesterday helped me remind of how God has constantly and consistently taken care of me. So I’ll be praying for both of us that even as we experience this difficult time, that they’ll be moments of joy and celebration for all that God is doing (even if we can’t see or feel it just yet).

      1. Julie says:

        Thank you for your kind and reassuring words. Bless you :) I will pray for you as well. I will reread yesterday’s devotional thank you so much for sharing and praying with me. <3

    2. CJ says:

      Praying! I was anxious today too and I kept thinking of the verse “do not be anxious about anything but with prayer and thanksgiving make your requests known to God”

      1. Julie says:

        Yes Cj, that’s a good one to draw near as well. I will write that down in my journal. Praying for you too!

  3. Kay says:

    “Christ is the only one who can complete the work.” Those words really spoke to my heart this morning. I keep telling myself that I can do better…be more consistent in the “self-maintenance” department, but in reality, I just need to be about my Father’s business… loving my Lord with all of my heart, all of my soul, all of my mind, and accept that HE WILL complete the work He began in me.

  4. Heidi GrovattKrihak says:

    Tochi I’m praying you will feel this community praying for u and surrounding u with His love. That you will not be tempted to forget you followed God’s leading, that he will show you your next steps and he is your love and strength. He knows you and you are not forgotten He loves you.

  5. Lonna says:

    It’s both comforting and a bit unnerving to read the extreme frustration that Nehemiah worked through in this chapter. He was frustrated to the point that he hit, cursed and pulled out the hair of some of the men who had inter-married, chased Sanballat’s son- in-law away, and did some major furniture tossing. His frustration is understandable. But it’s also a sign that he at times forgets the work and the outcome is ultimately, Gods. He does what I’ve done many times, and that is attempt to fight the injustices we see in the flesh and not completely rely on God. God is so merciful and understanding and to be honest He was probably as frustrated as Nehemiah, and more so, since this was a battle since the fall of man. Sometimes I think we are given grace when we express in the flesh what God feels! Remember Jesus in the temple?
    I love to read, know and remember that Nehemiah asked God to remember him and to not “erase the deeds of faithful love” and to “look on me with compassion according to the abundance of Your faithful love”. And He does. He is faithful, true and compassionate. He knows what He’s doing when He continues to accomplish His word through us, His imperfect, cracked vessels. His grace is always sufficient.

  6. Lori says:

    this is beautiful!

  7. Lori says:

    what a timely devotion!
    Reading through Nehemiah has been a struggle.  But today, as we end, what we refer to as season 7, (the 7th year our charter school has been in existence), this is such a great reminder… 

    As a leader, I need to remember that I can not create Utopia. Not everyone will like me, not everyone will follow the rules.  I must stay in prayer, and be bold when I need to be.

    This has been a tough year, civil suit, CDE complaint, civil right complaint, miscinceptions, down right lies…. but God has been good.  In the last couple of weeks, God has been telling me that I need not defend myself.  Today’s verse of the day, was that he would fight for me, I just need to be still.  And in the midst of the unethical, downright mean action of one staff member, He has given me peace. 

  8. ~ B~ says:

    “Remember me for this, my God, and don’t erase the deeds of faithful love I have done for the house of my God and for its services… look on me with compassion according to the abundance of your faithful love” (Nehemiah 13:14, 22).

    This is such a beautiful way to go to God in prayer! I genuinely hope that each time I come to God in prayer I can stand on the work I have done in His name and that the busy-ness of life doesn’t cause years to pass with nothing in between. Prayerful that my service for Him grows greatly because of the ongoing love I have for Him and that in the seasons of my life I continue to remember to turn to God in it all; celebration, hardship and even in the redundancy of a simple day.

    On a side note, I can not thank you wonderful women enough for your prayers and words over me yesterday, they made all the difference, I can’t begin to tell you. So much peace grew in me yesterday and given the sadness I was overcome with in the morning, there is no explanation for the heart change outside of your lifting me up. THANK YOU! Courtney, Susan, MiniM, Tina, Churchmouse, Trayce, Kelly Chataine, Rachel, Kimberly and Lizzieb85 and anyone else who sent a prayer on my behalf! Thank you so much, by the time my daughter was willing to share her experience, I was wholly open to listen to it and ask questions, tell her how proud I was of her and how excited I am for her and she received it all very well! Thank you again!

    1. Rachel says:

      So wonderful!!

    2. Julie says:

      Really like this…Prayerful that my service for Him grows greatly because of the ongoing love I have for Him and that in the seasons of my life I continue to remember to turn to God in it all; celebration, hardship and even in the redundancy of a simple day. Yes and Amen!

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