Day 21

Weekly Truth

from the reading plan

Titus 3:5

BY She Reads Truth

Scripture is God-breathed and true. When we memorize it, we carry the good news of the gospel of Jesus with us wherever we go.

This week we will memorize the key verse for the book of Titus.

He saved us—not by works of righteousness that we had done, but according to his mercy—through the washing of regeneration and renewal by the Holy Spirit.
—Titus 3:5

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  1. Jasmine Reed says:

    Hi ladies! I’m in desperate need some Godly counsel and wisdom. I’ll aim to keep this as short as possible….but basically in past relationships and flings I’ve done things my own way and allowed sexual sin to take over. I dated this guy in college for 3 years, thought we’d get married, we were both Christians, but just like the other relationships we allowed sexual sin to be in control of the relationship. There’d be times where one of us would want to do right and obey God and abstain from it, but the other didn’t want to and we’d give in and it just wasn’t good. We ended up breaking up and I began to fill the void he was once in with other guys and not God, like I originally started off doing.

    Still in the routine of my old habits of partaking in sexual sin as I hung out with these different guys, I eventually came to a point where I made a commitment to God and myself that I’d eliminate sex from my dating activities. Ended up meeting the guy I’m currently dating after I made this commitment and even told him about the commitment I’d made. Also, before I met him, I’d prayed for my future husband/mate to have specific qualities only God would know I asked for, and he had them ALL!

    Everything was going well until I went to visit him and we went bowling, then we went back to his place and just hung out and watched a movie and before I knew it, it was pretty late to drive back home. I ended up staying the night and we slept in the same bed (bad idea), and although we didn’t have sex, God recently brought to my attention that was the moment where the commitment I made got tainted. I was so focused on not engaging in the physical activity of sex that I wasn’t keeping guard my surroundings and other actions that could lead to it. Fast forward to now, we’ve allowed sexual sin to enter into our relationship and have expressed to each other the struggles we have with it in past relationships and our desire to change and do things differently.

    But my question is how do we do that. After we’ve allowed sexual sin to be a big part of our relationship, how do we have the conversation to eliminate it and how do we do things differently. And I guess the question is really more so for me because I feel like I’m a little more ready to make the changes than he is. But I could feel that way simply because I haven’t asked him. I mean I’ve asked if he desires to do things differently or like does he feel bad/convicted when we do have sex and he says it’s actually something he thinks about a lot. But I almost feel like it’s gonna be on me to initiate it. I just need some good, Godly, wise counsel on what to do!

    1. Julie Whitacre says:

      Jasmine, I don’t presume to have wise counsel, but I do want to share some jewels that the Lord has passed along to me.

      One is the phrase “ what’s for you won’t pass you” (meaning nothing that the Lord wants to give you will pass you by, so you don’t need to cling to any person or situation out of fear, but instead to have a heart of expecting good things from your Father‘s hand).

      As I have had really similar stories in my past, I found that I need to become clear on what the Lord is asking of me, and then stand strong in that as I speak to the other person, regardless of what their answer or reaction is. If I feel like I can’t change things unless the other person is in agreement with me, I can be trapped there for a really long time!.

      You can trust Jesus to speak to you, and lead you to a place of wholeness and fullness and purity. He does not despise or reject you, and He can break redeem everything!! “Behold, I am making all things new.” (This includes me & you!)

      I am praying for you, that you would hear His voice, and respond with joy, and not fear!❤️

    2. Sarah D. says:

      Hi Jasmine! I am probably not as wise as other ladies on here, but I would recommend reading Love that Lasts by Jeff and Alyssa Bethke! It’s an awesome book, and they talk a lot of about sexual sins, dating, how to handle relationships in a godly way, and more. I loved their book, and I hope it encourages you/helps you with this struggle. I’ll be praying for you!

    3. Jasmine R says:

      Julie, I really needed to hear that. What a reassuring and affirming response! Thank you so much for your wisdom and thoughtfulness, I do greatly appreciate it ❤️

    4. Eleny says:

      Hi Jasmine, hopefully what I write can give you some clarity about your situation. The Holy Sprit is challenging your old way of functioning in dating relationships. I can relate to you and your story. Surrender to God. Let his will be yours. He has a beautiful plan for you.

      What I would suggest to you is that 1) You repent of your sin – Ask God for forgiveness and turn away from your sin 2)Realize that God’s plan is the best plan – I’ve been married for two years and there were many times my husband and I could have had premarital sex but we saw the damage that it would cause our relationship. I am so thankful it didn’t happen because I wouldn’t have trusted my now husband as my protector. It is a lot harder to understand your boyfriends intentions after you have sex before marriage. Restoration of the relationship is possible but it takes a lot of work and you should receive godly counsel IRL about this. This leads me to the third point 3) You need accountability – You have to find a godly friend and mentor to keep you accountable. You cannot do this on your own. A lonely person in the faith is a dangerous thing. So I suggest confessing to a woman that is trustworthy and is biblically sound about your struggles with sexual sin and tell her you need her accountability. Meet with this person regularly. Concealed sin will never be fixed on its own. You must bring it to light. 4) You need boundaries – I suggest you write down boundaries. What are things that lead you to being physical in a relationship? I couldn’t be alone with my now husband anywhere. I had my siblings sometimes come with me on trips when we were dating. Be honest to yourself and let the man you are dating know your boundaries. 5) Evaluate the relationship – Is this person you are dating bringing you closer to Christ? You do not want to be unequally yoked. I see how difficult that can be now that I am married. Pray that God would show you the way. Hope this helps and I will be praying for you. God loves you and wants the best for you.

    5. Saved in more ways than one says:

      I will try to keep my response to you short.
      I had a similar situation. I started dating a wonderful guy just at the same time that I was starting to take my faith seriously. I allowed sexual sin to creep in (I say “I allowed” because he was not a believer). I got to a point in my faith where I knew my sin was displeasing to God. I was delving into strengthening my relationship with God. I could not do this with this particular sin in my life. I was studying the book of James. There was a verse about Abraham being willing to kill his own son in obedience to God. I innocently asked, what would I be willing to sacrifice in obedience to God? God answered: how about your boyfriend? GAH!!! But I LOVE him, Lord! “More than Me?” Hm, point taken, Lord.
      I sat my boyfriend down & told him how my faith was growing. My relationship with God was really really important to me. Boyfriend needed to respect that. And that included drawing some very serious lines about our physical relationship. If this was not something he was willing to partner with me on, then we couldn’t be together. He agreed to this. We came up with very specific lines we could not cross physically (no kisses longer than 3 seconds, hand holding OK, hugging OK with out “petting”, but you’ve got to come up with your own & COMMIT TO THEM, ask the Holy Spirit for in the moment conviction). At the time we went to 2 different colleges. We would visit each other & stay in each other’s rooms. But we held to those boundaries. A year later he accepted Jesus as his personal Savior. Two years after that we were married, 2 weeks after my graduation.
      God gave me the “ram” like He did Abraham. But first I had to be willing to sacrifice the man I really loved in obedience to God. I was & had to be fully willing to let my boyfriend go if he did not come along side me in this. Thankfully he did & God used that in our relationship to grow my boyfriend’s faith.
      Do what is right. You cannot expect another person to make the decisions & take the actions YOU need to in order to be obedient to God. Your relationship with God is YOUR responsibility, not anyone else’s. Pray about it & be intentional about bringing it up. Whatever the outcome, God’s will is best, even if it doesn’t seem like it to you. Sin has no excuses when you know what is right. Know it, do it.

    6. AmyQ says:

      I encourage you to seek friends/family that will support you in your desire to follow Christ more than your sexual desires. Let them help hold you accountable. Also, plan your time together so that you avoid being alone in private. Even if it is one other person around in a nearby room, etc. Satan likes us to think we are strong enough to do it on our own and then makes us feel terrible when we succumb to the temptation. Don’t let him do that to you. The temptation gets much harder to ignore once you are engaged so do this now and know you are doing what you can to be obedient to Christ. It is worth it….speaking as a married person that struggled with this same situation. Praying for you and your boyfriend!

    7. Morgan L says:

      I can see that you have such a strong and beautiful heart from this post, and I so admire you for that. Keep your focus on God rather than not sinning, and I believe actions will follow if He is at the forefront of your mind. Choose Him. Be open with your boyfriend about how you’re feeling. Maybe start a couple’s Bible study book together or just pray about this together. Praying for you both!

    8. Abby Jarrell says:

      Communication is key in relationships, especially in ones where the foundation is God. God made us sexual beings so it’s not like you’re this terrible person who had sinned against the Lord. You have sinned, but the cool thing is, is that you were the one that ran from God… He’s still there with arms wide open. You’ve recognized your sin so give it to God in surrender. Pray a whole bunch and talk to this guy. Tell him how you feel and if he doesn’t feel the same then you don’t need him in your life. If he’s not the one, then you’re one step closer to finding the man God has planned for you!

    9. Elaine says:

      have you talked to your mom about it?

    10. Katie Kidd says:

      Hey Jasmine! Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us. I too struggled with this same thing throughout my dating my life. While my husband and I were dating, we had scary moment where I thought I might be pregnant. I realized that if I was not ready for the consequences of my actions then I had to stop. It was incredibly difficult as we decided to stop engaging in sexual activity and wait until marriage. But with honest conversation, and pouring over scripture that reaffirms the precious relationship that is marriage we were able to abstain until our wedding night. Turning back around to God was the best thing we did. God was waiting with open arms and blessed our marriage fully! Remember it’s never too late!

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