Day 24

Instructions for the Priestly Garments

Exodus 28:1-29, Ezekiel 44:15-19, Ezekiel 44:23-29, 1 Peter 2:4-5

BY Guest Writer

Scripture Reading: Exodus 28:1-29, Ezekiel 44:15-19, Ezekiel 44:23-29, 1 Peter 2:4-5

I’m not married, and I’m not getting married any time soon, but I think about my wedding dress a lot.

Not in a weird way. And from what I’ve gathered from my married friends, I know that if I do get married someday, I won’t think much about the dress on the actual day anyway. But as a twenty-something girl raised in the South, I’ve been attending a lot of weddings lately, and inevitably, they lead to dreams about my own.

I think it says a lot that we take the time to get dressed up to partake in this covenantal ceremony before God. The bride, the groom, the wedding party, and the guests—everyone puts on their Sunday best to celebrate.

In Exodus 28, God gives Moses intricate instructions for how to make the clothes that his brother, Aaron, will wear as priest. The entire chapter is full of beautiful descriptions of the garments that the artisans are instructed to create. God tells Moses that these garments should be made for Aaron and his sons “for glory and beauty” (v. 2).

The priests were mediators between God and the Israelites. They were the only ones allowed to enter into the holy place of the tabernacle, God’s sanctuary, where His spirit dwelt (Ezekiel 44:16).

It is fitting, then, that the instructions for the priestly garments are so detailed and delicate. The clothes the priest wore to enter into the presence of God deserved the utmost beauty, the utmost glory. The priests were set apart from the rest of the Israelites to be called holy. The garments they wore should have been their Sunday best.

I wonder if Aaron and the other priests were giddy with excitement to enter into the presence of God. I wonder if they felt the weight of their responsibility every time they put on these garments—the responsibility to be set apart as holy, as God is holy (Leviticus 19:2).

God’s holiness is always connected to glory and beauty. His holiness is stunning. As God’s people, we are called to be holy, too.

Thanks to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, we are able to come before God without wearing the intricate garments of the priests (1 Peter 2:4-5). Christ clothes us in righteousness and gives us the ability to participate in the royal priesthood of the kingdom of God. May we live each day in the glory and beauty given to us by Christ.


Ellen Taylor was born and raised in sweet home Alabama, but has called Nashville home since 2013. When she’s not working as the editorial assistant at She Reads Truth, you can find her enjoying good food and good conversation with her friends and family. She is a lover of cozy sweaters, ugly dogs, and the Oxford comma.

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75 thoughts on "Instructions for the Priestly Garments"

  1. Barbara Thompson says:

    I am glad to hear about the Priestly garments and I still dress for church it’s a part of my heritage.When I lay out my personal priestly garments it gives me pleasure to know that I am going before a Holy God,the King of Kings and He deserves the best in all things.

    1. Kari says:

      Me too Barbara! Although it isn’t required, since Christ has already clothed us in righteousness, I still dress up for church! Like you said, we’re laying out our “priestly garments” to go into God’s house. There’s just something about doing that that feels right, maybe it’s because of chapters like this one!

  2. Jo Gistand says:

    How humbling! Christ clothes us in righteousness so we don’t have to wear these garments before the KING! Amen!!!!!

  3. Sabrina Michelle says:

    Praise God and give Him our best!!❤️❤️

  4. Donna says:

    Having on my Sunday’s best is something I was thought growing up. I will be a mess all week but on Sunday I will get myself together and make sure I look my utmost best for Christ. The reading today puts it all in perspective for me that God loves things beautiful. I am thankful for his grace and mercy.

  5. Amy Munoz says:

    Remember in the Old Testament the gap between God and Man was filled by man’s doing- sacrifices, atonement, etc. a lot of striving.

    In the New Testament, Jesus fulfilled the strive for us, so there isn’t a need for the pageantry represented here. In God’s eyes looking through Jesus, we are already clothed in glory and beauty (praise The Lord!)

    1. Jo Gistand says:


    2. Sarah T says:

      Your words are perfect! We come as we are, because the ultimate sacrifice has been paid. He calls me beautiful- no matter what.

  6. Heidi Ducey says:

    This passage about putting on our best before God has convicted me to re think what I wear to church. Sadly to say I’ve become accustom to dressing for comfort and ease, and just throw on what I can wear throughout my Sunday (nap and all). I realize He desires our best in all things everyday. I’m thankful for today’s passages.

    1. Jen Jennings says:

      But that’s the good news shown here in Exodus and then through Christ! We don’t need to wear anything extravagant to come before God! Christ is our holy and beautiful garment! We are made holy and beautiful in HIM . So, permission granted! Wear comfy and embrace the glory you wear already in Christ!

    2. Natalie says:

      My first thought was like yours: am I presenting my best self to God on Sundays by choosing the right clothes? But Jesus emphasized the internal more than the physical. What’s in our hearts when we’re worshipping God? Are we bringing him our love, devotion, and service? Or are we thinking about what’s for lunch, looking at our watch during the sermon, wishing we could sing different songs, and on and on. The Pharisees sure looked good on the outside, but their hearts were corrupt. May we give God our best “spiritual sacrifices” (I Peter 2:5) and remember the outside is secondary to the inside.

  7. Caroline Smith says:

    Sisters, It’s me here again. Your hot mess express friend that is going through a very hard week. Can I ask for your continued prayers once again? It means the world to me! Today, marks a VERY important day in my life in which I am PRAYING SO HARD that God gives me the desires of my heart!

    1. CJ says:

      Praying for you!

    2. Mallie Griffin says:

      Of course lady! Prayers headed your way. (Glad to know I’m not the only hot mess!! ❤️)

    3. Jo Gistand says:

      Praying for you Caroline! Lord give Caroline what she needs and help her to remember that everything from you is GOOD!!

    4. Natasha Reyes says:

      “Hot mess express friend” has described all of us at some point in our lives! I’ll be praying for you!

  8. Heather says:

    I love the ceremony to all the priestly garments, how they are to approach God and how they are to consecrate themselves to God. I’ve been around the church world for a long time and have seen many pastors and church employees throw in the towel and say “this just isn’t my thing.” But that’s just it, God calls, God ordaines, God sets these people apart and promises to be their inheritance. I think it’s beautiful. And there’s no promise is here that says it will be easy.

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