Day 11

Escape Through the Red Sea

Exodus 13:17-22, Exodus 14:1-31, Exodus 15:1-21, Psalm 106:1-12, Romans 6:1-4

BY Guest Writer

Scripture Reading: Exodus 13:17-22, Exodus 14:1-31, Exodus 15:1-21, Psalm 106:1-12, Romans 6:1-4

“If I ever find out you bothered my sister again, you’ll be dealing with me.”

Toya was on a mission. She hadn’t gotten on her sister’s crowded school bus for no reason. The previous afternoon, Jessica had gotten off her bus completely distraught; a classmate had told her she couldn’t sit near him because she was black.

Seeing her little sister’s tears, anger had swelled up from deep inside of Toya to the point where she almost couldn’t see straight. She wanted to give that little boy a piece of her mind. She didn’t care who heard her, nor did she care that she wasn’t even allowed to be on that bus. Her sister needed her to speak up for her, and that’s exactly what she did. Jessica didn’t need to say a word in her own defense because Toya had said it all. I’ll bet the memory of Toya’s unexpected, fiery presence on the school bus stayed with that young man long after that day, stopping him in his tracks if he even thought to be mean to Jessica again.

How similar today’s passage from Exodus is—the story of God bringing the Israelites through the Red Sea.

Egypt had oppressed Israel long enough; God heard their cries for deliverance and stepped in. He’d brought them safely out of Egypt (decked out in the finest Egyptian gold, silver, and clothing, no less!), and His presence went with them as they escaped (Psalm 139:7).

Exodus 13 describes God’s presence as a pillar of cloud or fire that led the people of God on their way to freedom. But God’s presence did more than lead the Israelites; it protected them. The very presence of God stood between Israel and her enemies, completely defeating them. Just like Toya’s unexpected presence on a school bus changed how her sister was treated by her peers, the presence of God redefined how the nations of the world understood Israel.

How much more so does the incarnate presence of God—Immanuel, “God with us”—Jesus Christ, stand between us and whatever enemy dares to accuse, attack, or ensnare us? If God’s presence in the form of a pillar of cloud and fire can rescue an entire nation and triumph over another, then surely the incomparable act of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross can change the entire world. And if a pillar of cloud and fire can cause the entire Egyptian army to drown in the Red Sea, then surely the resurrection of Jesus Christ tosses the power of death and sin into the abyss for eternity.  

Just like Toya’s little sister on the bus and the Israelites caught between the Red Sea and a pursuing army, we, too, are silent observers, standing in awe of the God of the universe coming to our rescue. We didn’t have to convince God to save us. Long before we existed, He’d decided to rescue us with the mighty act of redemption that makes journeying across the Red Sea seem like a leap across a puddle. God sent Himself into this world to rescue us once and for all.


Erin Rose lives and works in vibrant Richmond, Virginia, where she serves as Worship & Teaching Pastor at East End Fellowship.  She is a graduate of the University of Virginia, and is currently enrolled as a graduate student at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.  Erin is a member of Urban Doxology, a ministry that is writing the soundtrack of reconciliation for the church. Her greatest joy lies in leading God’s people in authentic worship, and teaching them the truth found in God’s Word. She also enjoys eating delicious food, spending time with loved ones, and indulging in the occasional Netflix binge.

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  1. Sarah Miller says:

    I was struck by the very beginning of the reading. How God did not lead them to the land of the Philistines even though it was nearby. He knew they all had some growing and learning to do lest they run back to Egypt. How applicable to our lives! When we see a goal within reach but we can’t quite get there. Maybe we have some more growing and learning to do!

    1. Cathy Tubby says:

      Sarah, that is what struck me as well. Not only can I trust that God knows what I am ready for and plans accordingly but I also know that what happens next helps to prepare circumstances for what’s ahead. I noted in Ex 15:14-18 that events at the Red Sea affected how the philistines and other nations would react to Israel eventually resulting in them settling in the promised land. God will get us where he wants us to be by whatever route He knows to be best.

  2. Sarah Wohlgamuth says:

    Knowing this story, I was struck by the three groupings of voices in v12-15…
    Israelites: We’d rather live in slavery than die in freedom!
    Moses: Don’t worry; God will fight for you.
    God: MOVE!
    I think it’s awesome that God fights for doubt! But, He also calls us to action. To listen to His voice and keep pressing ahead instead of getting stuck in the comfort of passively doing nothing. I think, sometimes, there’s a balance I forget about between resting in His Presence and still going forward in faith. It’s a both/and scenario.

  3. Peony Noirr says:

    “The Lord will fight for you.”
    Powerful and comforting to know that even in our worst moments, the most Powerful is in our corner! ❤️

  4. Sarah Marshall says:

    If I look back on my life, I can see time and time again where God rescued me. He is always with me!

  5. Jessica McCreary says:

    Exodus 14:14 a great reminder of how much He loves us! I truly loved the connection of stories! It truly resonates with me bring accused of stealing because of the color of my skin was one of the most traumatizing things I have felt. But God knew and he placed some amazing ladies in my life and that day that truly showed the love of Christ and they stood with me!!! This truly is a reminder of how Christ will fight for us and we can stand firm in his promises!!!

  6. Jo Gistand says:

    I think we often see the the parting of the Red Sea as the end of the faith of the Israelites. I’m thinking, if I am crossing the Red Sea, I have to trust that GOD is going g to hold up the walls of the ocean FOR ME! It’s one thing to part it, it it’s another to trust GOD through the mess. I love this passage for that reminder. He is fighting for me not when he saved me, but also as he continues to sanctify me as I walk through the Red Se

  7. Lacy says:

    One thing i thought was cool was that in Exodus 13:18, the CSB translates it as “God did not lead them along the road…even though it was nearby…he (God) led the people around toward the Red Sea along the road of wilderness”. Sometimes God takes us the long way around, but in the end it always leads us exactly where we need to be for our good and His glory. My prayer is that i will trust Him even when i feel like I am on the long way around and can’t really see where He is leading. His plans always trump mine!

  8. Delia says:

    I honestly don’t know why but today I am experiencing a lot of attacks. I’m having negative thoughts about myself and I started spiraling into a depressive state. I feel worthless. I feel like I have nothing to offer in this world. I found myself experiencing anxiety. Just relentless. Reading this: “How much more so does the incarnate presence of God—Immanuel, “God with us”—Jesus Christ, stand between us and whatever enemy dares to accuse, attack, or ensnare us? ” just made me bawl. Perfect timing. Thank you Jesus.

    1. Jessica M says:

      I’m commenting a little late so I’m not sure if you’ll see this, but if you do, I want to give you some more reassurance that you’re definitely not worthless. You are infinitely valuable in God’s eyes regardless of whether or not you’re meeting the world’s standards of productivity or your own standards of what your life should look like. I really believe that the best and most beautiful thing we can do is to trust Him and believe in Him and you’re already doing that. And as long as you have love and a listening ear, you will always have something to offer the world, and He will give you the power you need to keep loving even when it’s hard.

      Anxious feelings can be really difficult to handle, but we have to remember that our feelings don’t always reflect the truth. You may feel worthless sometimes, but that doesn’t mean you are. You will always be more loved than you know or can comprehend.

    2. She Reads Truth says:

      We’re praying for you Delia and are so grateful that you’re a part of our community! -Margot, The SRT Team

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