Day 11

The Narrow Gate

from the The Parables of Jesus reading plan

Luke 13:22-35, Matthew 7:13-23

BY She Reads Truth

In this study of the Parables of Jesus, we are reading many of the stories Jesus used to teach hearers about how to live as His followers. Each day we’ll read parables in their immediate context, focusing on a different category of parables each week. Then we will work through a series of questions to understand the meaning of the text and take to heart the “secrets of the kingdom.”

Editor’s Note: In this Parables study, Jesus Himself is telling us stories—stories He wants us to reflect on and process. Rather than asking our writers to write their own stories about Jesus’ stories, we thought it would serve you and the text better to provide questions to help you dig into the meaning of each day’s parable. If you find a parable or passage particularly confusing, stop and pray. Ask the Lord to reveal Himself to you in His Word, and thank Him that we can know Him without knowing all the answers to our questions.


Week 2: Parables about Repentance and Grace

Stories about other people often reveal things to us about ourselves. This week’s selection of parables all deal with themes of repentance and grace, and in them we see that Jesus meant for His parables to stir the hearts of His hearers. As you read, let these parables serve as a kind of mirror, and ask what Jesus is showing you that you might not have otherwise seen. Use the questions below to help.


Day 9 Reading: Luke 13:22-35, Matthew 7:13-23


1. In several places in the Gospels, including today’s reading, Jesus says the last will be first and the first will be last. What does this mean?

2. What problem is Jesus’ parable, The Narrow Way, responding to, and what is the parable’s outcome?

3. What is the central point of this parable?

4. What is your response to this parable?


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  1. Hannah says:

    I am just now doing this study because I finished another one and parables always speak to my heart so it’s been awesome to study them more. I was reading over the comments from months ago and I was just seeing how wonderful of a community this is. How great that we get to encourage and connect with woman from all around?! So many of your guy’s comments have really helped me understand more and get a new insight, so thank you. May God bless each one of you as you work for Him, loving him and serving him daily.

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