Day 7

Weekly Truth

from the The Parables of Jesus reading plan

Matthew 13:35

BY She Reads Truth

Memorizing Scripture is one of the best ways to carry God-breathed truth, instruction, and reproof wherever we go.

This week we will memorize the key verse for The Parables of Jesus reading plan—a verse that remind us that the truths Jesus spoke through parables have been true since the beginning of time.

I will open my mouth in parables;
I will declare things kept secret
from the foundation of the world.
—Matthew 13:35

Write this passage down and post it on your mirror or at your desk, in your car or on the fridge—anywhere you’ll see it often. Save the image below as your phone’s lock screen so you can read these words of truth throughout the day.

We want to be a community that is intentional about Scripture memorization. Will you join us?


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15 thoughts on "Weekly Truth"

  1. Churchmouse says:

    I love a good story and isn’t that just what parables are? Good stories that hook us and reel us in. How wonderful that Jesus uses stories to reveal Truth. We all have a story and part of the human journey is discovering each other’s stories. They encourage and challenge us and they build community. Grateful today for the Storyteller and for those who gather here to share.

  2. Lost One says:

    Hello all,
    I’m simply writing because I am questioning my marriage. Things aggravate me; finances because I have the drive to offer myself to another full-time job (and he was okay with no verbalization of getting a job to help, to be the “man” of the house), I pick up the house and clean it 90% of the time (unless I specifically say one thing to do at a time, if I’m home and not working), I do all the laundry. He helps cooks because he wants certain things but is not fond of cleaning up and I’ll clean the kitchen when I get home from a 12hr shift. He’s calm to say ‘eh everything will figure itself out,” whilst I am aiming for a financial goal. He wants to get a house within the next year but keeps planning on which mountain bike to buy (which are around $4000) or go out drinking with his work buddies (which initially in our marriage he promised he would ‘never’ drink again because he saw the effects of me being petrified around it growing up..but shortly after that promise he broke it) and buy drinks for himself or shots with him and the guys; I’m not going to be the only one saving.. I’ll decide to stay in the apartment forever then. He does not show desire to get closer or to know more about God; he says he reads the daily verse and he’s become custom to the ritual of praying before meals (so he does with me) but does not interact in other aspects, no prompt to go to church unless I make him get up. I try to not force God on him in hopes that he will want to be closer with God in his own timing and not my own.. all of this has been two years.
    He’s good with mental help of my abusive past. He mentions sex when I am getting ready for bed exhausted or makes comments as I’m not how I once was, I’ve tried to talk to him asking for help. I understand his love language is physical touch, I want to shake him at times to ‘touch’ and get him to understand..

    When do you fight and when do you walk…
    God would be disappointed for walking leading for divorce or even saddened for me questioning. It’s sinful thinking regardless, I’m asking my sister group for guidance/assistance.

    Thank you

    1. Churchmouse says:

      I’m so sorry to read of your struggling marriage. Walking away without exhausting every effort may leave you always wondering if you did the right thing. Would your husband be open to Christian counseling? If you have to go alone, I think it would still help you have a good place to vent and get advice. Also committing to praying for each other out loud in a positive way can be helpful. Consider going on a date night (doesn’t have to be expensive – just go for a walk) to reconnect and talk about why you married each other, what you love about each other. These are little things I know and your problems may seem so much bigger. Small steps can lead to big gains. Do you have a group of friends willing to pray earnestly and confidentially for you? Recruit them! Be consistent in your own prayer life and attend church, even if you have to go alone. Let your husband know how much you want to have a good marriage. Ask him to help you. I’ll be praying.

    2. Churchmouse says:

      May I also add that I hear your hurting heart and your desire for a strong Godly marriage. This desire surely pleases God. And it’s so good that you are looking for help and seeking to restore what seems lost. Marriage is so hard at times. And it can be lonely. Know that every marriage struggles. You are not alone. I’m praying your husband will be open to counseling and that he will desire a better marriage as much as you do. I pray that God will soften his heart towards church, prayer and Bible study. God is able!

    3. Summer says:

      So sorry to hear you are struggling! It can very lonely sometimes. My first two years of marriage were the hardest. Have been married now for almost 7 years. Things definitely aren’t perfect but they can and do get better. Two things that helped me: 2 Corinthians 1:4. Read a great book by Linda Dillow–What’s it like to be married to me? praying that you find some peace today!

    4. Emily says:

      I can assure that you are not alone in your complaints/concerns about your husband! I have been married for over 14 years and can tell you that EVERY marriage has its peaks and valleys! It’s learning how to hold on during those downhill slopes that will get you back up to the mountaintop. You cannot change your husband, but you can change how you respond to him. During a particularly low point in my marriage, I found myself thinking more negative thought about my husband than positive and more times than not, those thoughts came out of my mouth, and I started to pull away. Then one day, I felt God calling me to start every day by thanking Him for one thing about my husband. This was hard at first, but the more I did it, the more things I found to love about him! I kept daily list in the notes section of my phone, and at the end of the year, I printed the list and gave him it to him as a little book. Being forced to see the good, helped me change the way I saw him, and in turn changed the way I responded to him. This in turn, softened his heart in the way he dealt with me, and little by little, I saw him start to volunteer to put the dishes in the dishwasher (something I didn’t even know he knew how to do!), or be the first one ready for church (without me nagging), or offer to help with the kids (on his own). These small changes led to bigger heart changes, and now he has become the man of God that I always prayed he would be. So, hang in there, Lost One! You have been found by Christ, and He will get you through this valley and back up to the mountaintop again!❤️

    5. Elle says:

      You have already received some very good council and prayers! I add my prayers for you too. I’ve been married for over twenty years… The beginning was full of addictions and abuse. I am so grateful to God for carrying us through that time. I am glad that I did not walk away. What was the greatest source of pain in my life is now my greatest joy… The battle wounds… they are badges of courage now. All things work for the glory of God. Don’t be afraid to fight for the marriage and life you want, even if you feel like you are “doing all the work”… marriage is a long road, walk with him awhile… you will come to new seasons when you are doing the work together and also ones where he is pulling you. As long as someone is driving the car, you will eventually get to where you are going. Praying for your weary heart to be renewed with strength and for you to win him over with your good conduct and for you to see that you respect him. Walk in hope and courage, dear one and try to remember that not all who wander are lost. We have a good shepherd who has already overcome this, we can just rest in him and trust.

    6. Mari says:

      Praying for you dear sister. Please know that you are not alone. Be encouraged by all the prayers and the comments that were made to you.

    7. Cassandra says:

      God I pray against the strongholds and attacks of the enemy and I pray for freedom, for a passion for You, for the fruit of your Spirit love joy peace patience kindness goodness gentleness and self control. Work in his heart and in ours… God that we would use trials, adversity, desperation, loneliness as opportunities to grow stronger in You.

      Love to you.

    8. Cassandra says:

      I find when I’m abiding I see parables all through out my day, my life, my circumstances that speak truth to me if I’m listening to Him. Jesus wants us to be paying attention because there’s so much good to see. Be blessed!

    9. She Reads Truth says:

      Thank you so much for sharing a bit of your story, and we are lifting you and your husband up in prayer today. If you haven’t already, we would very strongly encourage opening up to a spiritual leader, pastor, or counselor in your area who can help you and your husband to process through these things together. We are so grateful to have you as a part of this community! <3 Abby, The SRT Team

    10. Susan says:

      If I️ may offer a suggestion, you cannot change him, you can only change how you react. God can change him, through your example & your love. Focus on your walk with God & allow him to witness this, thereby being attracted to a life full of Christ. I️ have been through this & can tell you God is faithful! Also, watch the movie The War Room… very inspirational!

    11. Ellien says:

      Put Jesus first. Remember to have a servants heart without expecting anything in return. Hold no one accountable for meeting your needs, as only Jesus can do this. Rest in the Lord only and expect only Him to meet your needs. When I prayed for the Lord to give me a servants heart toward my husband and to help me in my struggles with my husband, Jesus was always faithful. Pray for your husband and give Jesus all your worries. He will give you the perfect answers for you. I know because my marriage is one of spiritual depth because He made it so. Things I thought were important were made low, sometimes He worked on my husband’s heart, but really, most of the time, He worked on my heart. God bless and bring you peace.

    12. lizasue says:

      Hey sister. It is not sinful thinking–I’m glad you asked. Just to give a concise answer, since you asked…what I believe is that the only “okay” reason to leave in scripture is if your spouse is sexually unfaithful. Otherwise he would want you to work through it. I also imagine there are many couples who have stayed together even after adultery who would say they were glad they did. I would challenge you to lean in to Jesus, and be concerned with loving your husband where he is instead of all the reasons you are disappointed in him. Let God change your heart, and your husband’s. Sometimes it takes a long time for things to change, but I am praying for victory for you guys!

    13. Jeremy-Amanda Whaley says:

      I’ll toss in another book suggestion: “Keep Your Love On” by Danny Silk.

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