Day 8

The King Honors Mordecai

from the Esther reading plan

Esther 6:1-14, Proverbs 26:27, Isaiah 52:1-2

BY Guest Writer

Scripture Reading: Esther 6:1-14, Proverbs 26:27, Isaiah 52:1-2

Aren’t we all born with a strong sense of justice? From a young age, we tattle on the wrongdoers and we vehemently defend what we call “ours.” We fight for what we believe to be fair. As we grow up, we hopefully mature in our understanding of right and wrong, just and unjust, godly and ungodly.

This sense of justice is the reason Mordecai’s honoring and Haman’s humbling is so satisfying as we read on in the book of Esther. We want the good guys to win and the bad guys to lose. We tend to like it when people get what is coming to them. As Proverbs 26:27 puts it, “The one who digs a pit, will fall into it.”

Is it a coincidence then, that King Ahasuerus cannot sleep, and so he asks for the daily events to be read to him? No, this event demonstrates God’s sovereignty. In fact, the book of Esther is filled with “coincidences” and fortunate turns of events, making it evident that God is in control and actively working on behalf of His people. During a time of exile and suffering, God rescued His children through an unlikely orphan girl, enacting justice on their behalf.

Unfortunately, the world is still a place of injustice today. We see the bad guys winning. We see evil, hate, death, and disease infecting the world. Life is far from fair for most—something we’ve probably all been told at some point.

We still cry out when someone wrongs us. We grieve when a devastating attack occurs somewhere in the world. We cannot accept the imperfection and pain of this life. C.S. Lewis said, “If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.”

When our hearts cry out for justice, for good to prevail over evil, our hearts are really crying out for heaven. We long for Christ to come back and make things right once and for all. We long for the new heaven and the new earth (Isaiah 65:17).

In the stories of Esther, Joseph, Moses, and others, God intervened to save His people because He loved them and He cared about their plight. The greatest demonstration of God’s love was certainly when the Father sent His own perfect Son to die in our place so that justice could be satisfied. We were ransomed because of how much God loves us and loves justice.

While we wait for the second coming of the Lord, all is not lost. We have been called to join in the work of kingdom building with Christ even now (1 Corinthians 3:9). Although our final home is not here, we’ve been instructed to pray for God’s will to be done “on earth as it is in heaven” (Matthew 6:10).

Esther’s story was one of encouragement to the Jewish people in the midst of exile. It was a story to remind them that God is over all and God is good. In a less than perfect world, let Esther be a story of encouragement to all who believe.

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Kaitie Stoddard is a professional counselor who recently relocated from Chicago to Colorado with her husband. She has her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and is passionate about helping couples and families find healing in their relationships. On any given weekend you’re likely to find Katie snowboarding in the Rocky Mountains, checking out new restaurants with friends, or catching up on her favorite Netflix and podcast series.

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  1. Courtney Moyer says:

    Situations of unjust occur all around. What I find important in this passage is, how I will react through a circumstance of unfairness that will honor God rather than being self obsessed.

    Haman was so focused on himself with the end prize in mind yet he only recieved embarrassment. Mistakenly taking someone’s praise for our own can quickly twist the heart into the wrong path. We don’t have to think highly to think obsessively of ourselves.

    Romans 12 tells us God has given us a special gift. Do not think you are better than you are. See yourself as you really are. Decide what you are by the amount of faith God has given you.

    1. Tanyah Hope says:

      What a intellect and valid response. I really resonate with the “how will I react through a circumstance of unfairness that will honor God rather than being self obsessed”. Things are going to happen to people. I won’t say happen to Good people…because I realized no one is really good. It’s a fallen world and that’s our reality. But, I really do believe we have to start to react to the situations around us in a better way and in a way that honors God. It’s a habit I have to build in day by day. I personally just came from a somewhat emotional exhausting day at work. No matter what you’re role is in the restaurant business…it’s stressful. Needless to say, things happened and I’m happy to say I immediately turned to the word. People’s words and actions can definitely affect you. But, you can control when it stops affecting you and allow something more positive to take over.

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