Day 19

The Song of Judah

from the Lent 2017: You Are Mine reading plan

Isaiah 26:1-21, Isaiah 27:1-13, Psalm 74:12-17, Philippians 4:4-7

BY Guest Writer

Text: Isaiah 26:1-21, Isaiah 27:1-13, Psalm 74:12-17, Philippians 4:4-7

I am writing this on Inauguration Day, the culmination of one of the most polarizing election years our country has ever seen. Even before my feet touched the floor this morning, I remembered the tension of our divided country and felt the fragility of my own heart. My mind was caught up in contemplating our limited human condition. I felt my earthiness and all the limitations of being human. Another way of saying this is that I felt temporal, the opposite of everlasting.

I write today of Isaiah chapter 26, which begins, “We have a strong city, he sets up salvation as walls and bulwarks” (v.1). Yet our country feels weak today, utterly broken. Weak not because of who our president is or was or will someday be, but because the transfer of power from one mere human being to another betrays our weakness in its very act of impermanence.

We cannot do any work eternally; we can only do eternal work. That is, our abilities are temporary and limited, but our work can be done for the “strong city” Isaiah speaks of—the city that is eternal. Today is constantly passing away, and our contributions here are, too. But Isaiah’s words cause me to remember what is true of our eternal God:

You will keep the mind that is dependent on you
in perfect peace,
for it is trusting in you.
– Isaiah 26:3

It is easy to look at the terra, the earth, and think our trust is born of blood, sweat, tears, dirt—the rise and fall of ideas and businesses and churches and politics. Each of us inhabits a kingdom, whether it be our home, our job, our family, or our community, and we are tempted to believe in its permanence. But we must be careful to remember that the King of our hearts is not our pastor, our president, our husband, our friend, or even ourselves.

The King of our hearts is made not from dust; He is not coming to ashes at the end. The King of our hearts is forever and ever and ever, without end.

Isaiah continues, “Trust in the Lord forever for the Lord God is an everlasting rock” (Isaiah 26:4). God, who made everything and will make it over again, will lose not a bit of Himself in the process.

The day is Yours, also the night;
You established the moon and the sun.
You set all the boundaries of the earth;
You made summer and winter.
– Psalm 74:16-17

There are moments of pure elation and joy when we forget what earthlings we are, made from dust to dust, ashes to ashes—we feel invincible. And then, in another moment, this world is just too much with us and we with it. The Lenten season reminds us of our fragility, our humanity, our humility, our humus, the Latin word for “earth.” From dust we have come and to dust we will return.

But Jesus is an everlasting rock. The King of our hearts, of this world and of the world to come, is our never-ending, all-knowing, all-seeing, and eternal God. The Kingdom belongs to Him alone, as does the power and the glory, forever and ever. Amen.


Lore Ferguson Wilbert is a writer, thinker, and learner. She blogs at Sayable, tweets @lorewilbert, and posts photos @loreferguson. She has a husband named Nate, a puppy named Harper Nelle, and too many books to read in one lifetime.

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  1. Vickie says:

    Amen gurl!!!!!!

  2. I truly needed this. I’m struggling with trusting my husband after much pain that he has brought to our marriage in the past and the Lord has been laying on my heart over this weekend that my struggle lies mostly with trusting my God. He is in control. He is a rock when I have no control over the actions of those I love. They may hurt me, they may make mistakes but I can always trust my God. He will NEVER let me go!

  3. Sarah says:

    God is amazing. Reading this that is all I keep coming back to. He just rocks!!! And He doesn’t even ask that much of us, thankful hearts, rejoicing and praising Him, trust, love and obedience. Yet we all fall short, I fall short especially the last few weeks. God, please forgive me!

  4. johanna tropiano says:

    I actually believe that we are immortal beings. And that God is going to create a new heaven and a new earth, redeeming all things to Him.

    CS Lewis writes: “You have never talked to a mere mortal. Nations, cultures, arts, civilization—these are mortal, and their life is to ours as the life of a gnat. But it is immortals whom we joke with, work with, marry, snub, and exploit—immortal horrors or everlasting splendors.” Jesus, also when teaching how to pray says “thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

    All that being said, I believe there are actions that we take daily that have eternal implications. Actions either working to restore God’s kingdom or destroy it. If we are humble, God will use us to do His work on earth, and that to me, gives me great hope, but also it is a tremendous responsibility.

  5. Freddie Bennett says:

    I love Isaiah. It’s hard at times and I understand why so many struggle. But there are so many beautiful moments that point to Jesus and give us a deeper understanding to why God sent his son to us. When I struggle with scripture for whatever reason, I am reminded that even the Angels long to look into the Bible!!! There are people all over the world that would die to hold a bible in their hand because they know the weight of worth it carries. It’s carries the word of God!! I also love that SRT never shy’s away from deep. I have read so many bible studies or devotionals that are a mile wide and an ankle deep… but not SRT. It points you to the word and challenges you to go deeper. So deep it hurts because we could never fully understand.
    Hold fast ladies and remember when you open your bible, God is speaking straight to your heart.

    1. She Reads Truth says:

      What a great insight, Freddie! Thank you for sharing.

      – Stormye

  6. peanut cheese says:

    I love the use of language in this devotion. The different words for earth etc. Almost like literature!

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