Day 11

He Heals the Blind

from the John reading plan

John 9:1-41, Genesis 2:7, Romans 1:18-20

BY Guest Writer

Text: John 9:1-41, Genesis 2:7, Romans 1:18-20

I believe in Jesus with every cell He created in me. I know He’s the only hope for those who are adrift from His love and truth. And yet, when it’s time to share the gospel, sometimes my palms start to sweat.

What if I take a detour off the Romans Road?
What if I create more confusion than clarity?
What if I get snagged on questions about the finer points of propitiation?
What then?

Tucked here in John 9, we find a remarkable story about hope, healing, and the beautiful simplicity of the gospel. At the center of the story is a man born blind. Surely, every time he glanced toward something his eyes could not see, he was reminded of his brokenness and need for a Healer.

When we come face to face with our inability to be holy as God is holy, or to “fix” ourselves, we realize our need for a Savior. We try to go a day without sinning and fail before our feet hit the floor, once again realizing just how broken we are.

Then the God who healed this man’s eyes lifts ours.

After his miraculous healing, the man is pressed by the religious establishment about his encounter with Jesus. He doesn’t debate the points of the Law, or drop a truth bomb, leaving the room in stunned silence. He simply tells his story. Pay attention. It sounds like the chorus of one of the Church’s sweetest anthems.

He answered, “Whether he is a sinner I do not know. One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see.”
– John 9:25

This man didn’t have Jesus all figured out. He couldn’t explain a God willing to break tradition on the Sabbath He created. He couldn’t reconcile the Pharisees’ perception of God with the reality of his encounter with Jesus, but he did know one thing: “I was blind. Now I see.” He was preaching the gospel.

Whatever else the gospel is, it most certainly is this: “I am a great sinner and Christ is a great Savior.”

Those words were penned by John Newton, writer of the hymn “Amazing Grace. What the blind man said before the Pharisees, Newton transformed into an anthem for the ages. He cuts to the quick of both our deep need and our source of hope. Like dead eyes revealed this man’s need for a healer, our sin reveals our need for a Savior. Both needs are met Jesus in alone.

The Pharisees simply could not stand against the undeniable testimony of the the man who had been healed. So radical was his transformation that his friends and neighbors declared him a changed man, “No, he only looks like him” (John 9:9).

Friends, the gospel is not a treasure to be hoarded. The call on each of our lives is to shout it from every rooftop, whisper it in every coffee shop, declare it to every fellow sinner (Matthew 28:16-20). But how? Maybe it’s as simple as Jesus rubbing mud on a blind man’s eyes.

When we simply put the story of God’s grace in our own lives on display, we declare, “I was blind. But because of Jesus, now I see.” This is our anthem of hope, and it’s hard to deny hope. We don’t have to have all the answers; our explanations won’t woo others to Jesus. But the aroma of Christ Jesus in us will. It’s His healing presence in our own lives that draws the lost and the blind to the One who brings healing.


Erin Davis is an author, blogger, and speaker who loves to see women of all ages run to the deep well of God’s Word. When she’s not writing, you can find Erin chasing chickens and children on her small farm in the Midwest.

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89 thoughts on "He Heals the Blind"

  1. Cheri says:

    The big question for my family lately is, why did both my daddy and my brother have to end up with Dementia… at the same time? My mama has really been struggling, and she is of that generation who was raised to believe that it’s all about works…. the idea being that if something bad comes into your life, surely you did something to cause it; or, you have to work really hard for good things to come into your life, and especially for your salvation. So this has been so hard for her. She wants to know what she did. I like this reminder that our sufferings in this world are not a reflection of our sin. Yes, there are consequences for our sin, but that’s different. I know God is using it for His glory, even though I can’t really see how yet… and maybe I won’t see it. But I still know He is, and that’s what reassures me.

    1. Grace Heidel says:

      I’m so sorry, Cheri. I’m praying for special encouragement and understanding for your Mom.

    2. Kylee says:

      Praying for you guys, Cheri. So much love.

    3. Kim Pruszynski says:

      God is always going ahead of us for His glory and protecting His flock, even if we can’t understand why at the time. Maybe you can explain to your mom that Jesus lived a perfect life, the most perfect life ever, yet he suffered in many ways even beyond just the physical ways that we normally think about. If he suffered so badly yet never sinned, where does she get this idea that when something bad comes into your life, surely you did something to cause it? Hope this helps

  2. Heather Fringer says:

    Realization moment in tonight’s reading (we’ll catch up reading). There does not always have to be a sin for someone that is suffering from something. Such as me prior to my back surgery. Some christians believe that you must have sinned to have deserved it. “Neither the man not his parents sinned, This came about so that God’s work might be displayed in him.” Proof is right here in the scripture. I’m just living proof of a loving God that can heal and it took me until now to realize that I did NOTHING wrong to have that happen. Boom.

    1. Melanie says:

      I love that, too! There are also some who would look at infirmities such as these and say that it disproves the goodness of God, but He uses these things to show His goodness and power and to bring glory to Himself through us. Praise God for using your life in this way and for giving you eyes to see it!

      1. Heather Fringer says:

        Melanie when it happened 7 years ago and for a long while after that I didn’t think that about my situation because I had not met my now husband who introduced me to the Lord and even after 5 years of church I am finally seeing this isn’t a bad thing at all!

  3. Naomi LaBoo says:

    This is so true! The best testimony is what God has done for me! I don’t have to have a degree in theology to be use by God, nor do I have to be perfect and have it all together! Amen!

  4. Kelly says:

    Sharing your life brings hope to others. Is that the need for Instagram? A way to display Christ? What does that look like for me? How do I share that hope that my life has? Lord teach me how!

  5. Christina says:

    It’s amazing (or maybe not?) that the Pharisees could take such joyous occasions as these and completely move the focus off of what was done for the hurting, what their healing would mean for them now, and turn it into a witch hunt of sorts. I’ve been in that Pharisaical place. Lord, help me never go back there.

    And the man born blind… He sounds so much like Jesus! Like he had been following His teachings and had been given a quickened mind to understand and believe Him. I love his response to the Pharisees and that he was willing to be expelled from the synagogue over his testimony.

  6. mixmemeg says:

    I just love that Jesus used SPIT and MUD to heal the blind man! Gross! Helps me understand that sometimes He uses the ‘yuck’ in our lives to clean, heal, and bring freedom!

    1. Gema Muniz says:

      Love this!

    2. Christine Marie says:

      So true! Great point!

    3. Leslie says:

      I love that!!! Where God has us, in the mud and the grime, is where he can use us! It is HIS cleaning us up that is the powerful message…not us doing the cleaning, healing, redeeming. How great is our God?!?!!!!!

    4. Leslie says:

      I am reminded as I read this well known story and Erin’s beautiful devotional of a sign I have in my home. It simply says, “Preach the gospel at all times. Use words when necessary. ” Our lives and the transformation that only Jesus does in them is enough. I don’t have to be able to answer every question. What freedom to know this!

  7. Christine Marie says:

    I love how the blind man followed Jesus’ command without being able to physically see on the way to the water. Jesus asked him to go wash in the water, and the man followed His command, no questions asked. It wasn’t until he listened and did was Jesus had asked that he was able to see.
    This reminds me of myself and how often I want to know/see what is ahead. But If I knew it wouldn’t require faith. Jesus is calling us to be obedient, and to trust that He sees what is ahead. I don’t have to know all of the answers, I just need to do what my Savior is asking me to do, and trust that He has a plan.

    1. mixmemeg says:

      Ah so good Christine Marie, thanks for sharing!

    2. Sarah D. says:

      Oh. My goodness. Thank u for this, Jesus is speaking to me through ur words!!! I thought knew that I needed to trust Jesus even when I don’t know the answers, but I forget so easily!!!! Praying to trust that He has a plan.

  8. Rachel says:

    This is timely because of something I heard in church this past week that has been working on me. Paraphrased: “when we don’t share the gospel with someone because we think they won’t be receptive for whatever reason we are saying that the power that transformed us isn’t strong enough to transform them”. WOW. How guilty have I been of this time and again. Praising God that it isn’t our responsibility to transform them, it’s simply our job to be obedient and share what we know to be truth. God does the rest of the work. Praying that we would have faith the size of a mustard seed to proclaim his truth and to be the salt and light!

    1. Kayla S. says:

      Love this post! Thank you for sharing! :)

    2. Cecilia says:

      Thanks for sharing this!!

    3. Sarah Jenik says:

      What an amazing thought- it’s gonna stick with me for a loooong time. Thank you so much for sharing!

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