Day 17

The Lord Fulfills His Promises

from the Joshua reading plan

Joshua 20:1-9, Joshua 21:1-45, Exodus 21:12-14, Hebrews 2:14-15

BY Missy Fuller

Text: Joshua 20:1-9, Joshua 21:1-45, Exodus 21:12-14, Hebrews 2:14-15

The nation of Israel had been through a lot.

They conquered the land of Canaan, driving out existing nations and taking over the land. They crossed the raging Jordan River. Before that, they wandered in the desert for 40 years, waiting for God to signal when it was time to move. And before that, they were a nation of slaves, living in Egypt under hardship and oppression.

Yet God had His hand in all of it, like He does in our lives. In Genesis 15, God made a covenant promise to Abraham, spelling out exactly what would happen to his descendants.

God promised that Abraham would have numerous offspring. He kept that promise. The Israelites multiplied more and more the longer the Egyptians oppressed them (Exodus 1:12).

God promised Abraham that his descendants would be enslaved for 400 years. And they were. The Egyptians worked the Israelites ruthlessly and made their lives bitter (Exodus 1:13-14).

God also promised to judge the nation the Israelites served. Indeed, the Angel of the Lord killed all the firstborn of Egypt and passed judgment against the gods of Egypt (Exodus 12:12).

God promised that His people would leave the nation they served with overwhelming possessions. And they did. The Egyptians gave the Israelites silver, gold jewelry, and clothing as they left Egypt (Exodus 12:35-36).

Finally, God promised to bring Abraham’s descendants back to the promised land. In Joshua, we see God drive out the inhabitants of Canaan and give the land to Israel (Joshua 21:43-44).

We serve the same God today. He makes promises to us as His children, just as He made promises to the house of Israel.

He will meet all our needs (Philippians 4:19).
He will provide for us (Matthew 6:33).
He will never leave us or forsake us (Deuteronomy 31:8).
He has a purpose for us (Romans 8:28).

Remembering God’s faithfulness in our past helps us cling to His promises in our present. When I struggle to believe that He will provide for my needs, I remember how He provided that check in the mail at exactly the right moment. When I’m overwhelmed with loneliness, I think of the friendships He’s given me and how He Himself walked through dark moments with me. When I fear condemnation for my sin and mistakes, I recall the ways He’s already redeemed my past.

God’s promises are our foundation. He fulfills His every word. We can cling to His promises as we wander in the desert and fight the enemy. We can count on Him to be fully faithful (Joshua 21:45).

“None of the good promises the Lᴏʀᴅ had made to the house of Israel failed. Everything was fulfilled.”
– Joshua 21:45


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17 thoughts on "The Lord Fulfills His Promises"

  1. Keri McCue says:

    “Remembering God’s faithfulness in our past helps us cling to His promises in our present.” – This seems to be a common theme that I am reading lately. It’s funny how God brings about people and blogs and bible studies to feed into you exactly what you need to hear. I absolutely needed to read this today!

  2. raschknits says:

    Four and a half years ago, my brother-in-law committed suicide. His sister was my best friend; I knew him from the age of six. Our families grew up together; I saw him and my sister go from being good friends to great friends to falling in love. Married for fourteen years, he left my sister a widow at 34 years of age. The day I received the call, I was stunned. I had recently come out of a spiritual dry spell, and I was at a crossroads as to why God would allow this horrific pain in my sister’s life. I opened my Bible to Romans 8, almost without thinking.

    There is no way the Israelites could see the end of what they were enduring at the time. And though they could not see it, all things were working for HIs glory. I imagine them trudging through the wilderness, muttering “You brought us out of Egypt for this?!” Yet, all along, through their struggles, He provided for them, whether they realized it or not.

    And while I still do not understand why God allowed this suffering for my family, I do know that I have learned to have greater compassion for those who survive suicide. I know the depths of depression and do not take it lightly when I see signs or symptoms in friends or loved ones. I’m unafraid to reach out, to hug and pray, to hold hands and share memories. And I’ve actually drawn closer to God as a result of this awful loss.

    “I thank thee that many of my prayers have been refused… I have longed for Egypt and have been given a wilderness.”

    1. Kara says:

      I am so sorry for the tragedy your family has gone through with the loss of your brother in law. It is such a ministry to be the hands & feet of Jesus reaching out to those suffering in depression as many in the midst of it don’t realize how deep of a pit they are in (at least I didn’t at the time). Thank you for allowing God to use you in this way & to comfort others who have lost loved ones to suicide. Will pray for continued healing for your family in experiencing such a deep loss.

    2. Jessica says:

      Thank you for sharing. I loved this: been refused… I have longed for Egypt and have been given a wilderness.”

  3. Brittany says:

    Wow. I needed this reminded today. God is still in control despite what may go on around us and in our country. Praying for peace, healing, and reconciliation.

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