Day 19

Risen and Ascended

from the Mark reading plan

Mark 16:1-20, Acts 1:6-11, Isaiah 53:4-6

BY Amanda Bible Williams

Text: Mark 16:1-20, Acts 1:6-11, Isaiah 53:4-6

We’ve called Mark “the Gospel of Jesus on His feet,” and now we’ve seen it to be true.

Through fifteen chapters, we have watched as Jesus went about Galilee preaching the good news and healing the sick, feeding the hungry and teaching His disciples what it means to believe. We saw Him stand on His feet before the chief priests and their accusations, with only silence and truth as His defense. We saw Him climb a mountain and walk on water.

But then, the Gospel of Jesus on His feet came to an abrupt halt. The Messiah was led to a cross and crucified. One day. Two days. Three days in the ground, and then He was up again. The stone was rolled away, and a man shimmering in white stood to greet the women in the tomb. There was no body for them to anoint; He was gone. Jesus had been raised from the dead.

And that’s how the Gospel of Jesus on His feet resumes, right here in Mark 16. Only now, everything has changed.

Here, at the very end of Mark’s Gospel, there is a crucial shift: Jesus had completed the work He came to earth to do. He had healed and taught and traveled and forgiven and died and risen. And then, He commissioned.

Jesus implored and empowered His disciples to continue the ministry He began—the same disciples who, even upon hearing eyewitness testimony of Jesus’ resurrection, still didn’t believe until they saw Him for themselves. He called them to preach the gospel. Now, you go, He said to them. You heal. You teach. You spread the message of the forgiveness of sins. Get on your feet and go.  

Jesus called His disciples to stand up and step out, and then He did something stunning: He sat down.

“Then after speaking to them, the Lord Jesus was taken up into heaven and sat down at the right hand of God.”
– Mark 16:19

Still today, Jesus sits at the right hand of His Father. He sits because the saving work He came to do here on earth has been done. He declared as much from the cross when He cried out, “It is finished” (John 19:30). The act of salvation is sealed and cannot be undone. Now, with the assurance that our Lord lives and reigns, we get to respond to His call: Get on your feet, and go.

The disciples were not alone as they went. Jesus had promised to go with them (John 14:26), and He did.

“And they went out and preached everywhere, the Lord working with them…”
– Mark 16:20

Friends, the Gospel of Mark is not just the “Pedestrian Gospel” because of the action of the fast-paced narrative. The Gospel of Mark is the Pedestrian Gospel because it is the plainly presented message of the gospel of Jesus Christ—the forgiveness of sins accomplished in full by His life, death, and resurrection. It is the Gospel for all of us. For her and him, for you and me.  

We’ve not just heard about Him. We’ve seen Him. By His power and grace, let’s get up and carry His good news to the world.


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  1. Colleen says:

    Jesus has called us to go out and share his love and grace. By acting as his disciples we make the world a better place. Amen!

  2. Maria says:

    Grateful that He is seated at the right hand of God.

  3. ~ B ~ says:

    When my eldest daughter was 10 she thought of an analogy that made my heart so happy. She explained that we should aspire in our faith to be like dandelions. I pressed for further explanation and she shared. She said; Yellow dandelions represent us before Christ, then through growth in Christ and God’s shining love & grace over of us we become redeemed, changed like the beautiful white seeded dandelion, which when blown by the winds releases it’s seeds, our love for Christ, into the world, to share and be planted wherever we land!

    I have never looked at a dandelion the same again. My prayer is to be like that. One who is so in love with the work of Christ, with the love of Christ that wherever I land, whatever I encounter, He is shared, that I “carry His good news to the world”.

    1. Carla says:

      What a wonderful analogy, out of the mouth of babes!!

    2. Michele says:

      Love it!

    3. Leslie says:

      Love this!!!

    4. Maria says:

      Love this! Thank you for sharing!

    5. Tiffani says:

      I Love this analogy and will never look at dandelions the same…Thank You for sharing! This is my Prayer Daily!!

      1. Sandy W. says:

        Just beautiful

    6. Jennifer W. says:

      Thank you for sharing! It made me smile. I can’t wait until I get to see Christ shine through my daughter’s understanding of Him! (She’s only 1 now and I see His handiwork all over her already!)

    7. Tina says:

      I love this! !!!
      Out of the mouths of babe’s eh..?
      Heaps of love to you and yours dear friend….xxx

    8. candacejo says:

      Such a wonderful thought, I think sometimes only a child can see such things because they believe. Love it. ♥

  4. Amber says:

    Good morning. I have been reading SRT for quite some time, but I rarely comment. I am asking for prayers this morning as my husband lost his job yesterday citing financial reasons. We have four children, and I have not yet returned to work as two of them(older) came home from Ethiopia last year( I homeschooled them and needed to be home for attachment/bonding). I know God has a plan and purpose in all of this, but it’s overwhelming at the moment. Thank you, and if appreciate this wonderful community of sisters!

    1. Angelina says:

      May God place peace in both of your hearts. His plan is greater than our own. Many times I have wondered “how are we going to do this this month” and EVERY TIME he comes through. Yo uare amazing and so is he.

    2. Dianem says:

      My God bless you and your family and give you strength and peace.

    3. ~ b ~ says:

      Prayerful over you Amber. That God covers you in the season of such stress and confusion, such concern and worry. That you see Him in so many ways and that He provides great clarity for your every step. Praying peace over your entire family!

    4. Carla says:

      I pray the Father would lead you into his plans , that he would give you courage & a hope for the future. As this door has closed God will open a new door.

      1. Bella says:

        Thanks for coignibutrnt. It’s helped me understand the issues.

    5. Michele says:

      Prayers today!

    6. rochelle says:

      praying for you today, amber.

    7. Janny says:

      Amber- praying that you would feel God’s peace during this time, and that you would see God providing for your family. I know God has good things in store for you!

      1. Sandy W. says:

        Will sure be praying! God is faithful.

    8. Amen says:

      A virtual breeze is blowing through the house that is your life.
      Celebrate. Look the other way.
      Although this door is closing or has slammed shut, another one is blowing wide open.
      Praying for your strength and courage to patiently endure.

    9. Candy says:

      Dear Amber- I pray that you feel God’s protective hand on you and your family each day. A lot of times one door closes so a better door or window can open. May you keep your eyes on the Lord. I pray that he will sensitize you to feel His breath on your cheek and to feel His nudges. Remember the lilies of the field and the birds in the sky- they want for nothing. How much more does the Lord take care of you!

    10. Alexis says:

      Hi Amber. I pray that y’all are overcome with God’s peace in this time. Hold on to the truth that God has written all our days, and even this will be for His glory. I pray that your husband is blessed with a wonderful opportunity that brings much abundance to your lives.

    11. Churchmouse says:

      Praying for an open door of employment for your husband that will more than meet your financial needs. And I pray that peace fills your home and your heart until that very door opens. Soon, Lord, make it soon.

  5. Patticake says:

    Once again God is using you Tina to witness to us. We all see Christ in your writings. I too often feel like I’m not the best witness for Christ & realize that Satan is at work in my mind. Our Romans 12::1,2 daily lives can also bear testimony of Christ in our lives. I find myself praying more often that my life will be a reflection of Him & less of me. What a great study this book of Mark has been. Praying for my SRT sisters in Christ.

  6. Tricia says:

    Good to read your words and thoughts Tina. Blessings to you.

    I’m so grateful for God’s grace today. Walking with Him as my lead. Thank you Lord for being with me through it all. “Through it all, through it all. I’ve learned to trust in Jesus…”

  7. Tina says:

    I recently went to a conference where the speaker ran a refuge for self harmers…After the first teabreak, she introduced us to a young girl who had stayed with them a while…Her story was that at a young age she found her dad, having committed suicide( by hanging), never the same, she never felt accepted around her piers, and would often self harm, one day came home from school to find her mum dead…her life from then on was, a party of cocktails and drugs, until one of her many ambulance trips brought her into contact with a nurse who gave her a leaflet about this place…for whatever reason she kept this leaflet and one day when she felt that she didn’t want to live like that anymore, she called them…And the rest is this young lady, bursting at the seams for Jesus…her whole body language was one for Jesus, she virtually sang her words as she talked about this man called Jesus who had whispered to her, through the Good News, had healed her to the point where she didn’t need her medication anymore. This man Jesus feeds her daily, and teaches her, whilst gently reminding her to believe and trust and hope, this man Jesus who had walked on water for her, had died for her, who had risen from the dead, that she might live ….This Jesus, who now sat at the right hand of the Father….
    As I watched her I had tears running down my face, not because of her story( that was moving and sad too), but because I didn’t believe I have ever been that alive, that itchy, that on fire for Jesus… I hurt…literally.
    Going out and preaching the gospel, that is a tough one…
    But God….
    I believe and I pray this is truth, that I do, in my own quiet way…telling of how he walks with me daily, how He is healing me from my sadness, my brokenness…IN my action, I pray Lord, that I do ‘preach’even in the not standing in front of the masses way…but in my writings, talking… and perhaps even a hint of excitement at my encounter with the One who has given me Hope, when all hope was lost, who has saved, redeemed, loved and continues to love me…

    Thank you Lord Jesus, for the Good News that you have left us, help me Lord, to be a good steward and share this as I know how. I pray Lord Jesus, that if you require me to stand strong in a crowd and preach, I pray your wisdom and guidance…in the words of young Samuel, ‘…here I am LORD.. ‘ I am ready, as long as you walk with me…
    Every Blessing Sisters…hugs..x xxx

    1. Jennifer says:

      Thank you so much for your words of inspiration again this morning! Like you, I often wish I felt that intense passion for Jesus. Life certainly has a way of extinguishing that fire. But we keep going, one day at a time, one step at a time, confident that God know our hearts and that He’ll use us in spite of ourselves. After all . . . He IS God! :-) I want to assure you, beyond doubt, that God is using you in mighty ways. You DO spread the Gospel all around the world right here at SRT. And I believe you also spread the Gospel right where you are through your work and daily activities. It’s simply who you are, dear friend. Your strong faith and your love of Jesus shine brightly for all to see. As you continue to offer yourself ready for service, I imagine Him looking down in love, smiling and saying, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” Keep shining for His glory! Much love and many blessings and hugs to you!

    2. Brianna says:

      Thank you for this, Tina. Oh that we will be “bursting at the seams” for our Lord and Redeemer! How I do pray that for all of us!

    3. ~ B ~ says:

      Her story could’ve ended at any one of those horrible points but in walked the love of Christ! Her elation for Him must be so profound … truly that for the redeemer, rescuer that He is. What a beautiful story T! While you wonder, I know that I see your love and excitement over the work of Christ in your life each time you write sweet friend!

    4. Janny says:

      Tina, your desire to desire Christ more is such an encouragement to me! Thank you for sharing your heart. Be blessed today dear sister :)

    5. Churchmouse says:

      You preach the Gospel in your postings here with such sweet tenderness and yet a penetrating intensity. I know it is wrought from your personal experiences which you so generously share here. When I read your words, I feel your heart. A heart that desires to beat in synche with Jesus. And you do just that! Preach on, sister, preach on!

    6. candacejo says:

      I have never wondered about your enthusiasm for Christ nor your love for Him. It flows from you like a river! You are a blessing here and there, across the Big Pond. I always believed that making friends was the easiest way to win a soul to our Lord. Showing them the love of God and relating what He had done in our own lives was the biggest testimony of all. Just sharing the Good News that Jesus still changes lives. The book of Acts told us that God added to the church daily, such as should be saved. And I think it’s the same with us…He sends people to put in our path, we share with them, pray with and for them and hopefully win them and disciple. Then He will send more and on and on it goes. Praying I am sensitive to those around me that are hungry for the Word and will reach out to anyone who has a need or needs a friend. You bless me! ♥

  8. Katy says:

    I recently learnt this, when the Jewish priests were in the Holy of Holy’s they had a rope and bell tied around them so those outside could hear them moving around attending the sacrificial duties. If the bell stopped sounding they knew they might have died and could pull them out. There was no chair in there as their work was never finished, sacrifices always had to be made. Jesus, our priest, has finished the sacrifices and so sits down with God in heaven, it is complete, his work is done-praise you Lord for your love and sacrifice!

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